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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by mac, Aug 23, 2020.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I learned from Monika that Bill Z passed peacefully in his sleep recently.
  2. baob

    baob New Member

    Thanks for letting us know, mac. A lot of time I wish I can pass this way after I finish my mission on earth.
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Monika's story:

    "We meet people in most unexpected ways. Some of those people happen to make tremendous changes in our lives.

    I met Bill Z on this forum. At that time I was in a very sad dark place searching for some light. I think he asked me something about pendulum and letters... Our friendship started from few messages. We could understand each other very well. Bill was writing a book. Soon he invited me to join in his project. Skype calls, many details to speak about. Bill retired. I invited him to come up north.

    My mom was visiting me that summer. We went to train station to pick him. Complete stranger from USA who I met on forum. And there he jumped out off train with suitcase and guitar after hours of flights and 16 hours train trip. Totally crazy one. His family turned away from him because of this. He spent all summer up here. Traveled places. Visited shamanism event in Norway. Kissed and cuddled wolves. Explored wilderness. At some point he went to see Poland. Came back up north again.

    During that summer we had countless and countless hours of conversations, discussions. Smoked tremendous amounts of cigarettes sitting in midnight sun all night long. Listened lots of music. Bill started to play again. He would wake me up every morning for work. Get coffee ready and lunch for me. He would walk me to work. Precious moments. Next time he came for winter. He lived and worked in kennel where I and Michel used to live. He would make fire to heat the house early mornings, make coffee for all guides, cook food for guests. Doing all of this while fighting heavy depression.

    Learned to ride dogs sledge in remote wilderness. Sitting in snow meditating. Helping with dogs, rising up puppies. Hunting northern lights. Freezing hiss ass off for them because they are so magical but its so fucking cold outside! (that are his words, not mine). So many people fell in love with him here. Crazy American, so stressed. Probably most often words he heard was "relaaaaxxxx man". He had to learn to live slow life. He did. Depression went away. He was my biggest support in my sadness every time reminding me about eternity.

    Bill Z made a huge impact in my and many others here and my family lives. We miss him beyond the words but same are happy for him finally being back home with love of his life, Susie."
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