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Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by mac, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Thanks for that link, Andrew.

    I've 'flicked' through some of the pages there but, frustratingly, the ones I landed on weren't dated - I didn't know how up-to-date they were. I did see one that had been edited in 2016 but archives were up to only 2012. As a former educator working with younger children I always stressed to them the importance of adding the date to any piece of work they produced. Adults who write pieces ought to do the same!
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I always hope my contributions are relevant and interesting. :)

    I don't for one moment believe I'm unique in asking what I do and the mechanisms for ITC must surely be as fascinating to the experimenters as they are to me and, I hope, others here and elsewhere. Equally I don't believe our unseen friends (I do dislike them being referred to as 'the dead' :() don't want us not to know what's happening from 'their side' of things.

    I accept that the communication device doesn't have any organic components and that's what makes it even more fascinating to me. Exactly what's inside the thing and how were its component parts created?

    That's the technical 'mac' wanting to know and wondering if there's any likelihood that simple trans-dimensional communication will come about before he kicks his clogs!
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    You and I are the same age, dear, and I'm sure that we'll be doing good communication soon... from there, if not from here!
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    If I do find myself communicating from 'over there' then I hope I make a better fist of things than I have in this world thus far.....:(

    When this world is all behind me this-time-round I do wonder whether I'll have any interest in TDC or whether I'll remember what a b***s-achingly hard job it is trying to explain the notion of survival to regular guys and gals. Most of them will probably still have more-than-enough on their plates just dealing with everyday life without giving much philosophical thought to what happens next!

    Even if ITC succeeds widely and eventually leads on to cell-phone-like communication between here and there I still wonder what we discarnates will make of what we hear.... If predictions are borne out in practice I may get to experience the latter situation just before I experience what it's like from 'the other side'.
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I agree with you on both points, Mac. I'm sure that many other readers here are curious about the mechanisms--I myself am quite curious, as well--and I am equally certain that those in Spirit would love to explain how the Stations operate on their side. However, the quality of the communications needs to improve drastically before they will be able to send us complex, technical jargon.
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Concerning your last sentence, Andrew, I totally concur with the point you make. But what comes over to me is how it appears the discarnate experimenters are working largely in isolation from incarnate ones.

    Maybe, though, it doesn't matter that we mere mortals don't understand what's in the 'device'? Perhaps we just need to accept a minimal involvement by building a database of words than can be used by our unseen relatives and friends? I suppose the reality is that we humans can do little else because we don't know anything about the science of the etheric world(s). ALL the development of the system is being done from outside of our dimension - understandably.

    Thus far all or most ITC is between parents and children - in Portugese. The resultant, clear communication doesn't appear to have been used for any other purpose such as explaining what is happening. I don't know if the aim for the English language station is for parent/child communication in a similar way to that of the so-called Brazilian Station. Maybe our unseen friends are putting all their faith in that technique for the English language one?
  7. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Mac, Craig has been informed that indeed the first users of the North American Station also will be children who want to communicate with their parents still in bodies. We are told that already the children are lining up, and experimenter Sheri Perl is already helping fellow bereaved parents to connect with their children using the NA Station. Some of us suspect that the reason for doing it this way is partly humanitarian, but also partly because the discarnates need to break the news that human life is eternal as soon as possible and in a way that cannot any longer be suppressed by science-minded debunkers. Bereaved parents are a unique lot! They are densely connected to those children forever. I get the Helping Parents Heal "Angel Date" emails daily, and it is incredible to see the love of parents who might have lost a toddler, or even a baby on the same day it was born, but they commemorate that child's Angel Date every year and also its birthday even decades later. As HPH feeds its 7000 members (and growing) through the NA Station process and gets them all communicating regularly with their children, a groundswell for advocacy of the truth will begin. And when even so few as a hundred thousand such parents and their loved ones know the truth, they will shame the scientific community into giving up its materialist nonsense as no one else ever could!
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  8. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I agree that there is certainly an evidentiary purpose to allowing children to go first. And when I asked whether anyone in Spirit could use the Stations, I was also told "Children have priority" (June 1, 2016). However, for the time being at least, the researchers at the Station seem to be allowing us earthly helpers to connect with whomever we like, provided that there is a bond, and that that person also wishes to connect with us--so not only are we helping to develop what is perhaps the most revolutionary technological invention in the history of humankind, but we have the added treat of reconnecting with our own discarnate loved ones while we do so!
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Dear Roberta

    You confirm what I expected would be the case. I'm very much one for the 'If it ain't broke don't fix it' approach in life so what's working for the PL Station ought - eventually - to work similarly well for the EL Station.

    As a parent whose neonatal son died almost in his arms I need no-one to lecture me about the special bond between parent and discarnate child - or even the reverse. Despite having quoted my posting, I'll take it that your last nine sentences are intended to help explain to members/readers who haven't experienced losing a baby or child.

    But my quoted posting also discussed issues you haven't addressed in your response. I think Andrew appreciates that as a former scientist I'm as interested in the science behind communication as I am in the way it's used to spread the message of survival. The discarnate experimenters and their collaborators have quite understandably decided to re-unite parents and their children as the primary focus of the early communications. It would be logical eventually also to re-unite discarnate parents and incarnate children but that's for another day. Adult discarnate-to-incarnate communication (and vice versa) must also be an eventual aim wouldn't you agree?

    Before that happens it's fair to say that increasing numbers of testimonies to the efficacy of ITC could, should, ought to catch the attention of the general public. The many accounts of NDE certainly appears to be catching its attention, particularly because of folk like Eben Alexander. Whether our scientific and materialist fellow humans will actually be shamed into acceptance of survival remains to be seen. There's an old saying that I like to use: "None so blind as those who choose not to see."

    Even in this afterlife orientated community we have some members, and likely many lurkers, who are yet to find that personal persuasion, their personal acceptance, of life beyond the grave. I only hope that expectations for the promised impact of ITC aren't ultimately found to have been unduly optimistic....
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2016
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's to be hoped that feelings of loss and separation won't be too great when this developmental phase of reuniting almost anyone with anyone is over and kids get priority. I wonder just how long it will then be before incarnate adults will again be able to contact discarnate adults.....
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2016

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