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Discussion in 'ITC & electronic communication' started by mac, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Thanks for that link, Andrew.

    I've 'flicked' through some of the pages there but, frustratingly, the ones I landed on weren't dated - I didn't know how up-to-date they were. I did see one that had been edited in 2016 but archives were up to only 2012. As a former educator working with younger children I always stressed to them the importance of adding the date to any piece of work they produced. Adults who write pieces ought to do the same!
  2. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I always hope my contributions are relevant and interesting. :)

    I don't for one moment believe I'm unique in asking what I do and the mechanisms for ITC must surely be as fascinating to the experimenters as they are to me and, I hope, others here and elsewhere. Equally I don't believe our unseen friends (I do dislike them being referred to as 'the dead' :() don't want us not to know what's happening from 'their side' of things.

    I accept that the communication device doesn't have any organic components and that's what makes it even more fascinating to me. Exactly what's inside the thing and how were its component parts created?

    That's the technical 'mac' wanting to know and wondering if there's any likelihood that simple trans-dimensional communication will come about before he kicks his clogs!
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    You and I are the same age, dear, and I'm sure that we'll be doing good communication soon... from there, if not from here!
  4. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    If I do find myself communicating from 'over there' then I hope I make a better fist of things than I have in this world thus far.....:(

    When this world is all behind me this-time-round I do wonder whether I'll have any interest in TDC or whether I'll remember what a b***s-achingly hard job it is trying to explain the notion of survival to regular guys and gals. Most of them will probably still have more-than-enough on their plates just dealing with everyday life without giving much philosophical thought to what happens next!

    Even if ITC succeeds widely and eventually leads on to cell-phone-like communication between here and there I still wonder what we discarnates will make of what we hear.... If predictions are borne out in practice I may get to experience the latter situation just before I experience what it's like from 'the other side'.
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I agree with you on both points, Mac. I'm sure that many other readers here are curious about the mechanisms--I myself am quite curious, as well--and I am equally certain that those in Spirit would love to explain how the Stations operate on their side. However, the quality of the communications needs to improve drastically before they will be able to send us complex, technical jargon.
  6. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Concerning your last sentence, Andrew, I totally concur with the point you make. But what comes over to me is how it appears the discarnate experimenters are working largely in isolation from incarnate ones.

    Maybe, though, it doesn't matter that we mere mortals don't understand what's in the 'device'? Perhaps we just need to accept a minimal involvement by building a database of words than can be used by our unseen relatives and friends? I suppose the reality is that we humans can do little else because we don't know anything about the science of the etheric world(s). ALL the development of the system is being done from outside of our dimension - understandably.

    Thus far all or most ITC is between parents and children - in Portugese. The resultant, clear communication doesn't appear to have been used for any other purpose such as explaining what is happening. I don't know if the aim for the English language station is for parent/child communication in a similar way to that of the so-called Brazilian Station. Maybe our unseen friends are putting all their faith in that technique for the English language one?
  7. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Mac, Craig has been informed that indeed the first users of the North American Station also will be children who want to communicate with their parents still in bodies. We are told that already the children are lining up, and experimenter Sheri Perl is already helping fellow bereaved parents to connect with their children using the NA Station. Some of us suspect that the reason for doing it this way is partly humanitarian, but also partly because the discarnates need to break the news that human life is eternal as soon as possible and in a way that cannot any longer be suppressed by science-minded debunkers. Bereaved parents are a unique lot! They are densely connected to those children forever. I get the Helping Parents Heal "Angel Date" emails daily, and it is incredible to see the love of parents who might have lost a toddler, or even a baby on the same day it was born, but they commemorate that child's Angel Date every year and also its birthday even decades later. As HPH feeds its 7000 members (and growing) through the NA Station process and gets them all communicating regularly with their children, a groundswell for advocacy of the truth will begin. And when even so few as a hundred thousand such parents and their loved ones know the truth, they will shame the scientific community into giving up its materialist nonsense as no one else ever could!
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  8. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I agree that there is certainly an evidentiary purpose to allowing children to go first. And when I asked whether anyone in Spirit could use the Stations, I was also told "Children have priority" (June 1, 2016). However, for the time being at least, the researchers at the Station seem to be allowing us earthly helpers to connect with whomever we like, provided that there is a bond, and that that person also wishes to connect with us--so not only are we helping to develop what is perhaps the most revolutionary technological invention in the history of humankind, but we have the added treat of reconnecting with our own discarnate loved ones while we do so!
  9. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Dear Roberta

    You confirm what I expected would be the case. I'm very much one for the 'If it ain't broke don't fix it' approach in life so what's working for the PL Station ought - eventually - to work similarly well for the EL Station.

    As a parent whose neonatal son died almost in his arms I need no-one to lecture me about the special bond between parent and discarnate child - or even the reverse. Despite having quoted my posting, I'll take it that your last nine sentences are intended to help explain to members/readers who haven't experienced losing a baby or child.

    But my quoted posting also discussed issues you haven't addressed in your response. I think Andrew appreciates that as a former scientist I'm as interested in the science behind communication as I am in the way it's used to spread the message of survival. The discarnate experimenters and their collaborators have quite understandably decided to re-unite parents and their children as the primary focus of the early communications. It would be logical eventually also to re-unite discarnate parents and incarnate children but that's for another day. Adult discarnate-to-incarnate communication (and vice versa) must also be an eventual aim wouldn't you agree?

    Before that happens it's fair to say that increasing numbers of testimonies to the efficacy of ITC could, should, ought to catch the attention of the general public. The many accounts of NDE certainly appears to be catching its attention, particularly because of folk like Eben Alexander. Whether our scientific and materialist fellow humans will actually be shamed into acceptance of survival remains to be seen. There's an old saying that I like to use: "None so blind as those who choose not to see."

    Even in this afterlife orientated community we have some members, and likely many lurkers, who are yet to find that personal persuasion, their personal acceptance, of life beyond the grave. I only hope that expectations for the promised impact of ITC aren't ultimately found to have been unduly optimistic....
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  10. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It's to be hoped that feelings of loss and separation won't be too great when this developmental phase of reuniting almost anyone with anyone is over and kids get priority. I wonder just how long it will then be before incarnate adults will again be able to contact discarnate adults.....
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  11. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I'm not sure exactly how this will work, Mac, but I'm not personally convinced that just because communications from children are prioritized, they are the only communications one will be able to receive. Time, if not wholly non-existent, is remarkably flexible in the Summerland levels, and those people like Craig who will likely be assisting bereaved parents to connect with children will only be capable of connecting so many parents in any given space of time. (As you yourself pointed out, even though thousands of children have commented through the Brazilian Station, the actual per diem number of connections is much lower.) So, I tend to think that there will still be a reasonable amount of communication opportunities for discarnate adults--especially given that the North American Station is reportedly much larger than its Brazilian counterpart.
  12. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    There are various issues where it appears we simply have to accept what's said, where answers aren't forthcoming, Andrew.

    Perhaps the points we raise won't matter in the long run but as I've grown older I've become more unaccepting of anything we're just expected to accept. Call it senior crankiness but I call it applying the 'SB rule of thumb' - reject or challenge what doesn't appeal to your reason. Put another way, don't just accept what you're told without question.

    I take your point about the practical limitations of assisting parent/child contacts. There may be times when much of the English-language world is asleep, when the station's priority communicators are not active. One might expect, then, that at those times the station's devices could be used for adult-to-adult communication. But my enquiring mind then wonders why there can't also be many translator devices - some fully deployed making kids the priority and the rest being used in other ways, by experimenters. We don't have a single clue what these communication devices are or how they were created or manufactured but I suggest they weren't made by the etheric equivalent of the factories that churn out our own communication devices so why would there be a practical limit on the number that could be brought into service? There are devices
    functioning for Portugese so make more of them. Need more space? Extend the existing building or build others.

    As before I can't be the only individual looking on and failing to see justification for self-imposed restrictions. The Brazilian Station is operational and if ITC is to bring the message of survival to the world, why is it smart to continue to constrain that message from being heard by more of this world's population by using only parents and kids?

    I just wonder to myself if some involved are so awed by the situation that they can't step back and ask "why?' more often. It's something I've seen in other situations. Whenever we ask "why?" and get no satisfactory answer, shouldn't we then be asking ourselves why that is?
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2016
  13. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Speaking of Portuguese, I've made a third attempt today to contact a specific Brazilian researcher with whom Craig and Sonia are working. I still hear no responses, but it's likely that I am missing the responses. (I say that because Craig has recently sent me a few responses that he received in Portuguese, and I cannot hear them in the unedited audio, but they are quite intelligible once Sonia separates them. The recording process is slightly different, since the Brazilian Station is no longer dependent on gibberish, so I'm likely not used to it.) In any case, I still have no additional information from the Brazilian Station on these matters. My new recording equipment arrived today, so I will try to contact both Stations again tomorrow.

    I'm not suggesting that your questions are unreasonable--quite the opposite, really--and I'm sure that others are curious about these points as well. I also agree with what you've said above about not accepting without question what is asserted. However, isn't it possible that the reason we are not getting satisfactory answers to our questions is simply because this technology, which is still in its infancy after all, is unable to convey such details? I am personally, for the moment, satisfied with helping the Station develop, and I do expect to receive more detailed information once everything is set up.
  14. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Member

    All this information of a spiritual world where advanced technologies are used by the spirits its mentioned a lot by Brazilian spiritists including Chico Xavier and Divaldo Pereira so it validates even more their communications...

    by the way heres a ITC video where a moving spirit talk about the spiritual life in real time and also shows some summerland pictures

  15. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It will be interesting to compare the original with the new set equipment.

    Re the bold text, absolutely that's a possibility. And that highlights the suggestion I made earlier that an alternative form of communication would be helpful, something running in parallel allowing such questions to be answered. I find it puzzling, though, that such an apparently complex set of experiments has been underway for such a long time yet we know almost nothing about the science involved.

    Consider how potentially persuasive it might be to have at least basic explanations of the devices being used even though those explanations couldn't be totally technical. In our technological world I suggest folk will expect to know what the communication device looks like, what's 'inside the packet' and how it was constructed. The questions I've posed are likely to be way less probing and challenging than the ones that will come from others. It would be great if communications were predictable, reliable and clearly heard by anyone to the degree that they simply overwhelmed all the completely-predictable challenges that we can be absolutely certain will come from detractors.

    If they're not, if there's any weakness in their presentation, I fear the simple message of survival may not succeed as predicted.
  16. hopeful

    hopeful Member

    Andrew, you described the method of contact which requires only good microphone and good computer. Am I correct that
    we do not need internet connection.
    How do you connect with station?
    Is it just asking them on microphone and they reply the name of the station?
    If that is the procedure, it is just like in shows on TV where the Ghost hunters use video camera and sound recorder.

    In 1980's there were reports that by keeping video recorder on and facing the TV with the non programming Channel on, one could see the images. It never happened with ordinary Joe. Then again having a simple tape recorder leaving on with questions also did not happen with general public. About Brazilian experiments, I read about it many years ago. Now, this forum is paying attention to it. Time will take its course and decide how far we go with it. Thank you.
  17. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member

    With traditional EVP, spirits must come to the earthbound realm to communicate through the recording equipment. This approach is problematic because that plane of existence is also inhabited by all manner of negative beings who would be only too happy to toy with the living. That is why many EVP messages often create more confusion than clarity; the messages often include impatience, hyperbole, and grandstanding--sure signs that they're from low-level entities.

    ITC with Stations allows us to contact those in the Summerland (and those above that level) without interference or impersonations by mischievous beings in the earthbound realm.

    the new method ensures that only loving, successfully-transitioned entities can communicate, and it also has the long-term goal of clear, telephone-like conversations.

    Andrew, thank you for your responses. I have been pondering this for a few days now. I guess I wonder still how this can be any different than a traditional EVP. You ask a question.. and play back the tape to see if there is an answer. The only change is that there is gibberish being used to aid in the communication. My next though is, how anyone can confirm that we are communicating with loving and successfully transitioned entities? It would seem to me that you could open yourself up to anything, good or bad, just as with an ordinary EVP. How can this method ensure that we are communicating with those in the Summerland? Why is THIS method the one that is "sanctioned" but those in the Summerland. Which brings me to next question...

    I'm unaware of the app, but this process is very simple. All you need is something that will play the gibberish file and something that will record what is being played, as well as your voice. Since you need two devices--one to play and one to record--I can't picture how one would do it with only a phone. Personally, I've just invested in a microphone specifically for this, but I have been using my iPhone to record and iTunes on my MacBook to play the gibberish, and I have had very satisfactory results.

    I reviewed the procedures that are in place to make these connections, and honestly, I am still unclear as to why, I couldnt use an app such as echovox or a spirit box or something else to make the same connection. It seems to be the same principle being used all around, so why THIS specific protocol? Why cant my echovox reach the North American Station to communicate with those in the Summerland?

    I feel like I am being difficult with these questions, but I am trying to really wrap my brain around this subject. I have used the echovox only once because of my anxiety of "inviting" a negative speaker into my house. But, wouldnt that also be the same worry with the protocol that is being suggested to contact the NA Station? And what protects the people that are working with it?
  18. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    It's important never to forget that the true experimenters in Electronic Transcommunication are the dead. This has always been the case, and what is different now from what it was in 1980 or 1990 or even 2000 is that the dead teams working on communication today are composed of venerable, brilliant people - Einstein, Tesla, and surprisingly many others of their stripe - who are working together in the afterlife levels as hard as any of them ever worked on earth to establish a reliable method of communication between their realm and ours. This is altogether new! I think these modern-day efforts began at around the time of Scole in the late nineties, and some of the dead experts involved appear to be the same, but that is just my speculation. What is different now is that the dead are not just amusing themselves. Now they mean business! So:

    1) They are using physical stations that seem to be located high in the afterlife levels. I have seen reports that they are on the sixth level, which is counterintuitive because it should mean that few of the dead will be able to use them, but it may be that what we think of as a "Station" - one building - is actually many buildings. There being no distance where they are, those many buildings may in fact be just one that exists on all the levels. Who knows?

    2) They are taking the time and trouble to "lay cable." Since their new method seems to involve spiritual light in some way, it may not be too much of a distortion to say that they are laying something like fiber optic cable. As Andrew has said, this is a big change from what apparently was going on in the eighties and nineties, when dead communicators sometimes talked about doing things like building a spiritual phone directly over a physical phone in order to make a phone call.

    3) The dead themselves now badly want this to work. I think this is new! It's not a lark for them now, but rather it is part of raising the consciousness of this planet. It's a matter of saving civilization. My own primary guide, Thomas, is intensely involved in this effort to raise the planet's consciousness, and I have never seen anyone so obsessed with anything as he is with this project. The others seem to feel the same way.

    4) They are building their equipment and procedures to be largely shielded from negativity. By using a definitive station and definitive "cable" laid through love-defended parts of the lower realms, they are keeping interference from negative entities to a minimum. Not only are they making it much more difficult for the bad guys to disrupt communications - in the end, we think this old worry will have become a danger gone - but they also are making it so a properly-placed call to a Station will reliably get station personnel every time.

    5) They are experimenting, but their experiments now seem to be fruitful in their estimation. They haven't discussed with us their intervening steps, and even now they aren't telling us everything. These are minds that were brilliant even on earth, and now they are reunited with the parts of their minds that they had left behind when they entered earth-bodies. To think of Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla and their peers putting their heads together over this is thrilling! Eventually they will likely tell us how all of this actually works, but for now we can only sit back and marvel.

    So, no, it's not possible to answer all these questions just yet. But, yes, this time things really are different!!
  19. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi SL! I'm sorry for the late response--I wanted to check with Craig Hogan about a couple of things before I answered your questions. Below is his response, which applies to the emboldened questions.

    "There are laws in spirit just as there are laws in physics. Lower level entities can’t interfere when we’re on a higher spiritual endeavor. We never encounter lower-level entities masquerading as people in medium readings or in ITC that are done with a higher spiritual mindset. The lower-level entities do come through in EVP when hobbyists or ghost chasers look for contacts. But we’ve never had an issue with other contacts such as our contacts with the stations. No, the activities won’t attract earthbounds. They can’t interfere unless the person engaging in them is a ghost hunter and is prodding them. We do begin our sessions with a prayer of protection, just as a precaution, but there is never a problem."

    Craig's answer confirms what I have suspected personally, and it makes perfect sense. With regular EVP, one is often just looking to establish contact with anyone in Spirit. "Ghost hunters" especially, although they may not realize it, are looking for entities that have not yet transitioned into the Summerland levels. This sort of communication attempt is likely to attract any nearby entities who are dwelling on the earthbound plane, and it may be dangerous for that reason. However, in our ITC connection procedure, we specifically ask to communicate with the North American Station, and many of us do protection exercises beforehand, as Craig mentioned. Because we are working with the researchers at the stations in order to help them, those in Spirit are making sure that only their responses come through. (There were some issues with negative entities interfering with the process early on--this was before I had started working with the North American Station--but we are told that this problem has been dealt with.) Personally, I also ask verification questions when I am contacting someone I knew on earth.

    Moreover, since we are working to achieve spiritual goals, we are likely vibrating at a level that would repel negative entities. (This is also true with mediums. Those who are spiritual and who wish truly to help others will repel low-level beings, but those who seek material gain or who have become vain because of their gift will often attract pranksters and other nasties from the earthbound plane. Even messages that such mediums receive from advanced beings will likely be corrupted somewhat.) Like attracts like, both here on earth and even more strongly in Spirit. So, a ghost hunter poking around haunted houses looking out of idle curiosity or a desire for fame will certainly risk encountering negative entities, but those contacting the Stations to help elevate humankind's spiritual awareness shouldn't worry..

    As Roberta says above, this method is the one that many well-known researchers seem to be testing out from the Summerland levels, but I certainly wouldn't say that it is the only "sanctioned" method. There are many, many ways to contact those in Spirit, and we should each use whichever method works best for our particular situation--after all, communication with the next world is humankind's universal birthright, not some mystical talent reserved for an elite circle of people. The dead are often so happy to get through to us at all that I think they would relish the opportunity to communicate, no matter how we approach such a task. (Moreover, there are billions of people in the Summerland, and I do not know how widely-known the station work is among the general population there, so it's certainly not as though all after-death communication is required to occur in this form by some higher authority.)

    I'm sorry for any confusion here. I didn't say that using this app wouldn't work; I'm not familiar with it at all. Like I said before, you will need something to play a sort of gibberish, and you will need something that can record both your voice and the gibberish. If you can do all that from the app, then I suppose it would work--I seem to need two separate devices for this though. However, I would recommend that you use the gibberish that Craig has prepared; I've been getting very good responses with the new set, and he is constantly improving it. If the app uses white noise instead of gibberish, I suspect you won't clear responses.

    If you are worried about attracting negative entities, then by all means, say a prayer of protection before you begin. You might thank the Source/God/Mind/Universe for protecting you and for facilitating your connection with loving, transitioned beings, or you could visualize yourself enveloped in loving light--or both! An exercise like that will help to raise your vibration, but those at the Station will also be working to ensure that only their responses come through.
  20. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Hopeful! Yes, that's right--we do not need an internet connection. In fact, I did one session without an internet connection, and I still received perfectly adequate responses. We "connect" to the North American Station simply by asking to connect with it. It doesn't matter where we are; our intention to connect will telepathically alert those at the Station. They then have a method of using energy to impress their answers onto our recordings. I'm not sure exactly how that occurs, but suffice it to say that those in Spirit do most of the hard work--we just ask the questions! In this thread, you can find several videos of my sessions with the North American Station. Listen to one of them; that's the best way to see what it's like in my opinion.

    What you are talking about with the television feedback loop is called visual ITC--the effort to capture images of those in Spirit. We are only working with audio right now, but I do think that pictures and video will become prevalent in the future--we hear that this is already beginning to occur in Brazil.

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