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reincarnation- christian views

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Rosie, May 17, 2020.

  1. hi ALL
    I recommend matt Fraser psychic medium on YouTube he's most legit proof I have found....
    what are the best posts on there about evidence?

    what are your views on reincarnation? I am totally against it as this world is a hellhole! I want to believe in christian view that world used to be perfect place before the fall and so when we die we go to a perfect place, reincarnation is cruel! why on earth would someone choose to be reincarnated to be abused in terrible ways as a child and such and such, nope that makes no sense! nobody would choose to be abused by a pedophile or live in poverty stricken Africa, no lessons learnt here only pain ! and reincarnation is just that! don't believe that
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    welcome to ALF :)

    Here you'll find a mix of individuals, some of whom think as you do, others who understand the situation differently. I don't know anything about Matt Fraser but if you're advocating mediumship you're largely preaching to the choir. If you get to take a look at the various forums and the many thread topics you'll see survival and communication through mediumship is a regular talking point.

    As for multiple lives, we're not here to persuade you. If you want to follow Christian teachings - or any other religion's teachings - then please do. We have no desire to change your views. But if you're prepared to consider alternative ideas - based on evidence and the teachings of spirit guides and teachers - you might find something that provides food for thought.
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  3. thanks Mac :)
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  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    The notion of reincarnation is a regular sticking point for many seekers concerning matters spiritual, mostly because they're very muddled about the why-and-how of the situation.

    Others reject, or are horrified, by the idea of coming back to this world with all its problems. And yet another group will be despairing that loved ones will have returned for a further life before they pass over, afraid they won't ever see them again. That's not how things work but unless seekers are prepared to study and research, or simply ask and listen to answers they'll remain frightened and hostile towards the whole concept.

    Often they'll need to begin with the fundamentals; satisfying, reassuring answers may come from somebody's blog, a Facebook special interest page or even a YouTube video. But you may just read or see someone's skewed ideas and thoughts.

    My preference is for guidance from spirit communicators widely considered spiritually advanced and authoritative. Yuh pays yer money and yuh makes yer choice.
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  5. frith

    frith New Member

    Being raised as a Christian I was told of no reincarnation. You die, and stay dead, until Judgement Day.

    These days I am leaning towards reincarnation as a reality from all my readings on the afterlife, near death experiences, past-life memories, and other subjects pertaining to the paranormal. I don't like it either, but I've recognized life certainly isn't about what we want. Its a roller coaster of unpleasantness and suffering and we just have to put up with it. Possibly more than once.

    My mother, the most devout Christian I know, claims to have seen her father (my maternal grandfather) just after he died looking alive and well, but her beliefs remain unshaken regarding her religion, Judgement Day, and the correctness of what she worships.
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  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Much of what we talk about in connection with spiritual progress and life-after-death makes little sense without including reincarnation. Of course folk are totally free to reject the notion but if they do and if they're trying to get their head around what they read, trying to make sense both of life and of death, then they may struggle.

    One major stumbling block can be that mainstream religions condition adherents' thoughts and ideas more-or-less completely. Trying to work outside that conditioning - based on what folk say - can be very hard if not impossible for some individuals. Others are simply unable/unwilling to accept reincarnation - period.

    So be it - reject whatever doesn't have appeal for you.
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