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Question about reincarnation

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by ForHarley, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. ForHarley

    ForHarley New Member

    I have been reading a lot about reincarnation lately and I'm having an existential crisis. What happens to MY personality and the ones that I love? When I reincarnate, I just choose to leave all that behind, become someone else, die again and reunite with loved ones that are loved by this new personality, all the while my current personality (the ME of right now) is just a former personality? What happened to the personality before my current personality? I don't want to see their loved ones when I cross, I want to see MINE. Am I being clear? This is complex.

    Is it possible that we are misunderstanding reincarnation in that it is not a succession of lives and breaks, but rather that we are all a part of a greater consciousness, which divides like a cell divides to make a new personality/soul/spirit, and we're a part of it in the way that we are all a part of a system, but the individual personality does not end, but continues to develop in the afterlife?

    Frankly, the idea that we die and are with our loved ones, but then at some point we decide to just give up OUR PERSONALITIES and OUR RELATIONSHIPS to become a part of someone new sounds like hell to me. That would be hell to me.

    Any thoughts on this?



    Hey For,
    You have 1 & only one true self/personality/soul/spirit...whatever you want to call it. Nothing ever happens to it...it is you...it is eternal...
    When/if you reincarnate...you are the same soul. You & all your loved ones...stay the same as they are/were/will be. It is up to you IF you want to reincarnate. You have total free will to do what you want to do. The reason for coming to the physical life is for progression of our individual spirits. You can choose to stay on the other side & progress or can come here & progress...and go back & forth...it's up to you. I've heard it said that coming to the physical plane speeds up soul progression. Your last paragraph would be hell, wouldn't it??? I'm happy to tell you that is NOT the way it is at all:)!!
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  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Reincarnation is made much harder for us to grasp by the fact that both science and religion have fixed in our minds so many plain untruths! The truth is difficult to understand while we are in bodies, but we can approximate an understanding. For example:

    1) Linear time does not objectively exist. It is a mere artifact of this material universe, which is in itself a tiny part of what exists. But those not in bodies are happily comfortable with the use of flexible and non-linear time in ways that we cannot imagine, so for now we can be content to know that once we go home it will make sense to us, too.

    2) There is only one of us here. All our minds are inextricably part of the one Source Mind, and the separation we seem to feel from others is just another part of the illusory reality that we agree to deal with in coming here. Once we go home again, we seem to universally love the fact that we are all one! The more we grow spiritually, the more we work collectively. I have never heard of an advanced being who had any particular attachment to any past life, since without the details of those little lives we are in fact so very much greater!

    3) Our loved ones are our loved ones forever. We have so many eternal friends, and they tend to incarnate with us repeatedly: a marital partner in this life, a child or a parent in another life, and so on. One of my daughters was my wife in a previous life to which I once was regressed (apparently I am nearly always male). Knowing that seems to creep her out a bit, but to me it just explains why I felt such an immediate affinity to her from her birth. Love is all that matters!

    4) We come to earth with active access to just a tiny part of our great eternal minds. Science calls the rest our "subconscious" but in fact it is a super-conscious - it is who we really are! - and while we are here, we have so little awareness of it. So just assume that you will understand all of this once you go home and reclaim your eternal mind; and meanwhile, trust in the fact that at the base of everything is perfect love for you in particular. You have nothing to fear!

    5) While we are here, we are driven by a false self that A Course in Miracles calls "the ego." That false self is fear-based, and it thinks pretty much the way you are expressing yourself now, Shawn: it considers just about every aspect of reincarnation and spiritual progress to be an object of terror, as well it should, because your spiritual growth is going to mean its death! I did ACIM through the process that it calls "the undoing of the ego," and it was the most terrifying thing that I have ever experienced. Your ego - your false self - fights hard to survive! It makes you think that these fears are your own, when in fact they are the ego's fears. It generally fixes on your own deepest fear, which for many of us - as it was for me - is the fear of loss of awareness. Extinction. Back then, merging with the Source was called "the second death," and we believed that it would mean personal extinction (now we know this isn't true); so all I could think was that trying to grow spiritually was stupid if it would bring me closer to really and forever dying! The ego makes you think that you are about to lose who you really are, when it is really just that false self that is dying. Not you - never you! But for months, as I tried to fight through it, I battled a panic that I never have felt before or since. With the encouragement of my ACIM study group, I continued to fight the ego despite the fact that the more I did that, the more panicked I became. Then one amazing morning I woke up in utter peace. The morning sunlight in my room was God's light. I knew that I had just been told, "You will never lose awareness. You will have God's awareness." I knew at the deepest level that was true. I AM the Source! I am eternal. My ego was gone, and it never has returned. I have grown by leaps since that blessed day, and I have never again been afraid of anything!

    I don't know whether I am suggesting that you do ACIM, Shawn, but if what I have said resonates with you then perhaps you should. Please just know that every one of your fears is groundless, and that what actually happens is that you and those you love most are going through a glorious eternity together. All really is well!
  4. Jimmy

    Jimmy New Member

    One thing I always wondered about reincarnation is if we could be two people at the same time? If time does not exist as we know it, then when we finish this life, and get up there, could we decide then to reincarnate in a period in the past, or in the same period from where we just came? Could there be three or more of us around the world? If so, what if we were to interact? Or maybe it doesn't work that way, maybe it does follow the rules of time.
  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Others have wondered the same thing. While there is some minimal anecdotal evidence that this might be possible, I haven't seen anything convincing. One of the things I look forward to definitively settling once I graduate back to home is all these little details about reincarnation!

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