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Question about Psychic phenomenon

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Ski, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Ski


    I have a question for those who experience psychic phenomenon.

    I have noticed, especially when dealing with harsher elements of the unknown...that my anxiety gets really bad. Do you ever feel a high level of anxiety right before something is going to happen?
  2. Ski


    Here is an example.

    I worked in the medical field a few years before I got into sales. One of the facilities, a hospital, I worked nights for awhile....so there was only about 15 of us workers. There was four of us on the same wing, and first shift would come in the morning.

    One night, I felt a very high level of anxiety, it was so bad...and I felt like I had to leave work and check on my boys, who were young teens. My head nurse saw how bad my anxiety was, and let me leave. They were okay.

    The next night, the same thing happened, this time...it could have been my nerves, but I swear I saw a dark shadow walk across the hall. My anxiety was already high, to the point of a full blown anxiety attack....again, I had to go check on my kids....my HN is an angel, and let me go, they were okay.

    The 3rd night, (now this had never happened before or since at work, where I need to check on my kids, consciously..it didn't make no sense ) but my anxiety level started up again, and I was embarrassed, so I told my HN, I would leave on my lunch break, but it would take longer, because the drive was 20 minutes there and back...so I wouldn't miss too much work. She let me go, again, they were fine. The next day I had the same day off work as my charge nurse and some same shift coworkers.

    The next day, the anxiety left me, and I had the day off work...so I spent the bright sunny day in the pool with my boys. I came in at about 4 pm....and got on my Facebook.
    The local news was set up on my fb, and it had breaking news. My coworker, and friend who I worked the same shift with...her toddler daughter had drowned! Not only did she drown, but she was at my HN's house and drowned in her pool! My HN ended up dying of a heart attack less than a week after the drowning. It was so sad and shocking, terrible accident.

    This incident led me to lash out at God, as I felt truly pi**ed off that I would feel that, or pick up on that incident...especially since there was nothing I could do.
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  3. Ski


    I have a tendency to not believe psychic people on tv....mainly because of my own experience of not being able to turn it on and off..so it seems highly unlikely they can either. I remember Sylvia Brown giving readings on Montells show....and thinking she was a liar. Not that she didn't have some gifts, but I just knew somehow that she was throwing out a bunch of crap. Then we found out she was. I was very discerning watching Mrs. Caputo do the same thing, not that she was doing it like Ms. Browne...but for the mere fact she was on tv, and getting paid. I can't do that, I know I have gifts, but I can't just tell you anything, that's not how it works for me. I only pick up on certain things, and not with everybody. So I could never charge even a penny....and I wouldn't want to. In fact, I would really not like to know or feel it, such as the incident I just wrote about.
  4. bluebird

    bluebird Regular Contributor

    I think it probably depends on the nature of the event. I have not usually had anxiety in connection just before what is generally viewed as psychic phenomena, but that may be because the events I experienced were not traumatic like the premonition/experience you described. If you had had a premonition about something good rather than something bad, my guess is that you would not have felt such anxiety.
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  5. Ski


    Yeah, that's true....

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