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Psychic reading and mediumship

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication Modes' started by mac, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. poeticblue

    poeticblue Moderator

    When I was little (around 4 years old) I woken up from my sleep and saw what appeared to be a shadow figure walk through my door. Not quite sure what that was about but I started to sleep with night lights and lamps on from then on out. As I’ve gotten older I noticed that right upon waking up from my sleep I tend to see quick ‘wisps’ of shadows from the corner of my eye. I even can hear faint voices at times. But again, that usually happens right after I wake up from my sleep and sometimes even before I’m fully asleep.

    But once I’m fully awake, everything is normal of course. It doesn’t really bother me nor scare me anymore especially after researching dreams, OBEs, sleep patterns, astral/afterlife studies. But let me tell you I use to be scared to death to go to sleep sometimes :) Not so much anymore. I pretty much know what to expect and when to expect it.
  2. poeticblue

    poeticblue Moderator

    I’ve met plenty of folks on the astral plane. Surprisingly more so animals. Definetly a lot of children. I’m not sure why I dream about them a lot but I do...
  3. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    I'm very pleased to hear about you meeting people. Many reports of these experiences seem to feature big empty spaces.

    I've been thinking over the reading I had on Wednesday:-

    The character description sounded exactly like him.

    I'm impressed that the medium said I'd both heard and seen my son! All I said was "something happened" before she asked me not to say any more.

    My Son or the "strong male energy which has just entered the room" turned up about half-way through. I then hoped it wasn't my Dad or my father-in-law. Of course it wasn't; they would have arrived on time! I said all the appointment details several times out loud, but as mothers of sons will know, they're often not giving you their full attention. Hardly evidential, but it goes with the character.

    He was always proud of his teeth; the medium said this is what he was showing her (strange; but it sounds like him goofing around).

    To say he had a friend called James or Jamie with him sounds like him. I've contacted his university girlfriend, whom he married at the hospice, but she's not aware of anyone of that name who died. I'm waiting on another opinion, but it's a very long shot. I've realised it's perfect as it is. If he was to say he met his grandfathers by name that would be very evidential, but it wouldn't be my son. No, he lacked the sense of his Dad and brother, who, in the same situation, would no doubt think to provide helpful evidence. He'd want mum to know he'd found a friend of his own. It was a big preoccupation with him in life.

    Saying he's laughing and laughing at me reading and reading is just perfect. Also saying he's seen tears dripping onto the books sounds like him. He was always making fun of me.

    All in all I'm very pleased with it!
  4. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    I'm always happy to hear that someone is also happy! I'm glad to hear the medium told you not to say anything more - that's the medium's role, to give information as accurately as possible given the tortuous route that information is coming along. And there's no telling how any individual will communicate or what information they'll feel they want to send. We may think we'd know what we'd give as evidence but that's only about ourselves we know and even then we can't be certain we'd do what we think we'd do! :D;)

    Trans-dimensional communication is tricky. It's always been uncertain and even if an electronic device gets perfected TDC may remain uncertain. ALF members and readers may be young enough to see if I'm right but I'll be dead and gone. ;)

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