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Psychic reading and mediumship

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication Modes' started by mac, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    Thank you so much Mac, I'm very touched by your comments. I've thought about my delightful son and what happened to him, and the ADC's and read and analysed constantly. Tonight I feel differently about it, quite relaxed, even though I'm at home by myself tonight which I've found unnerving since the apparition last February. You're right; I know he's fine and he's moved on wherever he is!
  2. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    :) It's SO nice to hear about members becoming more settled in their minds. He, too, must feel relieved and happy about you.
  3. Convolution

    Convolution Active Member

    I'm very happy for you, Ruby!
    You said it wasn't startlingly evidential, but did you feel it was evidential enough for you?
    If I understood correctly, it sounds like the medium confirmed an apparition you'd had. That sounds amazing. :)
  4. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    Yes, but with a few provisos. The medium was talking without a pause and, looking at the clock behind her, I could see we were soon going to run out of time so I did slip in that something had happened which I'd like to ask her about if we had time, meaning the appearance, voice and the perfume (though I forgot to mention the perfume). She said to say no more as she'd like to find it herself. She said the male presence could see me with tears dropping onto the books, just reading and reading (she really emphasised this) which is so accurate it made me laugh. Apparently the male presence, which I took to be my son as her description of his character was spot-on, finds this very funny. She said I'd both heard and seen him, and that's probably hard to guess from my saying "something happened", as appearances are relatively rare. She said he had a friend, James or Jamie, who died years ago. I said not; no-one I knew of, but maybe he does have a new chum!
    What I wanted to ask was concerning the apparition being in three places in the bedroom last February. Halfway along the side of the bed, then bending over me up by my pillow wearing beige chinos and a plaid shirt, then over by the door of the bathroom as a huge, towering dark mass. I wondered if I had to move my eyes to follow the apparition would that be very different from some kind of hallucination caused by something else? You'd think that would be a static vision, as it would feel internal, whereas this felt like something external. I read somewhere that Peter Fenwick emphasises that "hallucinations resulting from illness and drugs are unpleasant and fragmentary, whereas (the type I had) are coherent and meaningful to the highest degree". I actually joked with it as I thought it was my husband back early until I looked properly. The voice was two months earlier and during daytime. It was just a shout of "Mum!", with static. In both cases I'd looked at a tribute page concerning my son on a website both times beforehand. Of course, I only made the connection after the second happening. I'm certainly not emotional about the webpage that it would cause me to fall apart mentally and hallucinate though. There's no doubt that I took it to be his voice, his visit, and went around for months feeling high as a kite and that I knew the secrets of the universe. When someone was talking to me I was barely listening as I was thinking of it all the time. But then, if course, you tell people who say you've become mentally affected by grief, which I strongly refute. These things happened a year and a half after the death after all. Another thing that's occurred is that it only happened once, which strengthens the case for a genuine experience for me, though am I causing that by mentally stopping another happening as that would spoil it and make it seem that it's caused by me and my brain? I thought I'd be fine last night on my own as I indicated above but I did actually lie there for ages staring at the darkness worrying about another visit.
  5. Convolution

    Convolution Active Member

    Very interesting- thank you for sharing! No one can tell you you haven't had an experience- it is personal, and only you truly know the value it had for you. It's unfortunate others seem to sometimes invalidate our own experiences in the process of trying to make sense of it within the context of their own world view.

    Have you thought about asking whether she could describe how the apparition was dressed for your own further validation, in case you feel you need any?
    Why do you find yourself worrying about another visit? Is it stressful?

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