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Psychic reading and mediumship

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by mac, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Reproduced below with the permission of the author, Louisa Marie Sullivan shares her experiences as a psychic and (spiritual) medium.

    "One of the most fundamental aspects of understanding how and where our information comes from, as a psychic or a medium, is recognising the difference between those two sources. This is vital for our long-term development, so it is important to ensure you have knowledge of the mechanics involved from the start of your development.

    I see so many people working from the rostrum these days who are claiming to be working with a mediumship link but are actually using their psychic faculty. There is nothing wrong with working with the psychic faculty, but never from the rostrum.

    It is my belief that we are all born psychic but not everyone can be a medium. As babies and children we all have the ability to use our psychic intuition, however some may lose this ability as they grow due to environmental conditioning or perhaps religious beliefs. Others will maintain this ability and go on to develop it.

    When I started my work as a medium at the age of 21 I now realise that I began my link with a woman in the audience on a psychic level. I gave her the information about herself and her own life and as I was talking to her I became aware of a man standing beside me from the spirit world. I relayed his information and his message.

    So at that time I was working on a psychic and mediumistic level together. As it was my first ever experience I was then unaware of the mechanics of my mediumship but I went on to learn. What, then, are the differences between psychic powers and mediumship?

    Psychic messages​

    When we are reading for someone and they are sitting in front of us we can link with them on a psychic level. The message will be all about the recipient. You may receive information about their past, present and possibly their future.

    You may also get given details of their life right now: what they do for a living, whether they have children and if so, how many; if they are married; what they were like as they were growing up; what their personality is like….the list of information we can gather about a person’s life on a psychic level is endless.

    We also need to deal with the subject of future predictions. I always explain to my clients about the flaws and downfalls of predicting future events and make it clear to them that I am not a fortune teller. If they want specifics about their future and I am given that information from my guides or from another spirit I will certainly pass that on to them. However if they ask me how many children they will have and when they will get married I will most likely not be given that information.

    My guides only give what is absolutely essential for that person to know at that given time, to benefit them and assist their situation.

    I may, for example, tell my client that they will move house in two months’ time. The client may walk out of my office and make different choices of their own free will which, in turn, changes the outcome of the future for them.

    One thing we cannot affect is a person’s freedom to make his or her own choices and decisions in life. I do believe we have a destiny and along that path we may like the look of something which attracts our attention and we wander off the path to investigate and explore.

    The act of leaving our path of our own freewill is going to change timings and future events so how can we, as a psychic or medium, possibly hope to get that correct when that person has the ability to change their direction at any given time?

    It is, of course, up to you how you wish to work with your clients and I am simply sharing my experience and opinion of making predictions. But I do believe that if I am given a piece of information about an individual’s future, without it being asked for by the recipient, then I must pass it on to my client as it may be something which will be of benefit to them in their life and decision-making processes.

    Spirit messages

    When we work on a mediumistic level it feels very different to receiving psychic information, where our energy feels very grounded. I always explain that psychic connections might feel rather ‘flat’ compared to working with spirit.

    Imagine you are sitting with a recipient in front of you and your energy is extending from your solar plexus and linking with your recipient’s solar plexus. You can also imagine yourself throwing your energy over them to make a psychic connection. You are linking with their psyche.

    When we connect to spirit, on the other hand, our energy is directed upwards and outwards to the spirit world as opposed to connecting our energy directly to our recipient on a psychic level. A mediumship link is all about the person in spirit who is communicating and can be very little about the recipient until the end when message is relayed to them through you. This is referred to as ‘mental mediumship’.

    Your recipient will hopefully know the spirit person with whom you connect. You will then pass on pieces of evidence about the person in spirit to the recipient which they should hopefully understand. It is a three-way conversation, like being on a conference call and you are the connector or telephone.

    It may go something like this: “I have a man in spirit who wishes to connect with you and he is your father. He tells me he passed to spirit nine years ago of a heart attack aged 67. Do you understand this?”

    The medium may then go further to give details of the father’s life, what he did for a living, were he lived, names and places of significance, perhaps even his name. However if he has already stated through his evidence that he is the recipient’s father then why would you also need to give his name as you have already established his identity?

    Now you can hopefully clearly see the difference between psychic and mediumistic links. What a mediumship link is all about is the person in spirit, with just a little information about the recipient and a message to their loved one.

    Communication from spirit is about proving the existence of the soul and life after death. A psychic link, on the other hand, is mainly life guidance for the recipient conveyed from your spirit guides or obtained through your psychic ability."

    Louisa Marie Sullivan, CSNU (https://www.psychicnews.org.uk/articles/issues-of-psychic-news)

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  2. Thanks for posting this. Was a very interesting read. I have been researching and reading quite a bit so this is much appreciated.
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I'm glad you've enjoyed it. I found it very informative. :)
  4. Yes I really did too. I was actually reading about this very subject among others recently, as I am thinking of going to see a medium re my Dad. But there are so many different types even when I look locally. I could do a reading via Skype or phone too I suppose.
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    There is no harm in trying a number of mediums but please look for one who offers 'spiritual mediumship'. I think you will now understand the differences between evidential (spiritual) mediumship and ' so-called psychic mediumship' or psychic reading as I term it. There is nothing wrong with the latter provided it isn't marketed as the former.

    An online or telephone session is fine but please try to be certain about what is being offered - a psychic reading is not mediumship, not communication with a loved one facilitated by a medium intermediary. Ask the practitioner what service is being offered.
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