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psychic or medium?

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by mac, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. mac

    mac ALF member Staff Member

    It never hurts to periodically look at what's meant by these words. New members may be unsure and old members may be using them in ambiguous, or just different, ways. In life, the way any word is used may change over time to reflect what folk want it to mean. This is my take; see what you think.


    A word that can be used as an adjective or a noun. Used in either way it relates to someone with an ability to pick up on information not picked up in conventional ways. That information may come from the actual individual looking for guidance or it may come from a source in the next world. Someone described as psychic, or referred to as a psychic, may use information gained as above to help some other individual or (in the latter case) they may use it for their own benefit.


    A medium is an individual who facilitates communication between persons living 'over there' and individuals living in this world. The medium acts as a go-between. When it's to convey a message from an identified loved one it's often called evidential mediumship., When it's to pass on information about the so-called spirit world, or to help our understanding of life and death, it may be referred to as philosophical mediumship.
    When a medium provides a conduit for spiritual healing energy to help others it's usually just referred to as healing and the medium is then called a 'healer'. Some evidential mediums are also healers.

    [In the USA it's not uncommon to refer to a psychic as a 'psychic medium' and a medium as a 'spiritual medium'. A problem may arise, however, when 'medium' gets used to mean either a 'psychic medium' or a 'spiritual medium'. Either one may be mistaken for the other.]

  2. mac

    mac ALF member Staff Member

    It's often said that mediums are born rather than learning to be one.

    Of course there's no way of determining if an accomplished practitioner learned her/his skill rather than having that innate ability. But in terms of psychic sensitivity saying you're a 'medium' means very little. It's a near-equivalent to declaring you're a fine artist because you have an artistic bent, have just started the foundation course of a fine-art degree but your mom and friends think you're already an artist because they love your work and you can do art better than they can anyway!

    That may be a crude comparison but, hey, what do I care? If you don't like it then please add your own thoughts and ideas.

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