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Proofs for Afterlife

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by Hermann Raith, Apr 28, 2019.

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  1. Hermann Raith

    Hermann Raith New Member

    My proofs for afterlife:
    1. Spiritualism
    There were many spiritualistic messengers in history and today, which does not mean that their messages were always true. The best messenger I know is SETH, s. “The Seth Material” by Jane Roberts
    2. NDE - Near Death Experience
    There is a huge literature about this phenomenon. Most convincing for me was the book “Consciousness Beyond Life” by Pim van Lommel
    3. OBE - Out of Body Experience
    In my opinion the best expert in this field is William Buhlman, who does this travelling in afterlife, self initiated since 40 years. In his book “Adventures in the Afterlife” (in German: „Expeditionen ins Jenseits“) he tells in the first part the story of a fictional character with the name of Frank Brooks, based on his own adventures in consciousness. This story is for me by far the best description of afterlife’s chances and complexity. I would highly recommend to read this!
    4. Bob Olson’s experience by testing over 800 psychics and mediums together with his wife, where they gained also remarkable insides about afterlife, but still not reaching the knowledge which William Buhlman achieved via OBE. See “Answers about the Afterlife” by Bob Olson.
  2. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    I definitely agree with points 2 and 3. I have to look into some of these researchers you have mentioned. There are only a select few who I’ve felt have been reputable in their metaphysical research and I feel it’s about time to broaden my horizon again :)
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Along with others I prefer the term 'strong evidence' or 'abundant evidence' to the word 'proof'. The latter word is fraught with variable interpretation, the former terms less so..... And I personally have no doubts about survival et al. ;)
  4. Hermann Raith

    Hermann Raith New Member

    I should add a personal proof, which I did not mention before. As a young person I lived together with my aunt and had a close contact to her. Around 1920 she belonged to a christian spiritualistic sect, called Horpeniten, located near Dresden (Germany). She was not just a member, but she belonged to the inner circle and was present at the spiritualistic sessions. We have talked a lot about this. I knew how it was when several individuals spoke after each other and they could be easily recognised by their speach. I have also read hundreds of protocols of such sessions. A fake was impossible. Since this time I was absolutely sure about afterlife and spiritualism. But I was not interested in the teaching of this sect, because this was far too christian to me. I have learned also, that not all messages where true. I was therefore mainly interested in the personell experiences of the individuals like birth, death, former lives etc.
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Is the aspect of personal experiences still your primary interest?

    I think by now you'll have seen that on this website we don't debate the possibility of there being an afterlife - it's a given, no question about whether. Other websites are more appropriate for those conversations. Some of our members have had experiences like your own, some have had different ones and others have had none.

    Conversations about the spiritual issues associated with an acceptance of life after and life before death overlap philosophical territory at times but in the main our interests are pretty simple and straightforward.
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  6. Hermann Raith

    Hermann Raith New Member

    My main interest is to get a very clear impression about afterlife in order to be optimal prepared for the transition - with 83 I am closer to it. It is not only the question whether there is an afterlife! In the moment I think, there is no personell God, who is watching and judging us. There is no punishment, no hell and no devil. But if you die with guild, influenced by churches, you can easily create you own hell or devils. Also any kind of addiction could be very difficult to overcome. This seems to be also the opinion of William Buhlman gained after many OBEs (a s t r a l i n f o . o r g ). I want to be prepared for an optimal personal evolution with or without further incarnations. There are many questions, which should be discussed in order to help me and others.
    In contrast you seem to see the task of ALF more in conselling and pastoral care, perhaps influenced by churches. Your repeated comments give me the impression, that you would like to see me leaving ALF. If this is the case, which forum would you recommend for me?
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  7. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    It's not necessarily that he wants you to leave. He just wants to make sure you actually want to be here.
  8. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    This is a good place for you. If not, then there are some more scientific spiritualist sites available.
  9. Hermann Raith

    Hermann Raith New Member

    Kurt, thanks for your answer.
    If this forum is cooperating, influenced or in any way depending on churches, I definitely don’t want to stay here!
    Kurt, do you know a forum for nonmaterialistic free thinker without relations to any religious organisation? A recommendation I would highly appreciate.
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Fair comment concerning your wishes about understanding more about to so-called afterlife but confusingly you then add that it isn't only the question whether there is an afterlife. Are you uncertain about that?


    These are matters we've discussed here on ALF in the past.

    It's also what's been taught by guides and teachers widely considered to be highly spiritually evolved. There's always a caution, however, concerning information gained from OoBEs and/or NDEs. Again we've discussed those matters here on ALF.

    My guess would be that the questions you might ask have been addressed on ALF pages in the past but if not then there is the perfect opportunity for raising them for discussion in the future. Members will then have the chance to give their thoughts.

    I suppose we at ALF may be considered to be offering counsel in the respect that we try to help those seeking better understanding. Pastoral care online isn't something I approve of and churches - at least in the sense of religion - do not enter the picture. I think you have misunderstood what you've seen so far but, of course, you haven't been here long to have gained a detailed impression of what happens here.

    ALF's 'mission statement' is: "Afterlife Forums is an online, interactive community designed to give seekers direct access to prominent researchers, to afterlife literature, and to one another in order to foster both spiritual growth and public interest in life after death."

    I don't want you to leave ALF but I am unclear if it will help with what you outlined in your opening sentence.
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