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predictions ONLY

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Kurt, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. LovePhool

    LovePhool Guest

    In the Fall of 2016 "Everything will change" and did with the Trump election, a collective move from the status quo. Immediate changes will occur, and have, and long term changes (not necessarily apparent right away) will, in retrospect, be traceable back to the Fall of 2016. Predominantly positive people will have increased synchronistic expansions in "magical ways". Predominantly negative people will be more and more disconnected from "various things" and "opportunities".

    Major Predictions:

    a) 2017 - 2019 (probability 98%) (fall of 2016 is "focal point" for this): Some form of ET life will be common, mainstream knowledge and will change the mindset and plant the seed that will eventually grow into the first open contact event with the YahYel around 2027 – 2034.

    b) 75-85% probability of a "major economic downturn" around the Fall of 2019 (can come before or after though). Positive side: Will create a different mindset of the idea of economics and create a large upsurge for a totally different way to arrange the economic system (North America will take the lead here). First thing will be a complete revamping of the taxation system that will benefit everyone and it will spread like a wave throughout the global economy which will be totally transformed in the following years. 2020 is a demarcation point and the positive transformation will be "complete" in 2025-2030. (the total prediction going towards 2020 has a probability of 87-95%).

    c) Political system will first appear to be "same old, same old". However, in 2020 humanity will create "a new completely historical event in our political system" (probability 88%).

    d) 2019-2021: The beginning of a new practical energy system that can be mass produced and will begin to tap into "free energy". "It will be an infant kind of presentation at first but will mature very rapidly towards 2020-2025.

    e) This new energy system will also be predicated by a "contraction". Between now and 2016-2019 there is a 98% probability of "another relatively devastating terrorist action" (“another" refers to 9/11).

    f) 2018 Spring - 2020: Almost 100% probability of "another nuclear meltdown" ("another" refers to Fukushima). These two negative "contraction" events will pave the way for a new, better, and clean energy system mentioned in point d).

    These major negative events will help "usher in a new age” in 2020-2030 that is similar to the space race in the 1960's in which everyone will "pull together to make big changes happen" (and yes, we landed on the moon [​IMG] .)

    In this period there will be incredible inventions and other happenings that are beyond our imagination at this point.

    g) The above will "really turn things around and accelerate the idea of open contact" so that we will "finish out the window of 2030-2033 having an absolute understanding of Disclosure, of ET existence, and open contact beginning in earnest".

    h) Sea water levels will rise as the ice melts during the next 30 - 50 years. Many coastal cities will go under water. That would mean a complete submersion of Florida from Jacksonville south to the Keys.

    i) 2020-2025: We will be able to confirm historically the existence of Atlantis (probability above 90%). Someone will find the last "hall of records that exists". History will have to be rewritten. A large percentage of what was lost in the library of Alexandria will be found in this "hall of records".
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

  3. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    Tulsi Gabbard has announced a run for 2020.

    I am right so far!!!!
  4. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    In June the Democratic party will splinter. One one hand we will have the far left candidates and the moderates. Where they fall to is on a spectrum.

    Starting with the far left is Beto O' Rourke Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. Further right is Bernie who is a bridge between far left and center. Biden will be traditional left and further right still will be Tulsi Gabbard.

    Biden will be completely destroyed. He's an old white man which unfortunately is not acceptable to the left. He also has #MeToo problems that equal autistic screeching from the left. Beto will defeat Warren and Kamala.

    It will come down between Beto vs. a Sanders-Gabbard.

    Obama will support the Sanders-Gabbard ticket and they will rulr the DNC in 2020.

    Beto will be defeated, but will run in 2024 and more than likely win the nomination.


    Obama will toss his support in for Sanders-Gabbard.

    He will also publish his book (I have been saying this since 2016) in 2020 so that he can do a campaign of support for the Democratic ticket under the guise of a book tour while claiming that he is completely neutral in the election.

    Just as McCain lost in 2008 leaving Sarah Pahlin fans festering for 8 years giving us Trump, Clinton fans will fester for years giving us a Beto.

    Or..... The left will stop going nuts over Trump as the Mueller report proves they have been

  5. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    I forgot to mention but refuse to break the no edit rule.

    Howard Schultz will splinter the party even more.

    Even a far left-center coalition will still not be center enough for Biden-Obama-Clinton voters and that is where Schultz comes in.

    This could go either way. He can easily get the Bush-McCain-Romney voters as well.

    The question is who he will hurt even more.

    Trump's base is loyal and not going to move. But a split....No... splintered democratic base wont be good at all.

    This is looking good for Trump.

    Ivanka MAY run in 24.
  6. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    Or Jared...

    I don't think Pence likes the spotlight to much.
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    later edit precaution
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  8. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    I said in 16 that Michelle would release her memoir in 18 and do primary work. I also said Barack would go for 20 and do general work.

    But overall, he might release 2 volumes. Part 2 in 24 for that election and a book in 28 about his post presidency.

    This will set a precedent.
  9. Zac

    Zac New Member

    I had some sittings with a psychic medium in 2015 after my father passed. While the sitting was centered on communication with the spirit of the departed, he made a few side comments which could have been predictions. One of his comments was that a particular relative who invests only in low risk stocks/mutual funds/CDs would lose all of their money within 5 years. I listened to the recordings again in 2017 and found several other comments/predictions he made had come true. It was interesting that some of these comments did not make much sense during the sitting, but made sense after the events (in my personal life) over the next 2 years

    That prediction was made in mid 2015 so that would put major financial fallout sufficient to wipe out their assets before mid 2020.
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  10. jimrich

    jimrich Established Member

    When I first discovered predictions I wanted them ALL THE TIME. I was so insecure, fearful and NEEDY that living by chance and guesses was unbearable. I wanted my late, psychic wife to give me predictions nearly EVERY DAY!! Psychotherapy finally convinced me that living by predictions is CRIPPLING & keeps me from having fun & surprises by living on faith & self reliance. So giving up my childish needs for predictions has led to a way more honest & dignified life than my old, insecure FEARFUL life of worrying about the dreaded FUTURE. Keep your silly predictions! I don't need them to bravely step into the Unknown and enjoy what I find there. I finally stopped pestering my late wife for predictions and all went well thereafter. Live in & with FAITH.

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