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Pre-Birth Memory(Im new here, btw)

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Ken, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Ken

    Ken Member

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Ken and I am so excited to have came across this forum! Mainly because I have so many questions about the origins of mankind, and why we were born into this physical dimension.

    You may have heard of pre-birth memories and how some people claim to have vivid memories of who/what they were and where they were before their lives on earth began? Well, I've recently come across some of those stories or claims on the internet, and some of them are really strange but a handful of them are quite similar to my personal memory.

    I have had this memory all throughout my life, but I didn't think anything of it until I started becoming more interested in spiritual matters. It is a little lengthy but I did my best to go into as much detail as possible.

    Thank you for your precious time.

    My Pre-Mortal Memory – By Ken

    I was in a vast darkness and I was conscious. I was a part of the vast darkness and the darkness was not terrifying(I didn't know fear), rather, it felt like my home. I was whole and I didn’t need or want anything, I felt absolutely complete in that state and in absolute peace. There were many others like me and our character or behavior was based on one positive energy and looking back on this particular part of the memory, it took me a while to recognize what that energy was but here on earth we call it love. Love in the sense of character, behaviors and/or action and not just a feeling or emotion. If I were to think of another way to describe it, I would say that it felt like being in a state of “every-and-one.”

    I didn't have a body or a form and the five senses did not exist; hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste. One thing I have to stress is that, there were no visible or tangible shapes of any kind in that vast darkness or dimension. And also, the darkness was not the result of the absence of light. The darkness existed because it was and I could sense it’s life force.

    In that darkness, there was an energy or presence constantly, with me. This energy seemed to know more than I did. It kept me company and would talk with me, but most of the conversation consisted of me asking a lot of questions and the energy giving me the answers. Unfortunately, I can only remember one of the questions, which I asked several times, “When is my turn going to come?” It would reply and say, “Very soon, just be patient.” This presence/energy made me feel a certain way and the feeling was similar in nature to how I would feel about my best friend. Right throughout this pre-birth memory I remember a sense of innocence or purity about myself and I was feeling very excited about leaving that place.

    I have been explaining the conversations I had in my pre-birth with english but in the actual memory itself, the conversations were not audible or in a typical language form. The communication was more or less like, telepathy. My impressions immediately became translated to others and others to me. But within the many impressions occurring all at once, I somehow had the ability to “amplify” or “tune into” impressions that were related to me and/or what I wanted to perceive.

    In that existence, movement or travelling was somehow related to communication. I don’t know how exactly but when I would pick up on a "conversation,” I would find myself immediately beside the communicator. And it felt like travelling because I could sense that my surroundings had changed. Now, I’m in a vast darkness so how can it be possible for me to notice a difference in location? Well firstly, perceiving the sudden presence of the communicator in front of me is half the explanation. The other half of this explanation is a bit harder to describe. Somehow in that vast darkness I could sense the difference in my surroundings, but the feeling I got from that sense was similar to the human experience of sight.

    Within this vast darkness I could sense that I was in an enclosed space where others like me were patiently waiting for their turns. The sense of time did not exist but I could tell that there was progress because the impressions(voices) would slowly grow smaller as their turns came and they would leave for their destinations. During this waiting process I did not feel like I waited for so long or for so little.

    In that environment of constant communication our impressions never contradicted one another, I couldn’t sense any division or separation, whatsoever. Simply put, my thoughts were a part of everyone’s thoughts and everyone’s a part of mine but all the while still having originality or individuality. I really felt like I was somehow attached to everything and that everything was attached to me and we were all alive as One.

    I realized that my turn had come when I suddenly found myself moving through what seemed to be a smaller-darkness, the same energy who was with me back in the enclosed area was now leading me to another place. I do not know if the darkness felt smaller because of my sense of space or because I could no longer sense or perceive the collective presence of other energies like myself. I remember looking or scanning trying to locate the the vast darkness and it was in that very moment that I believe I felt loneliness and want for the first time.

    Everything suddenly turned into the color of sky-blue(another first time) and that was the end of my pre-birth memory.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.

    Peace to all :)


    PS - Here are memories from other folks, incase you wanna read on.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2016
  2. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    "My name is Ken and I am so excited to have came across this forum! Mainly because I have so many questions about the origins of mankind, and why we were born into this physical dimension."

    It's interesting to consider how humankind emerged/arrived and then evolved into what we are now. I hope you'll find someone to give you answers to your questions but I haven't found anyone to do that for mine, neither here nor elsewhere online. :eek:

    Why we're here is rather more straightforward. ;)
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  3. Ken

    Ken Member

    Thank you for the reply, mac. Yeah, I always end up getting a real headache when I start thinking about where the universe might have came from? Scientists have one theory, the bible has another, some believe that ETs genetically engineered life on earth, others believe we are ETs.

    I look forward to having all my questions answered, when I go back to where I came from. For now, I'll just concentrate on life :)
  4. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    great reply!

    I wouldn't heed either our scientists or the Bible - neither are authoritative and neither is much relevant to 'the big picture'.
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  5. Annie

    Annie Member

    Thanks for sharing. It's fascinating that some people have these memories. I imagine it must be comforting, to have a visceral memory and to know that you will one day go back to that place. It's interesting how you are kind of in a waiting area with other people, waiting for that moment when you finally incarnate. I wonder what that moment must be like...I would feel so nervous. You're about to leave to leave paradise and embark on a journey (that could last up to 100 years) for a place that is, relatively speaking, full of dangers and unknowns, even if you try your best to plan it out beforehand. You know you'll be back eventually, you just don't know when, or what exactly you might experience in this lifetime you're about to jump into.
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