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PLEASE help me believe she's ok.

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Karina, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. beadtrader

    beadtrader New Member

    Oh! I just want to mention that my avatar is a pic of my back with a big dragonfly that had landed on me. I took that as a sign from my mom who died last March. Before she died I asked her to be creative when she was able to give me a sign; I didn't want rainbows or butterflies or the "run of the mill" signs that people get (no offense to any one is intended if those are the signs you've had. Any sign is a good sign!). And I never would have known it was there if my daughters hadn't told me about it!
  2. Karina

    Karina New Member

    Beadtrader- that is so cool! I so wish that I would have been able to talk to her but I think I was so consumed with trying to make her as comfortable as possible that the only thing I managed to squeak was "give God lots of kisses for me". But you're most right, i'm going to take that sign and cherish it! Its all I've thought about today! Thank you so much for your kind words! I need as much encouragement as possible.
  3. beadtrader

    beadtrader New Member

    I thought of something else! My friend went to a psychic/medium, whatever you want to call her. Proved herself to be genuine with things she told my friend. One of the many things that the medium told my friend was that the dog she had recently lost had been with her in a previous life. My friend was absolutely heart broken over the death of her dog and of course was comforted to know that she and her beloved dog had been together "before". I am sure they will be together again, whether here or in heaven! I wonder if we miss those pets that we have incarnated with before more than those we might have met in our lives for the first time in this life.
  4. Karina, I agree with beadtrader compltetely. These signs are subtle. The more you accept, the more you 'll get in my experience. I think a "bubba " license plate is exactly the kind of thing you can expect. It's elegant in that it represents a very a very personal sentiment and it's humorous at the same time! That's exactly how they are! That touch of humor - representing good times between you is a double message: "Hi mom!" and "things are good"! My test for signs has become simply this: If when I see it, hear it, feel it, etc. and I think "maybe that's a sign", then it is! I accept it and wait for the next... I think it's better to err on the side of the signs than to discount one from fear of being "wrong". It's not like any of this will stand up in a court of law anyway! So what the heck! Our ego minds are so concerned with "right" and "wrong" that we forget everything doesn't fit into that narrow box. Karina, I truly hope you're feeling better. pat ((moon)
  5. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    I too say that is a sign! Our beloved pets can give us signs too to let us know thay are doing good in Heaven! All about the timing. What made you get in that line just at that time to be behind that person so you could see the plate in the first place? Some "special friend" did! No coincidence there.
    Having lost a son, parent, pets, I will say grief is grief and the more you love, the more you hurt. (My son was obviously so incredibly hard and the most intense grief ever, my dad very sick and elderly.) But I will say I grieved very hard over my dogs who are in Heaven as well! They are true members of our family! I feel our pets are gifts from God that teach us unconditional love! They are so great! And the can send signs!!! Love it!
    Love your post above! Very good advice!
    Hey Beadtrader,
    Love that avatar!!!!! Dragonfly signs are for real! I am a big fan of them as you might know!
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2013
  6. beadtrader

    beadtrader New Member

    Carol, I thought you'd appreciate my avatar!
  7. Karina

    Karina New Member

    Moon- After today I feel much better and I can't wait to tell you why! Thank you so much for your concern and support!

    Carol- i've viewed many post written by you and think it is such a gift that you are still able to speak with your beautiful son! I think its extraordinary! Does your son ever mention pets in the afterlife? Maybe you can provide some insight on my story that i'm about to share...all I gotta say is.....

    ......OHHH MY GOSH! I just HAVE to tell you guys the most amazing thing that happened today to me!! Let me just day, you guys were all right and I will never mistake a sign as a coincidence ever again! Please excuse my loooong banter, but I just have so much to share!!

    So, a couple of days after Nala passed over I deliberately put water into her water bowl, enough water to make a point. As I have been on this forum I have read so many wonderful things encouraging me to speak with her and tell her to give me signs that made sure she was okay and happy. The first sign was the visit to Walmart with the license plate but today completely took my breath away. Last Thursday was the day Nala passed over so when I put the water in her bowl I was just hoping something magical would happen but it has been almost a week since I put the water in her bowl so I got a little discouraged. Wouldn't you know that last night I told her please to drink her water and let me know that she is ok and happy, this morning I go downstairs to pour me some coffee, I just happened to look at her bowl and her water is GONE! All that is left is a sip, just enough for her to let me know, "yes woman, I did it now hush." No one has touch her bowl, the water hasn't evaporated because its been there for almost a well till I pleaded to her to drink her water to let me know she was ok!!!

    I still have a natural high that I can't explain but my heart is just singing!! Its amazing how this life works! Also, while I was at work I felt my desk vibrate! What's that all about?! When I looked around to see of anyone else felt what I felt, no one budged. I even asked my Co worker, "did you feel that?" "did your desk do anything weird?" And she just looked at me so puzzled, basically saying um no weirdo lol! Nala is every where I am guys!! So I just had to share with you all my day today. Its been quite eventful!
  8. Sooooo Happy for you! I understand exactly what you mean by "being on a high" You have a very special pup and a very special relationship! Woooo Hooligan! Much loveto you both. Moon
  9. Sorry about the "hooligan". Should read: Woo Hoo! Darn predictive text! (Lol)!
  10. beadtrader

    beadtrader New Member

    Thats wonderful Karina!

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