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PLEASE help me believe she's ok.

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Karina, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. ravensgate

    ravensgate Regular Contributor

    I sent you a PM with the link, Karina :)
  2. shantu

    shantu New Member

    Hi Karina, I'm sorry to hear of your loss but I can assure you that our pets live on and if possible, will revisit from time to time. Our dog Pip died over a year ago in a painful way and we grieved for months... not long after he went, I kept seeing him in his usual places around the house - where he slept, beside the table, in the bedroom, etc. I told myself it was my grief that projected his memory there - until one day I was aware of him jumping around me before I went outside and I said without thinking - "Okay Pip, I know you're there." Well, he vanished, but I then saw him around whenever we were stressed or upset. I firmly believe he was instrumental in bringing our new dog to us.

    I've felt one of our cats on the bed, heard another meow outside, felt another around my ankles. Our pets can come back in many ways - often very subtle. One of the main indications is a coolness around the ankles or lower legs or the feeling that they are close by. If you can allow yourself to believe that Nala is safe and well (which she *is), then you will leave a space for her to come to you.
  3. Karina

    Karina New Member

    Thank you ravensgate!
  4. Karina

    Karina New Member

    Shantu, I am so happy that you were able to get confirmation that they were okay. I guess since I am starting to open up to the fact that there IS an after life and its very active in our lives, it kind of scares me. Is this normal? I WANT to see her or feel her or anything but I guess the thought of her actually coming to me after I just witnessed her life being taken from her, just boggles my mind! But, I know that I have to steer clear of those thoughts if I want to grow spiritually!

    Shantu, do you still get visits anymore?
  5. Intbel

    Intbel New Member

    Karina, what is normal? What is normal for one person may not be normal for another.

    There are two important points, first, Life is continuous, there is not really an "after" Life ... Life is progressive and progresses in a natural, orderly fashion. Second, where there is a Link based in Love, that link is never broken.

    You did not witness, quote, "her life being taken from her", you witnessed the expression of Life which is Nala leaving her body.
    Apologies if I come across as cold/academic. Words mean something. Using accurate linguistics aids accurate understanding.

    Can we be certain our animal friends are well and happy and we will meet up with them again? Many folks have reported their pets have paid them a visit. These folks are certain. This is evidence for others, but not proof.

    One might suppose for that absolute certainty one must experience it for one's self. On the other hand, I'm certain, having heard many accounts from a wide variety of people, all being intelligent folks, not given to flights of fancy.

    Add to that the evidence from "upstairs". Again, is such evidence proof? I have had two interesting experiences which leave me in no doubt. But they refer to human expressions of Life.

    However, Life is Life is Life ... the same basic principles apply, whether the Life is expressed in human or cannine form. A dog's dogness is not dependent upon the body of a dog any more than our humanity is dependent upon our human forms. When we leave here, we'll still be just as human, in fact more so, for without the limitations of these physical forms we will become so much more aware and be able to accomplish so much more - we will become even more human. That is, without physical limitations, we will be able to more fully express and experience our humanness.

    The natural law which underpins Life does not change. Life is Life. I think you can be sure that you and Nala, all the time you are linked by Love, Nala will be thoroughly enjoying herself and will be there to meet you when the time comes.

    Such an event was accurately portrayed in the film "What Dreams May Come".

    There is evidence (not necessarily proof, by itself) from "upstairs" that animals do come to greet their previous carers when the time comes.

    Here is one such piece of evidence in which a guy named George Wilmot described his reunion with Jenny. He also relays valuable insight into our relationships with animals, our responsibilities regarding them and the importance of Love. Heartwarming material in which I take great pleasure sharing.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2013
  6. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor


    I don't know if there is such a thing as an afterlife. I fervently hope there is, because my husband died unexpectedly three months ago. If there is, I absolutely do think that our beloved pets are there as well, and that our sweet cat who died a few years ago met my husband when he arrived. Our pets' souls are so sweet and pure, they belong in a happy afterlife. If there is such a thing as heaven or an afterlife, I believe your Nala is there now.
  7. Karina

    Karina New Member

    Intbel, please do not apologize! As I have stated before, I am very new and ignorant to this. So any and every bit of information i'm getting from this forum, I am soaking it in like a sponge.
  8. Karina

    Karina New Member

    Bluebird- I am so sorry to hear about your husband but rest assure that (which you probably already know) your husbands passing is not going in vain. Seeing how composed and together you are, is helping me cope in ways you don't even know. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing that with me. Its much appreciated.
  9. Intbel

    Intbel New Member

    Okay, thank you. Please, though, question everything. We are all fallible, we all perceive things inaccurately at times. I constantly question my own understanding, endeavouring to distinguish between what I know and what I believe.

    >sigh< 'Tis not easy. The basics I know. Fully know, (but not necessarily fully understand) and because such knowledge is valuable and in my view, necessary, will share it at every opportunity. Doing so is often perceived as, or comes across as, arrogance.

    One might suppose it is arrogant to assume that what is important to one's self is also important to others. There is also the trap of feeling a superiority in having something or knowing something others do not. Heh heh - I've been through that one and 'tis a humbling experience and even so, one still has to watch one's self for the trap is always there.

    One thing I have learned is patience. We will receive further knowledge and understanding when we are ready to receive it in the same way we have to fully grasp basic arithemetic before we can possibly delve, with any understanding, into higher mathematics. It seems there are no shortcuts though of course, we have the occasional "Aha! moment", "brain phart" or "epiphany" but even these li'l quantum leaps are not received until we are ready to receive them.

    The bottom line as far as I'm concerned is as per my signature. Whether it is true or not I can not say, 'tis just my current understanding. Until that understanding changes or is expanded upon, I find it beneficial - for self and for all with whom one comes in contact - to live as if is true. It works and I am the first to admit 'tis not easy to maintain 24/7! Even with the best of intentions, one can be sidetracked by the mundane aspects of living and one allows things which are of relatively little importance to take priority and selfishness is a constant albeit diminishing obstacle.

    Along with the endeavour to live a Life of Love there must also be uncompromising honesty and maintaining one's integrity at all times is not easy.

    Anyways, that's my chosen way of living. Not easy by any means (though it gets easier with practice) but 'tis rewarding and is recommended to others.
  10. anonymous

    anonymous New Member


    Nice heart. I like it!

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