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Person dying may transfer his spiritual entity into someone else

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Vanda, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Vanda

    Vanda New Member

    Do you believe that a person during the passage from life into death, can transfer part or his entire spiritual essence into someone else present at that time?
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  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    I have never seen any evidence that this happens, but anything is possible. What evidence do you have that this can happen?
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  3. Vanda

    Vanda New Member

    I do not have hard evidence, but I suspect it because of my own personal experience with my ex husband and my oldest son.
    My ex husband was a very malignant, dark person who practised black magic for a long time (I did not know and when I learned about it I left him)
    We had a child together and my oldest son next year will be 40 years old.
    It's a long, painful story with rituals used to try to kill me and other horrible acts this individual had done against me and many other people throughout his devastating life.
    He finally died 2 years ago, but not without tragic consequences....
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  4. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    No but your husband may have found he could influence someone susceptible to his continued proximity to the earth dimension after his passing. Perhaps in a similar way to when he was incarnate here.
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  5. Vanda

    Vanda New Member

    Ex please! ;)
    I left him long, long time ago. A truly despicable being. I would not exclude this phenomena because since he died my son has become more and more like him to the point that his energy is toxic and I can no longer be in touch with him. He is also very vicious with me like his father used to be: mental cruelty. I would like to save him, but I think this is beyond my ability. I can only hope that some miracle will happen.
  6. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It's near-impossible to have any certainty about the cause of your son's now-changed character I suppose. I expect you're doing the best thing by keeping your distance from your son, at least for now.
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  7. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    While we can't know for sure, in my opinion it is unlikely your ex-husband's spirit is now in your son in any direct way. However, since he was his father, and presumably was involved in his life to at least some degree while your son was growing up, it's quite likely that he learned some of your ex-husband's cruel behavior, ways of thinking, etc. This could cause him to model his own behavior after his father's, whether because he chose to do so or because he was actually traumatized by his father's behavior and abuse of you. Additionally, it's possible that there is a genetic component to it -- if your ex-husband is a sociopath, your son may be as well.
  8. pandora97

    pandora97 Well-Known Member

    Excellent insight bb...
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  9. Vanda

    Vanda New Member

    True. For many years I suggested to my son to see a psychotherapist, but he always told me he did not need it.
    However, I know he has several psychological issues.
    I am glad he is in Europe and I live here.
    On the other hand, my other son (they do not have the same father) he is just a wonderful human being!
    I guess the universe provide me with him to be able to bear all the grief my other son gave me.
  10. Vanda

    Vanda New Member

    This thread now reminded me an old TV series called Highlander, where if one immortal was cutting the head of the other one, all the powers acquired (and also the emotion during his life) were transferred to the remaining one.
  11. Vanda

    Vanda New Member

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  12. Kurt

    Kurt Well-Known Member

    I had horrible parents and saw plenty of crime growing up.

    I became a dark souls indeed but what changed me was --As corny and un-believable it sounds -- what cahnged me was when I literally fell in love with a person -- because they did not hate me --

    I was satanic for a few years and was the only 14 yr. Old who was taken seriously just about anywhere because I was so full of negative energy that it literally poured off of me. You could just FEEL it when I walked into a room. Normal everyday athiests would tell me that. They said that they could just feel anger rolling off of me when I entered their room.

    She just though it was completely ridiculous and showered me with love.

    And I threw it at her so much that she thought it was adorable. Finally, I realized that she genuinely loved me and it changed something in me.

    I honestly cannot tell you what it is. For all of the people here who think that I am mean?

    Lol. Lol. Lol. Lol.

    I used to be scarier than Manson and more charismatic than Reagan all at once. I was a very very very dark guy.

    She changed me. I don't know how, buy she didm. She filled my soul with love and it changed me. I came here originally to study the structure of the afterlife and stayed for the atmosphere and advancement.

    But before I changed I made such a deep impression on those guys that they still respect me. I am still considered a respectable person by the satanic group I was in 50k or around it. I had and still do have a lot of power in it because I knew the admins. Sometimes when I'm bored I will show up and kick out trolls and offer spiritual answers to some of the things they are looking for... Or music advice... Or philosophical information. but I am actually ashamed of thise connectionsto be honest.

    I never practiced black magic I thought it was corny and fake. The only thing I knew was real was energy. And I had so much in me that I would get mad at a person and their life would just become hell or something bad would happen.

    I never tried to. I only deliberately cursed something twice and both times it worked but it was more of a defensive retaliation.

    I accidentally cursed a person...

    I'm ashamed of it all. I try to be as positive as possible. If you have that much energy in you and you dirced it at anything it will collapse.

    I hope this helps out.

    My advice is that when you contact him, reflect his personality. That usually works on people like that. It dies with me. If you try to recommend therapy it will just annoy him into hating you and well, you probably know what that kind of energy will do.

    Just encourage him and show him love. Fake being like him, like your a metal head or something. Eventually he'll come around. That's what worked with me.

    Be as cynical and Curt as he is, but be formal and loving. It will make him relax with you.

    By the way, I'm changed but I still have the insight into that mindset, naturally.

    Welcome to the forums. I hope that you will not only love it but come here more often.
  13. Vanda

    Vanda New Member

    Hello Kurt and thank you for your reply.
    The fact is that one of the reasons my son's father approached me when I was young, it was because I had very positive and highly spiritual energy and for the time we were together he tried everything to corrupt my soul, but with no success. Then he used our son as a tool against me.
    However this did not changed me. I cannot possibly be compatible or "fake" my energy with my son: I am one of this people that when walks into a place the light becomes brighter and people feel better (this is what the others say). I am a very loving being and a gentle soul, however I am also a spiritual warrior and I know how to fight darkness and I have no fear because I know who I am.
    It sounds almost unbelievable that, after all I went through in my life (this story is not the only difficult one) I manage to stay as I am.
    Every day I wake up with a smile and if it would not be for the pressure at work and generally in our society, I would always be happy and singing.
    Since I was very young I always found shelter in reading and I quickly acquire quite a wide culture which helped me to stay sane.
    Moreover, I've always cultivated philosophycal and spiritual teaching that helped me to stay on the path.
    So much light can blind who lives in the darkness and I guess this has always been the problem with my son.
    Maybe, one day he will find a beautiful, loving soul like you did and his life will change, however it has to be some "good soil", otherwise nothing can grow.
    I am very glad to hear that, even in the darkness, you found a little flame that re-kindled your soul: let the fire of pure Love burn all the heavy load that have been holding you down and you will fly free and serene.
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  14. Kurt

    Kurt Well-Known Member


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