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People from a past life

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Goldielocks15, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Goldielocks15

    Goldielocks15 New Member

    Was looking for your thoughts and suggestions. I have known an individual now for about 6 months, working relationship type. When we met there was something about him I didn't like and something about him I couldn't put my finger on. I pushed that aside as logically speaking it didn't make sense. Well fast forward 6 months he's made things difficult for me. I started asking to "dream" what it is about this person that's causing this towards me. In my dream it seemed as if we were children. I appeared very small compared to him. Then a man of some authority or some disciplinary type confronted that individual on a playground. I couldn't hear what he was saying but the man grew smaller and smaller, and I continued to grow bigger again.

    I thought this dream may have just ment that the man in present life is making me feel small, to compensate for his downfalls. And symbolic of "the bully in the playground" our clothing looked like from another era, and the playground really didn't have all the fun things in it like today. Then I thought "did he bully me in a past life and that is why he's doing that today?" Or maybe it is just symbolic of the relationship today and that someone of authority needs to tell him to stop the bullying?
  2. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    Wow, I think there are many possible interpretations here! However, may I ask you a few questions? If they're too personal, don't hesitate to tell me to buzz away, please.

    You said, "I started asking to 'dream' what it is about this person that's causing this toward me".
    What role do you see yourself playing here? I see the child speaking, (Why are you bullying me? What have I done to you?, etc.) Please don't think for a second that I am teasing you; I'm just using a bit of Transactional analysis, where we have the child, the parent, and the adult.

    Think back, your present life.... any recollections of being bossed around by someone? When you say, "... someone of authority needs to tell him to stop the bullying?" who is speaking? You as the adult or you as the child? It strikes me that it is your inner child who wishes someone of authority would tell him to quit bullying you; what do you think?

    When you see this person at work, what thoughts and emotions/feelings are you aware of? How do you respond to the sight of him? How have the thoughts and feelings changed since you first met him? Stronger emotions? Does he really make you feel small? What do you does your body language/what you say that gives him permission to make you feel small? You know the saying, I'm sure, that no-one can make you feel ----- unless you give them permission.

    Here are a few of the possible interpretations that come to my mind.
    (1) You can see this man as a teacher. What are the lessons you may need to learn/re-learn in this life? It's been said that whenever we dislike a person it is because that person reflects something about ourselves that we do not like but have managed to keep under cover.
    (2) The recollection of a past life is possible, but again, has he returned to teach you something through his "haunting/bullying"? Or perhaps your dream is telling you that yes, this man and you lived before and he was a meanie, so what are you going to do about it?
    (3) When you say the man started growing smaller and smaller but you continued to grow bigger, this may be a manifestation of your desire to dish it right back, to grow strong and make him feel an inch tall. You can't because - as it stands today - you might lack the courage or you might fear possible negative repercussion (if you did stand up to him).

    I hope you will share more about this, see what insights you gain; it's quite interesting. Thank you, Goldielocks15 :)
  3. Goldielocks15

    Goldielocks15 New Member

    Wow, great insights!!!

    First let me start off with saying, that if I don't like someone off the bat for rEason unknown at that time. Later on down the road I find out . I hear it's an empathic trait. But this time around, I felt very desperate for a new job and over looked it and went against my gut feeling.

    In the playground child talk, I think he was picking on me. And like he got caught. So the authority figure could have been a teacher or principle correcting his behavior.

    Yes, I agree that the smallness I was in the dream is how I felt in waking life. When I say I got bigger, more like I was normal again or had my confidence back. I guess maybe he got smaller because bullying people gave him confidence and power, and that's why he was shrinking when spoken too. (I don't think anyone was telling me, I think it's what was shown to me)

    Waking life, yes I have dished some back to him but professionally. And he doesnt like that. He's been going to my boss trying to get my boss on his side.

    The emotions with him is very not good. I'm always anxious and I start shaking. Over time it got to a point that I would get naseous talking to him, and felt extreme paranoia. But there have been things he did to cause that paranoia. When he takes time off, it's like ahhhhh now I can have a good day at work.

    you have me thinking now. From what I can gather, I wasn't supposed to be in this position. I had all signs to not take this job and I did. But since I did, and my purpose in life is to help people. I'm trying too see this as an opportunity to help others? I'm not the only one he does this with.

    So now you have me thinking again. If he is from a past life, and hasn't fixed his karma of bullying, then it came to this life. And I wasn't supposed to meet with him again as I've been resolving mine.
  4. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    You're right, there may be quite a bit to think about, but in my opinion, it is a good thing, Goldielocks! I love to dissect my own brain, lololol
  5. Ski


    I just read all of this, and I was thinking...if you are paranoid and sick around him, you are giving him too much thought and fear.

    Remember the authority figure in the dream? You couldn't hear them, because that is symbolic of you...you need to use your words. But, you shouldn't be mean. Maybe ( and I might be crossing the line here) but maybe you could teach him something next time he intimidates you. Don't get mad and let your nerves take over, but ask him....do you realize why I don't like being around you? Then fill him in. Maybe he doesn't realize he is coming off as bad as he is, even if he does know...he may now realize the extent of it. I would tell him the truth, firmly. Look, your behavior is aggressive, rude, sneaky, ect....and people dont trust you when you act like that.

    That's me, I've noticed when you tell the truth, and don't skirt around the issue....it hurts bullies more, and makes them change their behavior, than being mean back, or being scared of them.

    Throw that mirror up.

    That's my opinion. Don't attack the soul or spirit, but the behavior...the behavior needs corrected. Maybe the authority figure in the dream, was the adult you in this life, and it's time to choose your words.

    Who knows, children are so easily forgiveful, they can become friends with their bully and move on. Maybe you both will someday. I became friends with my bully as a child.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018

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