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Part 1 closed C&M Q&A

Discussion in 'Ask Mikey! Carol and Mikey Morgan, Q&A' started by mac, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Awakening! I'll leave your question for Carol, but I just wanted to say that I can think one legitimate reason to commit suicide. If I were drafted into the army, for some reason, and couldn't by any other means escape being sent to war, I would consider ending my own life, rather than killing others or giving them the guilt of killing me. Just my opinion.
  2. TriciaA

    TriciaA New Member

    From what I understand, I don't think suicide is acceptable no matter what the circumstances, there again I could be wrong?
  3. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    According to Mikey, man creates war and these types of scenerios. Man also "generally" decides what they want to do with their life. We all have free will. Death with war is different than death in other life situations. In war the soldier gives of himself for what he "believes" is the for the greater good. They are being directed by others. If a soldier / individual takes his life for what they "truly sincerely believe" is for the better good of others (like your scenerio) , that is totally different than taking your life because you just can't handle your issues yourself. *The difference here is one is self centered, the other is not. Heaven understands this and knows the difference. * Man creates war, God wants LOVE. War is always part of this type of death. Life is taken for various beliefs. Death often brings peace in various scenerios. Life needs to be respected, but sometimes in war there is not a choice. Heaven totally understands the difference in the 2 scenerios.

    This brings up an interesting conversation I had with my dad before he passed over when he was 92. About 3 weeks before he passed, he said, "Carol, I want to tell you something. I want you to know I never shot anybody in the war. " (He was drafted and was on the front lines in WW II.) He said I loaded the different equipment but never pulled the "trigger". This was very important to him. But he was participating in a different way. It was how it was. Ultimately fighting for the greater good, which every side of war has the same feeling. What is good for one side is not good for the other. He did not want to be there but he was forced to participate in his eyes as he was drafted. He hated anything to do with war.

    Mikey says that war is looked upon as a man made issue that Heaven doesn't like. But it happens and is understood that it ultimately can bring greater good here on earth. Power in the "wrong hands" can be far worse in the long run for many on earth. ( Which I feel is true.) Heaven for sure wants PEACE and LOVE. The gradual "Spirtual Shift" will hopefully help with this. Life is to be respected according to Mikey. Good question RA! :)
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
  4. Ok Carol, please bare with me. I’m not getting exactly what I’m after here. I didn’t mean for the emphasis to be placed on war.

    Let me try this. The year is 2016 the United States economy has collapsed, mayhem and chaos have taken over, vicious gangs roam the streets. I’m sitting in my home watching some animal hack through my front door with an axe, thugs will be upon me within seconds.

    Ok, does heaven find it acceptable for me to now blow my head off? Or should I be encouraged to experience whatever gems they might see fit to bestow upon me rather than do something so heinous as to remove myself from the situation?

    What say you Mikey?
  5. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Mikey's question is: are you doing this for yourself, or for the common good, as he talked about in the above scenerio (out of love), to take your own life?
  6. Ok, I surrender. I already know what I'd do anyway. But to answer Mikey's question my answer is why yes, I would be doing this for myself. To avoid whatever kicks the beastie boys about to enter my home might have in store for me. Would Mikey in fact be against this act under those circustances, is the question not clear in any way?

    What I've been trying to do here is illustrate the point that spirts on level 6 may in fact may be a bit out of touch with POS planet earth. Not talking about Mikey, but I would not be too interested in having a being that hasn't been on earth in hundreds of thousands of years making decisions for me.

    So I take all rules handed down from these beings with a big grain of salt.So then Carol, one more time, Mikey feels that instead of taking my own life here before I'm hideously brutalized by this gang is somehow unacceptable?
  7. Hi Rudeawakening

    Going back over all the posts on this and other threads I think the keys are that
    1) We all have free will to choose our own fate.
    2) We are self judging, not judged by higher beings. If your actions are self motivated or for the good of all is for you to judge and rationalise.
    3) Lessons are learnt, constantly, for growth, by all involved.

    As for the motives of Spirits on Level 6, we understand that as much as those Spirits understand the motives of the Spirits on Levels 7 and 8.

    Don't beat yourself up Rude, there is nothing to surrender to. Maybe the lesson for the individual you described in your Hypothetical was not to be in that predicament in the first place, lesson learnt, get out quick.
  8. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Sorry to butt in here, but I have a question for Mikey as well. In the situation that Awakening describes, I might be tempted to do myself in, so that the thugs wouldn't have to deal with the guilt later on (a quick death would be an added benefit, but not my aim). Would Mikey be against this?
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  9. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Mikey agrees with Fasaga that it is a personal choice. Nothing is "unacceptable" according to Mikey because lessons are being learned. We judge ourselves. He does continue to say we should respect life. Will a bomb drop on you as soon as you pass after this? Absolutely not! So Mikey agrees, don't beat yourself up! :)
    We hope you are never in that predicament by the way! :)
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
  10. Thanks for hanging in there with me. There appears to have been some perception that I somehow had personal concerns in this area. There’s not a religious or submissive bone in my body and nothing said on this forum will change an opinion that I hold deep within my own consciousness.

    In this case my reason for digging so deep was in hopes of uncovering the grey area that I feel most certainly exists, and I am more than satisfied with Mikey’s answer and I appreciate his patience and yours Carol.

    I do know that we judge ourselves, my youth will provide plenty to over come, I have no concerns about electing to leave this world early should I somehow escape the deadly cancer gene and otherwise now be genetically predisposed to a life expectancy of something close to 90. Personally I have to have a damned good reason to stay that long. At 50 I am already starting to plan exit strategies so I don’t get stuck here in some form of drooling vegetable with no one around to pull the plug.

    For further explanation of my inquiries, look at it from the perspective of all the “Shouting” if you will that goes on on this forum about respecting life, suicide equals outer darkness, and on and on. Nobody will argue that leaving behind children and loved ones is terribly wrong, but we all know in that state of mind, it’s often beyond their control.

    There’s a tsunami coming of broke, hungry, isolated soon to be seniors out there (in fact it’s already here) that will find themselves in the unenviable position of only the government to care for them. With the technology to keep their heart beating way too long, not only is health care one of the big rocks in the boat that’s going to help sink this once mighty nation, but in many cases an 80 year old person with no family has no life and nobody, no religion, no one has the right to shame them into staying.

    It’s my understanding there are religions out there that actually preach that an individual will go to hell if they take their own life.

    OK – I’m going to stop here and take this in a completely different direction because this is something I’ve been wanting to express. From experience I know that this last sentence is a Red Flag for Roberta and Andrew. And, out of what I know is a genuine concern that there might be considerable misunderstanding out there on the subject, I can expect to have this post quoted, this sentence highlighted and a statement something similar to, “Oh no Awakening, there’s no such thing as Hell.”

    Please guys, pleeeaaaase, for the love of God, and my sanity, going forward can we assume that after 9 months and hundreds of hours on this forum that I’m more familiar with your perspectives and conclusions than probably just about anyone in the world?

    I fully understand that you want to continually emphasize these points to the readers, so I will ask you to please, please, resist quoting my posts as if there is any way on earth that I cannot be familiar with your perspectives having read them dozens and dozens of times. Many times it’s merely a difference of opinion and reading your position for the 30th time will not change mine.

    I quote our wonderful Roberta in post # 48 in this thread - so there are no misunderstandings about what I’m referring to. Roberta wrote: “Or perhaps, dear Awakening, your perspective is wrong. You seem to be thinking of the in-the-moment events of our lifetimes as important, and overlooking the point of each of those events: they are designed for our spiritual learning.”

    Dear, dear Lady, is there any possible way I could be unaware of this concept that has been presented on this forum hundreds of times? Is it ok with you if I take the position of valuing such things any way I want to? Is it always necessary to assume a member doesn’t understand your position?

    Please, please can I ask that you merely accept that these are my opinions and ask you and Andrew to not quote and correct as if it is humanly possible for me to be unaware of your position. Please, just start your own post for newer readers and clarify it there. If this post doesn’t get deleted I will find your integrity and sincerity to truly be as advertised as I’ve given you no legitimate reason to delete it.
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