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Our experience with "the white light" and letting go of our fears. Please share.

Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by poeticblue, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. poeticblue, I'm not sure why you feel out of place for having these experiences. To me it seems like you have an edge over most people, in that you know what most people doubt. It's like you have inside information.

    If I had had such experiences I would probably go around feeling smug and superior. Perhaps that's why I don't have them, it would make me insufferable. :) But still, I hope you can get past feeling the way you do/have about these things, and feel more fortunate for having these insights. You know the truth whether people believe you or not.
  2. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    And may I re-iterate that nothing on this forum works anymore.
  3. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Hey! I don't know where my original post went but it never posted... Well anyways girl, if there were a way that I could let you see what I see I would let you have it. But since things don't work that way, I handle it the best that I can. We may not always see eye to eye but I will always harbor love for you and everybody else. Thanks.
  4. janef

    janef Moderator

    Thank you Poeticblue.... I really was hoping to connect with others who have had an OBE/Astral travel experience.... there is another dimension very close to us. For me, I made the connection thru my mind in a deep hypnotic state, so I think it would happen while sleeping as well. I know I dream of places I have never been.. I did last nite. Sometimes I dream of myself and I look entirely different, once I was teaching a higher math class, and I am terrible at math!
  5. Highlander

    Highlander Active Member

    Poeticblue, as you know, I've seen spirits directly twice. Seeing and hearing them speak is an incredibly humbling and exhilarating experience. Roberta in her blog says only about two percent of people have such experiences. Having such encounters answers a lot of questions, and brings up a whole lot of others. That's why I'm here: to learn more about reality.
  6. Filip

    Filip New Member

    Well,i can describe to you an experience i had that terrified me,some months ago...
    I was driving going home,but the sun was too strong so i felt it blind me,although i wore sunglasses.

    Well,at night when sleeping(totally alone) i saw the same sunlight suddenly increase and overwhelm me!!

    I didn't see any figures,just pure light. Then i woke up immediately,feeling for the first time of my life so
    scared and terrified. Never before or after have i felt so scared!
    I can't describe it exactly to you,because emotions are subjective states,but it was pure fear and terror!!
    I woke up and looked all around the room,believing someone was there,but i saw or heard nothing.
    About 30-40 minutes passed before i could sleep again...

    Still to this day i can't explain this strange event...Maybe it was my fear of crashing while driving projected to my dream through my subconscious...
  7. janef

    janef Moderator

    Highlander, that is such a special gift. Did you know them and did they have a message for you? Thanks for sharing.
  8. janef

    janef Moderator

    Filip, It might have been a message to be careful, but I think we choose how we feel. I like to protect myself by visualizing being sourrounded by white light, like in a bubble that cannot be penetrated by anyone or anything to harm me. It releases any fear I have.
  9. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Janef.. You have made one of your connections here. Don't you ever feel like you don't belong anywhere. Most of us on earth may not be celeberties, but in the afterlife we are all given VIP care by our finest friends and guides. We are also given special care here, but as you know, it is hard to feel these things sometimes. Earth is not the only planet that is inhabited by other beings. It would make sense that you dream of being in other places that were not here. I also saw that you experience these things in a hypnotic state. It takes alot of skill and concentration to do that. I have not been able to experience these things in that way. You are very lucky. The only way I can experience this is when I wake up in the middle of the night and then gradually fall back asleep (which is like a meditative state as well). I believe that what you are seeing is astrally influenced and I believe that your experiences are real. Our minds do make up things from time to time when we dream or doze off, but with some research and experience, one can easily differenciate what is made up and what is real. And sometimes you just know that what you dreamt was very personal and special to you. It seems so hard because once you place human emotions into what you feel then all of a sudden people start questioning if it was real. Vic meditates and does all that stuff as well.

    Highlander----- Lets catch up sometime friend. I know you are special. I'm glad that you replied. I mean that. :)

    Filip I couldn't tell you what you saw or experienced but I am sure you have been wanting to get that out of your system. Have you told anybody else about this experience? Did they even listen to you? You were probably having sleep paralysis where you were half inside your body and half way out . Strange things can happen when you are in that kind of state..... Very----- Strange-----Things. Do you experience sleep paralysis at all?
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2013
  10. Highlander

    Highlander Active Member

    Janef, I explained my first visitation in my first post on this forum, so you can find it in the archives. Basically, my spirit guide came to me one night as I was very sick and gave me advice on how to cure myself. Multiple doctors, allergists and surgeons couldn't help me. I saw and heard "him" very clearly. Knocks my socks off whenever I recall the experience.

    The second time was when my father, who had passed away a few hours prior, came to me "through" my German Shepard. I saw his face quite clearly. I also detailed this encounter in a previous post.
    These events both happened out of the blue with no influence from me whatsoever. Just "poof!" and there we are. Go figure.

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