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Our efforts to communicate with the stations that link us to the afterlife

Discussion in 'Instrumental TransCommunication with Stations' started by RCraig, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Mac & Truth Seeker,

    As it happens, Craig and I were just talking about this a few days ago, and he is going to post some newer recordings here when he has a chance. I have also been working with the North American Station recently, so I'll post some of my results later today as well.

    This is Craig's project, and I hate to speak for him, but as I'm not sure when he will be able to respond, I'll briefly mention what I have noticed doing a small portion of this research. I have gotten good, clear responses from the Station since my first ITC session early last week. The responses are very faint, and they often go unnoticed until I have carefully studied the recording four or five times, but there almost always is a response. Those at the Station have told Craig that we will have much clearer transmissions by December of this year; they have told me January of next year--so either way we are fairly close to being able to communicate in the way that Sonia Rinaldi can with the Brazilian Station.
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  2. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    RCraig, Hope you don't mind me asking, What sort of sound file was used for your conversation with the female entity known as "Marlene"? (her responses were translated by Sonia Rinaldi I believe). Think I read somewhere Sonia uses "foreign" radio station banter, and I know Rob advocates using Male and Female gibberish files. :)
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Ekenda! I hope you won't mind my answering this question; Craig doesn't get the chance to visit here often, and we both communicate with Marlene.

    For sessions with Marlene, we use an audio recording of Marlene's voice from a speech she gave in Portuguese during her earth life. Craig has used EVPMaker to randomize the file, so that it is just a collection of random syllables. We've gotten very clear responses using this method. To answer your other questions, yes, Sonia has translated the responses in the past, although Marlene unexpectedly replied in English during her last session with Craig. When I last contacted her, she replied entirely in Portuguese, but I speak Brazilian Portuguese, so that makes sense.

    For sessions with others at the North American Station, we do use male and female voice files. Personally, I use the female audio almost exclusively, because it is clearer in my opinion.
  4. JCinTX

    JCinTX New Member

    Please pardon me if I missed this elsewhere as I am new. Is this related to the Soul Phone project? Are they part of the same effort or altogether different?
  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    They are different. The so-called soul phone is yet to happen whereas other types of ITC are an established, albeit historical, situation.

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