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Our efforts to communicate with the stations that link us to the afterlife

Discussion in 'ITC & Electronic Communication' started by RCraig, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    Now that analogy I can go with. Additionally the early telegraph system always needed, of course, skilled operators ("organic tissue") to achieve communication - it wasn't a 'Push button to Speak' operation.

    It's looking to me, still, that whenever/if successful communication is achieved then the agency of third parties is needed - 'go-betweens'. I tried to avoid saying 'mediums' but I didn't know how and in mediuship 'low-energy nasties" are an ever-present potential complication as we all know.

    I'll be very interested in following developments via ALF.
  2. The machine at the station

    The team at the station describes building a literal machine to make possible transmission of the thoughts from the sender through regions to us. They haven't specified yet what the components of the machine are. They wouldn't be wheels and cogs, of course. If they had analogies to machines on the earth plane, they would have circuits. However, we don't know the components. The machine in the Brazilian Station is able to communicate only in Portuguese, so they seem to have to build up a lexicon. But the communications between children through the machine, then across the regions on some sort of transmission vehicle, and into the PC recording is very clear. It's clear enough that as many as 163 parents have connected with their children in a single month, with 200 or more individual statements from the children.

    It's clear that some channels, that are akin to telegraph lines or fiber-optic cable but not of the same substance as the earth-plane material, are involved in the transmission, and the transmission comes from a distance. When we asked them whether they are nearby or far away, their response was "Far away." And the signal has to go through a region where the entities that want to block humankind's progress can interfere with with signal in some way. Curiously, though, when we asked them whether they are listening to us as we sit in the room discussing what we're doing with the recordings and what to do during the recording session, their clear response was "Listening." And they anticipate the questions, so they very often will answer a question before we ask it. They are aware of us in some way. But we have had speakers through direct-voice medium Leslie Flint say that those on the next planes of life often don't "visit" the earth plane when they want to see what we're doing or communicate, but they get the knowledge of what's going on through our minds--in other words, through telepathy or mind-to-mind communication that doesn't require physical proximity. Our minds are all one mind. So those at the station could be simply tapping into our minds as we sit doing recordings.

    Their goal and ours is to have the North American Station built and the transmission lines constructed so that we have the same clear voices Sonia and Anabela are getting. We are assured we will have them over time. They encourage us to keep up the momentum and stay with the effort as they refine the capability.

    Concerning whether the machine is organic or inorganic, the descriptions we have of the next planes of life are that they have devices just as we do, although they don't use fossil fuel, and the devices are made up of substances we don't have on the earth plane, but are nonetheless of substances. In other words, not everything is mind or organism. They live in houses that have been constructed, have streets, buildings, libraries, concert halls, and all the rest of what we have on the earth plane. They tell us the next realm, that the Spiritualists have called Summerland, is just like the earth spiritual plane, without the negatives. We're living on a spiritual plane now. The others are just like this one, as long as we are attuned to a realm like this one.

    As for a team on either side, yes, it takes a team at the station and a team working on the earth plane. However, what is built is not dependent on a specific team, and the machine and connections will not disappear if the teams now working on this side give up on the work or pass to the other side. Once established, the station will continue functioning. Our goal or dream is that once the station and the transmission lines are established, anyone in North America will be able to learn how to make the connection and will be able to communicate. One group that read my description of the procedure that is online set up the PC and audio software and connected on the second session. We want anyone to be able to do that. That's the dream.
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  3. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    responses in blue for ease of viewing.
  4. Hi Mac,

    The Brazilian station right now follows the same protocol we're following. The gibberish plays over speakers. The researcher has a microphone hooked up to a PC to record. We use a Meteor mic and Sound Forge for recording. As the gibberish plays we speak into the mic asking a question directed at the station or team. We wait 10 to 20 seconds. We then ask another question and wait. The gibberish and the questions are recorded in the PC. When we play back the recording, we find responses to the questions in the recording, immediately before or after the question. We have not yet come to the point at which we can talk and they on the other side can respond immediately so we can carry on a dialogue. However, Anabela Cardoso, the General Consul for Portugal who connects to the Timestream (Rio do Tempoi) Station uses direct radio voice (DRV) communication, in which she speaks and the responses come over the radio. We are set up to begin direct radio voice trials and will begin soon.

    George Meeks' Spiritcom device also had real time dialogues. A group we are working with is attempting to build a Spiritcom device to resurrect George Meeks' method. We expect that all of these methods will bear fruit.
  5. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    thanks for the further details :) I shall look forward to learning here on ALF about your group's progress.

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