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Our efforts to communicate with the stations that link us to the afterlife

Discussion in 'ITC & electronic communication' started by RCraig, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. Hi Truth Seeker,

    Yes, the thoughts of many praying or adoring people can create an entity. We tend to think of things as either matter, that is solid and material, or thoughts, that are immaterial. But the fact is that mind is fundamental. What we call material is emergent. There is nothing but mind. And so, these things that are created by mind are as real or substantial as what we call matter.

    Love, peace, and joy
  2. Hi Roberta,

    Yes, they are not eternal. They are figments. But they have all the characteristics of our minds. They plan and communicate with each other and are angry and have a survival instinct. We created them. Not consciously, of course. But they are active, thinking entities. I've heard of them intentionally splitting off so they can have more breadth of influence. I've also heard of living people who are malicious giving rise to entities that cause mischief, as poltergeists or demons. The living person isn't aware of them.

    Love, peace, and joy
  3. Yes, our thoughts can create negative beings. But it isn't usually a single individual, although it can be. It's the accumulation of all the thoughts of all the people on the same plane. And so, with all the negativity, animosity, anger, and cruelty on the earth plane today, there are beings that are being created by and nurtured by the negative energy. But there are other negative entities that seem to have an independent existence and have since the beginning of time.

    Love, peace, and joy
  4. Yes, we expect tht when they give up and pursue other interests, our communications will become stronger. We get consistent responses to our questions now, but they're weak. On the other hand, we communicate with the Brazilian Station from Illinois and have crystal clear communication. Sonia established that station from 2001 to 2003 and it has been growing in strength ever since. We will have clear communication, hopefully by September.

    Love, peace, and joy
  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear precious friend, i know I speak for a whole world of people when I tell you how grateful we are that you are working so hard at what is the most important task of this (or any) century! Thank you!
  6. Nirvana

    Nirvana Active Member

    I also just had the thought that if these negative evil beings find it so important to try to block this transdimensional communication, then that must mean they are very sure that the communication will add a lot of positivity and happiness to this world, which is apparently exactly what they don't want.
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  7. I believe that is it exactly!
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  8. Yes, we believe that there will be a change in humankind when many people have afterlife communications. I gave a presentation in Montreal in July 2015 titled "Afterlife Communication: The Key to World Peace." I believe that with all my heart. We now know how to help virtually everyone connect with loved ones who have transitioned to the next plane of life. As more people have these experiences, through Instrumental TransCommunication, mental mediums, physical mediums, Guided Afterlife Connections, Self-Guided Afterlife Connections, and the many other methods we're discovering and using now, people will change in their understanding of whom we are in eternity. And when many people change, societies will change. When societies change around the world, humankind will change. People will live in peace and brotherhood because we are all one; we are all brothers and sisters in this earth plane journey. That change in humankind is what we are striving to help happen.

    Love, peace, and joy
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  9. Hello all,
    Vicki Talbott (Wolff) here from The Big Circle. We share the same goals and mission as Sonia, Craig, and others, which is bringing loved ones together across the veil, and fostering an eternity of loving fraternity and service. Thank you, Craig, for the opportunity to connect and share with all of you here. This is a fascinating thread full of interesting information and updates. <3
  10. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Wow - Welcome, Vicki! We are eager to read what you have to share with us! Would you like to have your own thread?
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome, Roberta! We are happy to have been directed to this forum by Craig, and we look forward to sharing all around. Thank you so much for the offer of a thread for the Big Circle--I'll check with the others and let you know. In the meanwhile, there's lots for me to read here. :) <3
  12. Welcome Vicki.:D I'm new here today too. I've heard of the Big Circle through documentaries and television. Do your communicators (children?) make any mention of using a 'station' to connect with you?

    I am in England but I have the same three contacts as Dr. Craig does with the North American Station so I believe that's the station I connect to.
  13. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Thanks for reporting this, dear Nicola (and welcome!) - I have wondered whether the North American station would work well for other English speakers. But Craig, in Illinois, is now getting good communications through the Brazilian station, and surely that is as far from his site as you would be from him...so it looks as if one English-speaking station may suffice!
  14. It certainly appears so. ☺

    I have read the analogies about the telephone cables from the station for communication, however I am not certain where these cables lead to. Do we know if this is to an area, such as Illinois or England.. or whether it's to an individual.... Or whether it's worldwide?

    I'm wondering how I picked the station up so quickly. I think Dr. Craig and his colleagues have done a great job. ☺
  15. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    To be frank, I think that the dead team's talk of "laying cables" for the North American station is a metaphor. In order for communication between us and them to be sufficiently clear for use by lay people, they've got to clear away negative energies in the lowest-vibration astral levels that lie just above our own, and then keep those channels open. And that they seem able to do. According to Susanne Wilson, the wonderful medium with whom Craig and I both work, the dead are saying now that the North American station is being built to be big, heavy-duty, and able to take a lot of volume; they say they are "expecting great things" from it. And now so are we!!

    Yes, Craig Hogan is extraordinary. Even his personal friends are in awe of him! Nothing is so important to him as this work, and now he will get it done: after thousands of years of separation, he and the others working on this are about to bring humanity together with the greater reality and all the so-called dead!
  16. Where the station is and access

    Hi NIcola,

    Yes, the lines of communication we've established are allowing people to start getting responses immediately on trying. Montague Keen especially comes through strongly.

    We've gotten very clear messages from Melanie, the Brazilian woman Sonia knows from her time on the earth plane. We play Melanie's vocal tones in the background and ask her questions. Her responses come through crystal clear. In the last interview we had with her, she said the North American Station is "luxurious," with "tables" (that we infer are audio equipment) that are more numerous and sophisticated than the Brazilian Station's. She says she is now broadcasting her speeches from the North American Station. They expect the North American Station to be involved in a "leap" of advancements at a higher level.

    We have no trouble connecting with Melanie in Illinois, possibly because she is now at the North American Station. However, she is still only able to communicate in Portuguese, even though she was fluent in English as the CEO of a manufacturing firm while on the earth plane. So we don't yet have the answer about whether one station could communicate anywhere in the world. If Melanie is using the Brazilian Station's lexicon in Portuguese, then perhaps because of the difficulties in the North American Station, she is projecting her speech from the North Amerian Station but it must use the channels or communication lines to the earth plane that were established by the Brazilian Station, and hence the communication has to go through the Brazilian Station's technology, using the Portuguese lexicon. Rob and I will interview her tomorrow night and send the resulting responses in Portuguese to Sonia for translation.

    On another note, Melanie said clearly "telephano" to us. We have been working to see if we can make a clearer connection with the North American Station using the telephone and cellphone. The cellphone was not satisfactory, but when we record through a telephone that has silence on it because it has been left off the hook for awhile, using another handset that is on the same line, and recording directly into the PC without using a microphone, we had clearer responses from the North American Station. We're going to experiment more tomorrow night.

    We don't know where the stations are. Only that there are in another realm, that they say is far away, but that wouldn't be in space; it woud be in dimensions or vibration. The entities who are interfering we are told are becoming distracted and are going to start focusing their efforts in other areas, leaving us free to get clearer signals from the North American Station. We're still hoping the prediction of clear signals by September will come true.

    Tomorrow evening we're also going to ask Melanie if she minds if other communicate with her. Nicola, we can give you the background vocals of Melanie's earth-plane voice to connect with her. We'll let you know what she says.

    Love, peace, and joy
  17. Hi Nicola,
    Our children have said that they use stations in existence. For example, Braden has worked with Sonia in Brazil, and she received messages from him in English and Portuguese. We have been in contact with our loved for over ten years, with ebbs and flows, and look forward to another station!
  18. That's wonderful Vicki. I remember hearing Braden on a documentary. He's the boy who uses sweetpea as a pet name if I recall correctly.

  19. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Member

    Hi! I woudl like to know how is the research going? Any advancements worth to share ? Thanks :)
  20. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Yes I'd like to hear what progress has been made since the flurry of postings well over two months ago.

    Roberta's website provides an excellent way to enable the experimenters to easily update members but after a promising start things have stuttered to a halt.

    Perhaps, Roberta, you could ask Craig to return and bring us up to speed?

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