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Our Coming Death...

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by innerperson, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Monika

    Monika Well-Known Member

    I knew that my Michel will pass away from very beginning of our relationship. I just saw police coming to me, knocking on the door and informing me about his death. I wasvery happy when he finally left army and we moved away to another country. Somehow i thought that it might be military police and i felt i bit relief. But about 6 months or even a bit more before Michel passed I started to feel that fear again. I felt anxious, depressed, scared all together. I started to avoid to go on internet because it was a period where all i saw was articles about death, mostly drowning. It irritated me. I never read such articles. I dont want to see the names of them even. I thought im going crazy and often told to mom on the call that i dont know what is going on but i literally "climb the walls" because of my fears and feelings inside. Some time before all happened i shared my fears with our friend we lived together. I said i cannot see me and Michel old. I just dont see us together in future. Few weeks before Michel died i started conversation with him and same friend about death. I said i want to be cremated and my ashes shall be spread. Michel spoke his own will. The evening before everything happened we were near one lake to let some fish in and i felt so strong sadness for the moment. It was early evening, sun was going down, a bit chilly and windy. Small waves on the lake. The picture almost put me into tears. But Michel took me by hand as we headed back to car and i felt much better. It was last time he took me by hand as he passed away next morning. Police came and knocked our door that evening.
    Because of all of this i know that i knew that he will pass away. Because we are so strongly connected with love in our hearts. We were and are one so for me it is completely common sense that i felt this.
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  2. Bill Z

    Bill Z Well-Known Member

    Monika your words carry such sadness but also wisdom and the love You have for Michel is so beautiful yet tragic. Everything was stripped away from you in an instant. For me it took six years to have everything slowly, slowly, slowly and painfully stripped away but like You from early in our life together I knew my Lover and best friend would not outlive me and I would be there when She drew Her last sweet breath. I had so many visions of standing over the lifeless body of the most magnificent person I have ever know. Like You I cry every day about this. But like You I know we will be together again.
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  3. Monika

    Monika Well-Known Member

    Thank you Bill♡
  4. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Monika, thank you for sharing your story with us here. Just as you always knew there would be a brief time when you would be here without him because he was going to go on ahead, so you know now with certainty that his life and yours are eternal, and very soon you will be again in his arms forevermore. There are so many bereaved people who need to know what you know! And the more you tell these beautiful stories, the more you raise all of us a bit more. Thank you, and thanks to your beautiful Michel!
  5. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    You are very perceptive and intuitive and write so well about these things, Monika. You seem to be very naturally psychic.
    I feel such a dread of remembering the spring of 2016, the immediate "before". Everything before seems perfect to look back on. I find I have to pull myself together just to stop associating certain harmless things with trauma, just because that's where I was, or that's what was happening that spring. It just is loaded with such dread to remember. I can't bear to think of them, and feel just stabbed with the pain when I get reminded. It sounds like that evening before has that effect for you as you remember it so well. It's tough to free the mind from these things.
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