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Orbs in my New Orleans photos?

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by Annie, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Annie

    Annie Member

    Soooo I just got back from a really fun trip to New Orleans. The Big Easy has a reputation for being haunted...it's a very old city and a lot of crime and not so pleasant things have gone down there. I didn't really think about ghosts or the afterlife much when I was there though, I just went to sightsee and have a good time. But right now, I'm looking through my photos and some of the shots I took on Bourbon Street at night have orbs in them. Are these from ghosts!? I've seen them in photos before and heard about them but never had them in my own shots! Do orbs really equal ghosts, or is it just a camera trick? I promise I didn't photoshop these or retouch them in any way. I'll show you what I've got...

    This one is really faint. Hint: look at the sky.

    This one is right next to the guy in black's leg, pretty close to the camera actually! Oh, and there's another under the lamp post.

    This one is just full of orbs! There is one really distinct one in the sky surrounded by several other fainter ones, also one just under the balcony in the right side of the photo.

    Tell me what you guys think! I am a little skeptical because I don't know why spirits would be floating around in the sky if they don't realize that they're dead. Maybe Roberta and Vita know more about this.

    EDIT: I Googled and apparently dust particles can show up as orbs. So who knows. Honestly, I think that's probably what it was, but ya never know. :)

    P.S. Missed you guys! I doubt I'll be able to respond to all the threads I've missed as there've been a lot but I'll try to read them!
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2011
  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    We have missed you too, dear Annie - it's wonderful to have you back! I am no expert on orbs, but your shots are interesting. The "it's just dust" explanation generally refers to indoor shots, and at close range - it doesn't explain yours. Some of what look like orbs in these shots could have other explanations, but some of them - especially the one near the man's leg - really seem to have no other explanation. And as for why a spirit would be there, it is possible this is the man's buddy still happily tagging along with him! I'll be interested to see what others think - has anyone done any research on orbs in photographs?
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Annie! I'm glad you had a good time! I'm curious, did you see these through the lens (or just your eyes) when you were taking these pictures, or only once they were taken? I haven't done much research into how spirits manifest in the physical world, but these orbs are probably spiritual, I think anyway. Skeptics would say they are smudges, but you can't go by them.
  4. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    I know Mitch Carmody always talks about orbs as "signs" when he does his speech
    on "Whispers of Love". That this orb is actually your loved one in the picture. I have heard several times that this is a real concept. I don't know how you prove it. Are 'halo's" seen in the very old religious pictures actually "orbs"???? Interesting thought. Mikey says that orbs can be energy pockets (souls) showing up on the film or camera. Interesting. Possible???? Mikey says love is always around! I will take it for sure! It all helps when your grieving!
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2011
  5. Annie

    Annie Member

    Thanks for your responses guys. Vita, I didn't see these orbs until after I put them on my computer. If I'd been thinking about it, I would've tried to look on the camera screen for orbs too, but that screen is so small that I don't know how easy it would've been to see them anyway. To be fair, it was a little breezy in the evening and some dust could've been blowing around, I don't know for sure but I find it interesting nevertheless!
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    That's what I suspected, Annie. The fact that you didn't notice them until after makes it more likely that they are indeed some type manifestations of spirit. I am not sure of their exact nature, but I would bet that they are supernatural. You're right though, it would be hard to tell if they were there on the camera screen.
  7. I lived in New Orleans for over a decade, (went to college and law school at Tulane) one of my favorite cafe was the Napolean House in the quarter on charters street, many a night while in the courtyard enjoying a bottle of wine with friends we feel as if we were being watched from the stairway area of the house, many areas of the french quarter are believed to be haunted as well as the uptown ares. Another one is the Columns Hotel on St. Charles, many people have stated that they have seen apparitions.
  8. I recall threads about orbs and wanted to resurrect one of them to post some digital photos that I took a few years ago. I was shocked to what the photos revealed. It was not snowing or raining outside. I never got orbs like this before. And if it was dust on the camera lense, why does each photo not have the same pattern? I can also see that the orbs are in front of everything, no orb is behind anything. Quite odd:

  9. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    Orbs are usually dust particles, water droplets, occasionally bugs, etc.

    It's possible that some orbs might be spirits, if spirits exist, but I don't think it's really possible to know for sure. Interesting photos, regardless. :)
  10. Since it is cold outside, I wonder if that makes the orbs stand out so much. It doesn't look like moisture, and since it wasn't raining or snowing, couldn't have been that anyway. No dust either. I don't know but they are nice pictures.
  11. janef

    janef Moderator

    I believe they are spirits, obviously Vic is very connected to the spirit world with the healing work he is doing. Lovely!
  12. Yes they are quite lovely. Those are some of the prettiest orbs I've seen.
  13. I looked at them again. Some look like they're glowing.
  14. Waller

    Waller Banned

    They might be orbs.

    Orbs can be showoffs. ;)
  15. LOls..........
  16. Waller

    Waller Banned

    I received my copy of Mark Abriel's Evanescent which has a very cool interp of small light beings.


    His conclusions are that these bio-energetic lights that clearly react to human presence and activity (consciousness) may not be plasmas, i.e. purely energetic phenomena, but may be very real, 3D objects. This, then, is the central focus of Evanescent; we are interacting with another dimension, an energetic, luminous dimension that is all around.

    Since we cannot be something of which we are not the vibration of, there is a limitation on who sees these objects, orbs or whathaveyou which would explain why some do, others do not, see or capture them. Photos:


    To wit: "Evanescent concludes that these lights are not insects or any other, known, biological, life form. And yet they exhibit very life-like, highly energetic behavior that clearly reacts to human presence and intention. In a word, this is precisely the sort of thing we could plausibly expect were we to bump up against and to begin to integrate with another, luminous, dare we say, playful, and even inquisitive, dimension.

  17. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Hi Bluebird! It's a common misconception that orbs are photographic artifacts like dust, but there is no evidence whatsoever for that (at least none that I have seen), and there is considerable evidence now that orbs are in fact energy beings. Let's not fall into the trap of preferring to believe nonsense because we find it comforting, dear friend, but let's instead fearlessly attempt to investigate the evidence and try to understand the truth!
  18. This is one of those things I wouldn't attempt to use as proof of a nonmaterialistic wordview. There's a study that involved Gary Schwartz see below who could hardly be termed unfriendly to the worldview that concluded it's quite easy to explain most orbs. Add in photo shop and I think anyone teetering on the brink would zone out with this. NDEs, meditation and other field effects all seem much stronger afterlife evidence.

    The one standing next to the guy was interesting.

    Good article


    study by gary schwartz concluding easy to create orbic looking thingys but all can't necessarily be explained.

  19. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    I don't believe it is a misconception. I'm not sure why you think that my not believing most orbs are spirits comes from me "falling into the trap of preferring to believe nonsense because we find it comforting"....I would actually be more comforted by orbs being spirits, but I don't believe that they are (at least, not most of them -- it's possible that some of them are). Ask any professional photographer, or even a decent amateur, and s/he will tell you that it's quite common to have mist, dust, etc., show up as orbs in photos taken under certain conditions.

    Again, I'm not saying that means that no orbs are spirits, but I think it's remarkably gullible to believe that most of them are, or that any more than a select few are. That is falling into the trap you mentioned, in my opinion.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2014
  20. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I'm totally in agreement with your take, bb. Until these shapes are clearly demonstrated to be something else there's no certainty that orbs are anything other than dust specks, photographic imperfections or whatever. I agree that some may be manifestations of discarnates but such stuff has been around for a long time, along with the notion of fairies and extraterrestrial aliens.

    I am hardly a skeptic concerning life-after-death and spirit individuals but I'm still waiting to see clear evidence of such issues as those mentioned above that I've been reading about over nearly three decades.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2014

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