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Orb Activity

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by baob, May 23, 2019.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I would call it 'psychic sensitivity' but whether it's to be seen as a gift might depend on how you view it and whether you can do anything with it. Psychic sensitivity does not make you a medium. I don't know either why you're seeing orbs other than as suggested below.

    no - You can't communicate with the orb itself.

    probably not

    Probably not attached but one, or more discarnates, may see your own light penetrating their dimension and are attracted by it.

    The pastor is wrong but your visitors may not have anything for you.

    Well there's a few answers......

    Have you researched the nature of orbs for yourself? As you'll see in this thread others have raised questions too. There's no certainty about what they are and what they may represent for any particular individual.
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  2. Yes, actually I have since this first started occurring, but the information online is relatively scarce. I had another experience tonight which caused some distress, after a while you get tired of it and just want some answers. I came here because it appears likely that I could find someone who can help, or has experience/knowledge in this area. I feel alone and marginalized, and have faced shame/redicule. I have been labeled as "demonically influenced" when sharing the phenomenon with those close to me. I seek answers and social support.
    Roberta mentioned an orb whispering in her ear in this thread.
    Then why did the orb also appear in front of my sister when I merely discussed it with her over the phone? I was skeptical at the time of this incident and didn't know what to make of it, then it started flashing at her. Seems like it was trying to do something. She does not see Orbs routinely like I do and this was nearly traumatizing for her. She is afraid and won't let me visit her house
    It happens when certain circumstances arise in my life. I have been reading into ghosts recently. Prior to the recent incident I was thinking about my father and wondering if he has been acting as some sort of a guide. I was thinking about how my father might still be with me... Then orb... Sometimes when I think about my orb experiences, they start appearing. I experience distress, then it stops. But if I don't like them why does this happen? I presume they would be sensitive to my needs and not appear for this reason. The first time I was praying and actually asked for a sign. The orb appeared about 4 hours later. I didn't specifically ask for an orb however, and didn't want a recurrence of this experience. I have seen Orbs since and don't know why. Am I supposed to be interacting with them? What is the purpose? What is the point of me seeing them? Is it part of my life plan? I have a hard time sleeping after an experience, so it disrupts my personal health.
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  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    An orb may be a physical manifestation of the presence of a discarnate - no argument there but communication isn't with the orb itself. Whatever discarnate is 'behind' the orb is who you're communicating with and any communication will be telepathic.

    I can't tell you the significance for your sister of the orb's heightened activity level near her but maybe you're right and it's a family member who's making her/his presence felt this way; maybe your father, maybe not.

    As you can see in this thread not many have experience of orbs like you're experiencing, myself included, so I'm not confident you'll find what you've been hoping for. In general, though, where unwanted spirits are involved one of the ways suggested to rid yourself of them is to mentally send out the message you want them to stop. You can even speak the message out but you've got to mean it and you also should move away from anything that will 'open you up' again. That can even be just thinking or reading about such issues. It's often called 'closing-down' and it's what sensitives and wannabe mediums have to learn to do.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    In 2012 you wrote: "...we had problems with spirits for many years, not just because of this, but because of other reasons too."

    Is there a lot more to what's been happening?
  5. What was the context? I tried looking for my old account but wasn't able to find it or my old posts. I think my old account name was Fallen
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

  7. I started seeing Orbs in 2015. The "spirits" that I was talking about was in reference to a photograph that looked like it has demonic entities that was caught in our garage decades ago, and the problems a reference to the fact that our family suffered from domestic violence issues for years, and had a history of alcoholism. This was based on the Christian idea of demonic influence, which is something I no longer subscribe to. Domestic violence and Alcoholism are not my personal issues. In 2014 I sought to live a highly spiritual life and became involved with Christian ministry. I started seeing Orbs in 2015. I ended up leaving ministry in 2016 because of religious abuse by "pastors." I abandoned the dedicated spiritual life (and Christianity) but occasionally still see these Orbs. In a previous post which I think has been deleted, I did mention the thought/sleep experiment that occurred in 2012-2013. I was actually rediculed by another member which may have led to the deletion of the thread. Regardless, it was a positive experience, but since I still subscribed to Christian idealogies, which frown upon mediumship and presumes the existence of demons, I wanted to caution others about meddling in such things. I wasn't doing anything medium related or attempting to contact spirits in 2015. This was an isolated attempt in 2012-2013, which I never attempted again because I thought it to be irresponsible. However, it does mark a point in my life in which weird events started occurring. In 2012-2013 I merely said in my mind, before going to sleep, "if there are any spirits out there, please communicate with me." I was actually not expecting anything to happen, it was done out of mere curiousity. I don't want to go into details about what happened, but I presume this may have opened me up to further experiences. I hadn't experienced an orb for a while (probably for 2 years as of last night) and thought the phenomenon stopped permanently.
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  8. Yeah, so I am still seeing Orbs. I just saw the blue one while at work.
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  9. kirolak

    kirolak New Member

    There are many kinds of "demons", including tutelary ones. . . the Judeo-christian religions are too narrow in their world views. I have photos of "demons" which I recognise as my dogs who have passed over. I am convinced that fear is the obfuscating factor here. I have also seen orbs with naked eyes; there are many different varieties. . . no one label fits all.

    You appear to fear spirits in general? But you are also a spirit, just wearing a body for now. I am not making light of your experiences - I have had them myself.
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