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Orb Activity

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by baob, May 23, 2019.

  1. baob

    baob Member

    Since I’d installed my security camera, I’ve spent a lot of time watching the orbs. There was a medium whom I’d consulted with a while ago, and I found a video on her website where she had caught many orbs on camera, one of which was even heart-shaped. I prayed that my husband would learn how to show me a heart-shaped orb like the one I saw in the video, but he never did. So instead, I asked him to give me “snow”. I call it snow because it’s a very rare occurrence where many orbs begin moving around on camera, almost like a snowstorm. Within half a minute of me asking for this, he gave it to me for four days in a row. These occurrences last from half a minute to as long as four minutes. I later wished for it again, but this time he didn’t give any to me. I think this time it failed because I was debating with myself about whether or not I was asking too much of him. I asked for it for about six or seven days more, but it never came again. The only one that came was one large orb that seemed to hover around me. I was very disappointed, but I still turned on the camera before I went to bed yesterday. But to my surprise, there were at least ten orbs this time, darting and flying around all over the living room like fireworks, which lasted for seven minutes. I consider this as a sign from my husband.
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  2. Tracey

    Tracey New Member

    I never try to get into the orb debate if possible. I think most orbs are caused from dust, moisture , camera anomalies. I think that most you capture on a camera are these but there is an exception. I have had orbs photographed that were isolated and behaved in an intelligent manner. Ive also seen coloured ones with my eyes and then photographed them . I ve seen blinking lights and sparkles that happened during a haunting and these were filmed with IR video camera. I dont understand them. I dont know why camera pick these up that behave intelligently. Im thinking that they are some minute intense energy that can cause a reaction in a camera. The ones I like to call orbs are the interacting sparks of light.
    I often seem brilliant sparks of light over peoples shoulders and Im knowing that when i see these visually, its spirit for sure. Sometimes they are so intense and there for a second or two that I stop midway in sentence adn people wonder whats wrong with me lol!
  3. baob

    baob Member

    When I was out of the state, my camera that stayed at home didn't capture any orb activity. It looks like the orbs are following me. They are animated and moved in different speeds. They come from nowhere and somewhere (it is hard to explained). Sometimes the orb walked slowly and could make a 45 degree of turn like a car. Maybe next time when I go to the medium, I ask my husband about it.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Claims about orbs often lead to disagreement. Some are subjective - experienced only by a particular observer. Others are objective - they can be seen in photographs or on videos. That they exist seems fairly obvious but what they represent is uncertain.
    They MIGHT be everyday dust or moisture or equipment flaws.
    They MIGHT be signs for an individual.
    They MIGHT be more general signs from our friends unseen drawing our attention to their presence.
    They MIGHT be something else.

    Sometimes there is agreement over what they are intended to mean but often there is not. There's no certainty other than perhaps on a subjective level.
  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    I think I am persuaded that the genuine orbs which look like balls of energy and can easily be photographed with a digital camera are in fact beings not in bodies. And the larger they are, the more developed they are. We tend to get a lot of orbs in photos taken at spiritual conferences, and years ago I had an extraordinary experience with orbs. I was giving a talk at a conference, and stumbling around; then of a sudden, it all kicked in and I was on a roll! Afterward, someone from the audience showed me an extraordinary picture that she had taken of me with her iphone at what seems to have been the precise moment when I got into speaking gear. There I was, and whispering into my right ear was a gigantic orb that actually had the small silhouette of a mouth speaking right into my ear. I believe that picture is still on The Orb Whisperer's website!
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  6. baob

    baob Member

    Thanks, Roberta! I found your picture with orbs online but couldn't drill in to figure out the small silhouette of the mouth:)
  7. poeticblue

    poeticblue Moderator

    I’ve never seen an orb or anything remotely resembling one at all. Not even in a picture. Guess some of y’all are the lucky ones. :D

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