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Nothing there!

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Sixthsense, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    LOL, not yet!
  2. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Even being mighty crook is no guarantee anyone will experience an NDE or remember it if they do have one....:D
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    ... And you were exactly right! Glad to have you still with us....
  4. last one

    last one New Member

    From a newbie here, I would say, what do the spirits of the afterlife say about it, besides physical death being a one way ticket? It seems that, like recalling past lives, NDE glimpses are not for everyone. I don't recall any past lives, never experienced anything remotely close to an NDE definition, and never been outside my body, although at times I'm out of my head. I must be out of my mind to have interest in these things. At least that is what my wife and most of my friends tell me when I tell them about my obsession with trying to find out whether there is, or not, anything more than our physical existence. Too many hoaxes and swindlers in the history of the supernatural world, which make it difficult for those like me, who have to take others at their words. But I still try to have "faith" that there may be some truth out there, and so I keep searching and listening/reading, hoping to find that one straw that breaks the camel's back, and makes a nearly, complete believer out of me. But in all this, and this obsession of mine, I always question the motive and the purpose for wanting a ready and sure answer; what will I do with it, once I find it? How will it change my life, if any? Will it make me a happy man? Will I be better for it?

    Just what is the purpose of recalling past lives, or of being convinced of actually experiencing/seeing/hearing spirits from the, supposed, other world? If we have lived more than once, than we must have lived an infinity of times, if we have a soul and is immortal. Why do only a few recall past lives, and why only, usually, the more recent one or ones? If this is a universal truth, living more than once, where is the proof of this universal truth for the masses, rather than only showing itself to a handful? Yes, the argument that we are all different is appropriate for the body, but the soul is the same for all of us, as it is immortal. We are all immortal, correct? And then we have thee argument that the souls are of different age, and experience, some will argue. But, if the other world is timeless, as such hs to be an eternal world, of necessity, how can age, existing only in time, be attributable to a an eternal and immortal soul? Or is someone here, or elsewhere, ready to argue that we have only a limited number of rebirths and death, and then, on our last one, like a puff of smoke, dissipate and disappear forever?

    I'm of opinion that those of us born on earth, perhaps even other than human life, are born with one foot on the earth and the other on infinity. And if there is a Creator, a supreme being of sort, which created us, it must have been outside of time, long before any clock started clicking, and all the same time. we are all of the same age, and in the same maximum security prison, unable to escape it, because our prison is infinite. What I men by prison is that we are all here as immortal souls, unable to escape life, as we cannot ever die, if my obsession with wanting to know these matters is not madness. However, our prison is not mere mortal type of institution, because our prison is not merely a correctional center, as the soul is already perfect, since it is immortal and indestructible, so says common sense, if I have any.

    The big picture is more than meets the eye, as the saying goes..at least any physical eye. The mind's eye is a whole another matter, and I believe that this particular eye is the one used by those "lucky" few who have glimpses of reality during those NDEs. Just a gut feeling of mine, as I was never lucky enough to see it myself, at least not through an NDE episode, nor through a medium psychic conjuring spirits, nor an OBE, or any of these type of controversial methods.

    I'm still searching to confirm my gut feelings about the immortality of the soul, and if I ever run into this truth, I will then seek out why is it so, and how will it change me into a better man, as I'm far from being physically perfect, but not so with my soul, if I have one. Because my hunch is that I have been this way before, and have glimpsed at the absolute Good, the absolute Beautiful, and Absolute Love; the trinity that makes the perfect triangle of life. Just a gut feeling though!

    I'm willing to listen to anyone that has a more plausible gut-feeling of their own, as both sides of the aisle, skeptics and believers, are just second guessing each other. I know that I'm like a flag in the wind, always second guessing myself after listening to the latest and better argument.

    Sorry for not editing the post, I must hurry, as I hear my wife coming back from shopping, and she will scold me again for indulging in my obsession, once again.

    Best regards,

    The last one to know the truth!
  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Trust your gut feelings is my suggestion and perhaps take baby steps. You're here on ALF now via whatever way you arrived so what do you feel that being here might achieve?

    You might want to take a look around at some of the issues that have been discussed over the years to see who we are, what drives us.

    Or perhaps you're not looking here for anything?
  6. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear lost one, the evidence of what actually is going on is consistent and utterly incontrovertible, but you aren't going to believe it yourself unless you personally research it. Please let us know how we can help!
  7. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    There are so many posts by people citing things they've read and, sometimes, things they've experienced first-hand. Mac has it right--if your interest is sincere, do some reading here. It will be rewarded at the very least by a lot more information to ponder.
  8. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Google or Youtube: Tony Parsons, Jim Newman, Kenneth Madden, Andreas Muller, Lisa Cairns, Richard Sylvester, Nathan Gil, Rupert Spira and then any other links connected with them or "Non-duality". They can and will show you what your "prison" actually is and point you to ways to escape the apparent prison of the apparent 'me' or separate self.

    LOL, I once had a "scolding" wife - so I left her!

    The "last" is often the FIRST!
    good luck
  9. Sixthsense

    Sixthsense New Member

    There are stories of people who have been declared dead and they experienced an out of body experience, a NDE. They were then brought back to life by doctors. In other cases like this they experience nothing.
  10. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Think that's what we'd been discussing......
  11. genewardsmith

    genewardsmith Active Member

    There's a difference between not having an experience and not recalling it; we can't assume the former is the case because the latter is.
  12. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    One report that's very interesting to me is the one by Jayne Smith that happened to her in 1952. That was before the subject was widely discussed and the woman who had it speaks very articulately about what happened to her. There are a number of videos of her speaking. One is here: It's one I suggest when someone mentions "contamination" by hearing so many accounts of NDEs now.
  13. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member


    That was quite interesting; thank you for posting it. :)
  14. Ed A.

    Ed A. Member

    Yeah, good video, thanks.
  15. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    That was a moving account of one individual's experience, an individual well-able to relate the experience and how it felt to return, albeit an account she only felt able to tell publicly two decades later. What an insightful and articulate woman!

    I was interested, as most would be I imagine, in the build up to what she experienced, her apparent brush with death during the painful and traumatic birth of her daughter. She calls it an NDE and says she felt that she had died when she later spoke to her discarnate helpers. For me, though, it sounds like she had an out-of-body-experience (OBE) at a point where her body appeared close to shutting down completely, apparently near to death. It's a distinction without a difference in terms of what she experienced though.

    I was also struck by the way she said (to the man) words to the effect of "Of course. How could I have forgotten...?" Often I've used words to the effect that after we pass over we remember, or re-acquaint ourselves, with what we knew before. This woman was privileged to not only to be re-acquainted while she was actually alive but also able to eventually tell others about her amazing experience.

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