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New with Interest in Animal Communication During & After Life

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by RayROnline, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Greetings, my name is Ray. Having been interested in the spiritual side of things and meditation all my life, I recently became very interested in the subject of animal to human communication both during and after life. The universe brought a cat into my life that changed me completely and taught me the reality of communication between the species. When Missy passed I was devastated and started doing a lot of studying on the afterlife through books, videos, personal testimonies, etc. this includes a lot of study on NDE’s. I have just started a blog to share with others suffering at the loss of a dear Pet Who also filled the role of a spiritual companion. I think there is a lot to be learned about the relationship between our souls on both sides of the veil.
    Every day I learn something new and every day new questions arise. I hope to meet like minded individuals for sharing and growing together.
  2. kirolak

    kirolak New Member

    How wonderful to read your post! I also communicate with animals, both in and out of the body :) They seem to be exactly the same as we are; a lack of ability to create technology is no limitation on spiritual development, I believe. We are the "parents" of other creatures, & as such, ow dare we kill & eat them. . . ?
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's not a matter of our daring to kill and eat animals. Individually we may choose not to take that path but we do not have any right to expect others to. We aren't, however, the parents of any of them albeit some humans develop close, rewarding relationships with some animals and as their guardians may feel like they are parents.

    The spirits that animate all incarnations are essentially similar but at differing stages of spiritual progress. The spirits that animate animals will go on to animate increasingly complex life forms, eventually those of humans. As animals and as life forms less complex they experienced - we too have experienced! - lives in which we killed other life forms for food and were in turn killed as food for other forms.

    Teachers and guides widely seen as spiritually evolved and authoritative have said that humankind was intended to be omivorous. There's a recent thread here on ALF looking at vegetarian/vegan issues compared with living as an omnivore.

    Another guide explained how the spiritual progression of all of us includes lives in forms that become progressively advanced, one stage experiencing lives in animal forms. We - the spiritual 'we' - have all experienced lives as animals.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    On a different, but related, theme concerning vegetarianism I wonder how animal lovers reconcile their pets' carniverousness? Where would their food come from without us humans raising farm animals?
  5. kirolak

    kirolak New Member

    You seem to be a very fair person, mac, with few personal biases :) but I can't agree with you on this.

    All the "gurus" I have ever met have discouraged eating the flesh of creatures. In any case, it is my personal experience that all spirits are basically the same; that the kind of body they adopt is partly what influences their diet. Certain predators are not able to digest anything except flesh; but we have short incisors & our jaws are able to move from side to side as well as up & down, whereas carnivorous animals don't have that sideways grinding ability. So I seriously question our bodily need to eat flesh.

    Be that as it may, some people, myself included, have never ever eaten corpse, & never will. It is a choice based on an attempt to be the best I am able to be, & to do the least possible harm, in accordance with my current understanding. More I cannot do. The way animals are farmed & treated is often atrocious.

    From the earliest age I would not eat flesh on principle. I see "pets"as my children; I hope that one day we will overcome not just racism but also speciesism.

    However, I do not generally verbally attack anyone who chooses to eat corpse; it is their choice, their karma. But I do feel terrible heartache on seeing trucks of living beings on their way to the most brutal death imaginable; some of them even give birth on the trucks.

    Animals frequently send me "images" by way of communication; certainly my "fur kids" do. So do plants, who are also conscious beings, but hopefully without the same central nervous system that mammals, reptiles & birds have. I try not to harm plants, eating only their leaves & fruits, not roots. I've had a plant shower silvery light over me after I freed her from a tight wire that was digging into a branch; I took it as a "thanks". I often long for a future existence that will preclude the need to kill or be killed in order to survive. This world is so beautiful, with auras shooting up into the sky from the trees; but it is a harsh world to learn in.

    Just my humble opinion, but I prefer to live by my own insight than the preachings of any other being, however exalted or channelled. I suspect it is harder for disembodied teachers to remember the pain of bodily life.
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I try to have a balanced view on most matters whilst accepting I don't have the answers for many conundrums.....

    We will each be guided by whomever we see able to do that for us. My preference is for guidance coming from certain guides and teachers widely-acknowledged as spiritually advanced and authoritative.

    All spirits without exception are from the source and each on a journey of learning from experience. The physical shell is that which meets their spiritual needs and they progress from one form to another of more complexity over many incarnations.

    Humankind is omnivorous.

    Others also see matters as you do.

    Agreed - humankind needs to do much, much better.

    A personal choice and outlook. No argument with that.

    Karma isn't involved but it might be a choice - many will not even consider the issue I think.

    as above

    Your personal approach works for you and I accept that. You may be somewhat dismissive of discarnate teachers and guides, though. They will not have experienced the difficulties of present-day incarnate life but will doubtless have experienced other difficulties that we may never experience. As teachers and guides I would not expect them to have forgotten what life incarnate is like and do not believe it would happen. But if they did not remember their difficulties it's surely fair to assume we won't remember ours either. How important then, one might ask, would such experiences be if neither guides nor regular gals and guys remembered them?
  7. kirolak

    kirolak New Member

    I am not dismissive of discarnate guides & gurus, I hope. . .I have had wonder -filled interactions with Gurus who push me gently in the right direction (for ME), though I won't name names. I have encountered them in the astral/out of body phase; one I had never heard of until the astral encounter. Only later, I googled Him. :) Without exception, they said that eating corpses is an addicion, & that we should rid ourselves of it. It harms the beings we consume, & it harms us as well.
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    One might wish to consider why your advice is contrary to what certain discarnate guides and teachers much more widely known than your personal helper(s).

    You are - of course - totally entitled to heed whomever you encounter in life and to live the way you wish. It's not for me or anyone else to question your personal choices. But please consider that your Astral Travel or so-called out-of-body experiences might not have yielded guidance that would be right for others. I do not question that it may be right for you though. :)

    Consider also, if you would, that the names of those you encounter may mean nothing - any discarnate can claim to be someone else. Holding back from telling us their name(s) is, of course, your entitlement but how could they provide solid evidence of their true identity? What would a Google search prove about someone's assumed identity?

    I'm more moved by the ones who don't disclose their former names because they prefer we judge them just on what they say; whether it appeals to one's reason because of what's said rather than because it's coming from a particular individual whose claimed indentity can't be authenticated anyway.

    In life we each must make a choice over whose guidance appeals most to our reason.

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