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New to the Forum + Many Questions

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Luna, May 19, 2015.

  1. Luna

    Luna New Member

    Hello everyone. I have been silently reading threads for weeks now, but decided to finally join.

    I have a TON of questions, but just wanted to introduce myself first. I'm Luna. I'd consider myself a curious agnostic, I suppose. Still trying to make sense of everything, but I am fascinated by the subject. I have suffered with death anxiety for most of my life, ever since I was about 10 or so. Recently however, I have felt much calmer on the subject and have become quite enthralled by the information (I have been reading on spirituality, NDE, OBE, past lives, etc etc for years, whenever the anxiety hits. It is comforting that my mom says both my brother and I seemingly had memories of past lives as kids).

    I have read about the subject from many different sources, and some of the information is a bit mixed. Every question I ask below is because I have read contradicting information on it. Here are my questions:

    1. Concerning the eventual merge with God/source. I have read mixed reports on this. Some sources say the plan is for everyone to eventually merge, others say we never merge- that we remain separate. Also, some say that by merging you lose all consciousness and sense of self (which is the part that terrifies me about death to begin with- the idea of becoming nothingness) while others say you remain conscious/aware and that the merge does not have to be permanent, if you wish to separate you may. Seeking opinions/guidance on that.

    2. Concerning reincarnation/spiritual growth. My first question about reincarnation relates to the merge with God- some have implied that you may choose to stop reincarnating or growing spiritually if you are happy at your current level, but by doing so you must then merge with God (as your growth is then "complete")? Opinions on that? Are there repercussions for not continuing growth?

    3. Concerning personalities. I understand that we would have more knowledge, that this life would be a very small part of who we are, but does our personality mostly survive? For example, I am very analytical/curious (can you tell?) and whitty by nature, would I generally be the same way in the afterlife? My spouse is very humorous and a bit stubborn, would he be generally the same? Curious.

    4. Concerning relationships. How do our relationships carry over? I have read that those in your family/life may not be in your "soul group" on the other side, that these may be spirits you've never reincarnated with before. This makes me sad. I want my Dad to be my Dad, my spouse my spouse. It hurts to think on the other side, I may view them as just kindred spirits. Yet others say your family here is the same on the other side... Do these bonds truly last?

    Believe it or not, I have more questions stirring in my mind but I think that is more than sufficient for now. I would appreciate any answers, and I hope the questions are at least interesting? I had a lot more, but reading most of the threads on this forum helped.

    On a humorous note, I read that it can be frustrating for guides to be asked for signs only for the person who requested them to doubt the signs. Well oh boy, if that's true then my "guides" have spent a lot of time shaking their heads and thinking "Unbelievable..." at how stubborn I am :D I just don't ask for them any more ha.

    Thank you so much and greetings :)
  2. marmaladecat

    marmaladecat Guest

    Hello Luna, welcome to the forums :)
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I offer my ideas on the points you raise - in blue text below.

  4. Waller

    Waller Banned

    It is within the contradictions that you can choose what is your truth, Luna. Without the opposites, there are no choices.

    We were created as images, facets, holographic pieces of The Source, there is no "merging". When you decided to incarnate in this physical dream, you accepted the premise that you would feel as if you are separated so to realize that experience. Heck, we do this so well that we forget that we are doing it. ;)
    Last edited: May 19, 2015
  5. Waller

    Waller Banned

    Growth never stops. The venue you choose to grow spiritually within is your choice.
  6. Waller

    Waller Banned

    Yes ma'am.
  7. Waller

    Waller Banned

    The bonds last because we are One. Whether or not you have a buddy-buddy carryover with 'Dad' or anyone else is a matter of choice and relevance.
  8. Waller

    Waller Banned

    Guides 'guide'. They don't get frustrated, that is a physical plane emotion based upon the fact that we live in a timed environment. In a timeless environment, there is no sense of immediacy hence there is no frustration. Everything will happen when it is going to happen not a second sooner or later and they know that.

    Now you do. :)
  9. dopier

    dopier Active Member

    Ha! And if this guy has anything to say in the matter, that'll be the source within the Source. Oh boy!
  10. Luna

    Luna New Member

    Thank you for all of the responses :)

    I feel as though I am misunderstanding this. Do you mean to say we are only separate for this experience but upon death we reunite as one entity or?

    As I understand it, we came from God, and by doing so we are all unique in a way (personality traits) and yet we are all the same (from the same source). If as we go along, we strip away everything that makes us individual and all reunite with God, what is the point exactly? Why create us in the first place if we grow to be the same and then go back to where we started?

    Yet then I read things like this: http://forum.adcguides.com/messages/378.html
    and I am left pondering.

    As I said, I could be completely misunderstanding everything but I am genuinely curious. Thanks again!


    EDIT: In case anyone is seeking the same answers, here is a thread that had a lot of discussion on the merge with God- http://afterlifeforums.com/showthread.php?214-Individuality-in-the-Afterlife
    Last edited: May 20, 2015

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