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New to past life regression/reincarnation in general...

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by thatdudeinblack, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. thatdudeinblack

    thatdudeinblack New Member

    To start off, I haven't really wrapped my head around the idea of reincarnation for quiet a while. First, it was because of the standard evangelical concept of heaven and hell that I had been exposed to as a child. In my high-school/post-graduation years, it was due to atheism, and it's probably only in recent months that I've given the idea of it any actual serious thought.

    I reverted back to a somewhat Christian position late last year but I consider myself generally open to pretty much all the possibilities. So I figured if I really wanna decide whether to dismiss reincarnation/past lives for good or not, it might as well be time to give it a genuine try. The only real problem I have here is that I frankly don't know where to begin with this. A lot of the things I've read have told me the best way to do what's called "regression" is to go see a hypnotherapist or someone else to guide me in this process. However, I don't really have the money to spare for someone that probably only stands about a 50% chance of being legitimate. And to be frank, even if I did have the money, there's still that 50/50 factor that bothers me.

    So, in the end, is it really possible at all for me to perhaps do some sort of exercise on my own that could potentially yield some kind of results?
  2. Sarah

    Sarah New Member

    I'm new as well :) and looking forward to feedback for your question. I like the idea of validation. There is lots of second hand validation that is pretty compelling. I would like first hand validation if possible, but I consider spending substantial money in my current financial situation to be irresponsible. So until then I kind of go off faith.. what feels nice/right... probably a bit simplistic, but I really feel "good" about it. Im excited to have a new possibility about what happens next and what were here for now.

    I hope you get a response and the answers you are looking for.

    Perhaps we can go dutch and spring for a shared reading lol ;-)
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    After having spent fifty years doing this research, and as someone who also was originally a strict Christian and mightily resisted the idea of reincarnation, I can tell you that if you do enough open-minded research you will have to accept reincarnation as fact. It does happen, and nearly everyone apparently lives many lives; but since time is not objectively real, apparently all these lives (and all of earth-time) are happening simultaneously. Very hard to get your mind around that!

    Our minds are far more powerful than we realize, and all the answers you seek are right there in your mind, but the trick is to access them. Hypnotic regression does work, but the last time I tried it (about a year ago), my primary guide blocked it and said (through me - I was then under hypnosis) that he didn't want me focusing on our past lives together. So, that was that! I have done a little regression, but long ago, and I do have a memory from my most recent lifetime with him, but I can wait to learn the rest. I'm closer to graduating than you are, and once I do that I'll be able to access as many past lives as I like, so I don't mind not knowing more about them now.

    If you want to investigate your own past lives but you can't go the hypnosis and regression route, you might try simply asking your primary guide each night before you to go to sleep to please allow you to wake up with a past-life memory, either from a dream or otherwise. Then pay a lot of attention to what is in your mind when you first awaken. Learning to work with and be sensitive to your guides takes some practice, so don't expect it to happen immediately; instead, just relax as much as you can. Do this every night for a couple of weeks and without stress or expectations and see what happens. You may be surprised!
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  4. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    What Roberta said! Until I had a series of dreams of past lives I've lived, I discounted them. Too easy to wishfully assign meaning to what's probably just a cool dream, right? Well, guess what? A past life dream is entirely different from a regular dream. It feels completely real and not dream-like in any way. It's like a memory relived in great detail and is vivid and unforgettable.

    During that same period that I was dreaming of having been a half-Chinese half-Caucasian girl in the Silver Bonanza years in Virginia City, I also had several wide-awake experiences relating to that lifetime. In one, I was unable to enter an alley in San Francisco because I remembered dying in an upper floor room of a brick building that was there pre-1906 earthquake. Then I was forced off a sidewalk in a large cemetery in Colma and "walked" directly to the grave of a man who'd employed me and been kind to me in Virginia City.

    And then when I visited Virginia City, I knew without being told the exact location of the old, vanished Chinatown there. Then I led the manager of a saloon behind a partition to a well-remembered staircase that I'd climbed many times a day with messages for the Silver Barons, who had a palatial hang-out upstairs. As I looked at the beautiful curving railing on the steps, I suddenly saw my tanned little child's hand resting on it and remembered the traveling German carpenter who'd built it.

    I was able to verify everything except her death in San Francisco. She was a very humble person and I suspect she ended her days as a prostitute, since the alley I was unable to enter is Maiden Lane. But I still look for information on her. Do try to "incubate" some past life dreams, as Roberta advises. The results could change your thinking in a really fascinating way as you come face to face with eternal life and many, many lives lived all over the world.
  5. Holly1389

    Holly1389 New Member

    I didn't want to start a whole new thread. But I just wanted to say that I'm new to this as well. Mainly because it's the only thing that makes sense without calling myself crazy.

    I've always had odd dreams and as I've gotten older they've gotten more realistic and effect me more. Ive always had a dream where I'm driving and I say I don't feel well and pull over, get out of the vehicle and just kind of black out. I wake up after that having trouble breathing. Not until the last couple of years has it gotten more detailed. Now I know that in that dream, I died. I remember it too well.

    Not only do I have that dream. But I'll have dreams just doing every day things. I wake up knowing small details of it. For example, I remember looking at an older clocked on the bed stand next to my bed. I woke up on real life and its not there. I looked everywhere for it and it took me a while to realise I was looking for a clock in a dream I had.

    I dream about golfing. I've golfed once in my life and I got so angry I couldn't continue... But I wake up and I want to go golfing like it's something I do just any old time....

    I have dreams with children and my wives (I'm assuming I had more than one)

    The past year I've woken from these dreams and it's hard for me to adjust back sometimes. Like I've been taken into another body to another time and suddenly I'm not me anymore... But I am.

    I went crazy over a car. A car I've always thought was a good looking car. But all of a sudden I HAD TO HAVE IT. I searched for hours, days. Looking for it. I ended up settling for one closest to my location. A 1973 mercedes...... I'm 27 years old and I had tears in my eyes when I sat in that car. I bought it. Every moment spent in that car, every part of me is absolutely happy.

    I think something triggered these dreams to start. I don't know what or where or why. I think bringing things in to my life now that I remember from these dreams makes me happy. I can't have the people back but I can have similar things... It's a way of adjusting I suppose.

    If this is a past life. I know I was a father to many children and a man madly in love with a woman.

    It's hard to wake up sometimes and realise it's all gone. I've got a family now and I've got to keep on keepin' on. :)

    This is my first post or even me ever talking about all of this. I've mentioned some of the dreams before to people and it's a way of me venting. But I get sick of the "yeah okay... Crazy." looks. So I haven't talked about this for a looong time.
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  6. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    My first reaction to the past life and reincarnation thing is - WHY? What does it do or show us? In therapy and psychology, I learned that the life I am living right now is enough to study and come to understand.
    Regarding dreams... my dreams are attempting to deal with and resolve issues and unfinished business in THIS LIFE and perhaps in past lives as well but mostly the pain, trauma and unhealed emotional wounds that happened in this life. Understanding and finishing the business of this life-time is good enough for me. I used to believe that unfinished business from past life times was significant but now I know that the unfinished business of this life-time is all that actually matters - for me, anyway.
    If reincarnation is a fact or possible, it only provides a person with at least one more chance to work on and resolve any unfinished business they are still carrying from previous lives so, reincarnation makes sense to me if I fail to resolve certain things in this life and need another chance to resolve them. It also makes sense to reincarnate if someone finds life so thrilling and wonderful that they want a few more shots at it. I'd come back just to have another life with my late wife, Irene, or my current fiance, Betty! I'd come back just to play some more music or go to Disneyland one more time. I'd come back just to try to be a better person and friend for someone or my kids, etc. I can think of a lot of reasons that I'd reincarnate again and again and mostly to resolve old, unfinished business that started in this life and may have come from previous lives millions of years ago.
    IMO, life is simply an adventure that includes = dreams, life, death, reincarnation, heaven, hell, joy, pain, mysteries and ecstatic wonder, which is all happening here and now.
  7. Holly1389

    Holly1389 New Member

    if, in fact, the dreams are here to help me resolve things from a past life... i don't know how i'd go about that. The dream I have about dying, I remember telling my wife to stay with me. The last thing i see is her running away. I wake up and i can't help but be slightly angry with her. why did she go? i told her not to.. i told her to stay. I know i shouldn't be upset with her... i just can't help thinking to myself... 'why did you go?' I know she was trying to help, but it didn't matter either way. She could have stayed and i could have told her i loved her one more time.
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  8. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    This is an example of how dreams attempt to resolve unfinished business or repressed feelings so, the dream allowed you to experience golfing as fun, exciting and pleasant rather than frustrating and enraging in your real life. I don't know if the dream made golfing any better for you in real life but it's possible that you could go golfing again and have fun the next time out.
    In psychotherapy, I learned that unhealed childhood emotional traumas from very bad parents/parenting was being "triggered" by certain things later in life so I had to do a lot of emotional work to resolve as much of that early trauma as possible. I had many extreme nightmares until most of the damaged and repressed feelings were exposed and released. Therapy is something that most folks will not and cannot undertake so their dreams serve as a release valve to vent or release some of the bottled up, troubling energy they are holding down inside. Unhealed or troubled feelings/memories will "trigger" all kinds of mysterious and troubled dreams to release hidden and bottled up energy.

    Venting, in any form, was the most productive aspect of therapy for me. There is healthy venting such as at this forum and there is unhealthy venting such as what happened at the Las Vegas slaughter of innocent folks by a guy carrying a lot of unhealed inner wounds and trauma which finally EXPLODED. I'd like to see/read more of your stories and dreams, etc. Vent as much as you like - I'll listen!
  9. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    I can empathize with this kind of "past life fall-out." While I love that the dreams have enriched my life in so many ways, there's also sadness to deal with...abuse, regrets and, particularly in the life as a half-Chinese girl, pain from the cruel way that the society of that time treated a product of miscegenation. But I've come to believe that nothing is random. I believe I was given those dreams for a reason--possibly for several reasons.

    One that was suggested to me by a spiritually thoughtful person I know is that perhaps this current life is one of those "clear it up and make it my last incarnation here" lifetimes. They're notorious for being full of tragedies and difficult situations and this one certainly has been. For one reason or another, I may not have done enough work on some of my negative reactions and am being given a chance to process them now. I know that 2 of the key people from the other, less well-remembered lifetime, where I was born into a very wealthy (and very dysfunctional) family, reincarnated with me this time and we had very intense and fraught relationships. I've come to terms with one of the people (he was a cousin before and in this life a close friend), but I still feel I have unfinished business with the man who was my father that time around. In this life he was "the love of my life" but he married someone else and I went through decades of grief. I sort of feel that I lost many of the best years of my life. But I did resist the urge to end it all, to which I succumbed back when I was his daughter, so progress of a sort was made.

    Maybe the chance you've been given to re-examine your reaction to the former wife is an amazing opportunity. I know I'm still working at forgiving the man I mentioned above for not just what he did to me in our life together as father and daughter, but also for one of the central tragedies of this lifetime. And I'm doing it daily. I know it's important and I wish my current (otherwise wonderful) therapist was more spiritually attuned, but I've made it part of my Mindfulness practice. Roberta made it crystal clear in Liberating Jesus that forgiveness is vitally important to our spiritual progress and so have many, many other writers on spirituality and mediums. If you're like me, you might need to come to some kind of understanding first of why your wife chose to run for help instead of staying with you. Instant forgiveness is still beyond my reach, but searching for empathy for the person who's hurt me is a do-able first step.
  10. genewardsmith

    genewardsmith Active Member

    One possible reason for a tough life is being brought back before you're really ready, for instance as part of the "celestial speed-up". One of the several strangers who felt impelled to tell me they had a dream about me was a young woman who said she was seeing the planning of my life before I was born. I didn't need to reincarnate, apparently, but did so even though it would mean things would be harder than if I waited, because I was needed on earth now.
  11. Ed A.

    Ed A. Member

    Fascinating. Thanks for sharing.
  12. kim marine

    kim marine Active Member

    I was going to ask you Roberta, if we can experience scenes from our past lives during the life we are living currently, and then I went further and read what you wrote above, so my question was answered! I would also like to urge people to practice what you mentioned about asking their primary guide each night before they go to sleep to allow them to wake up with a past-life memory. I do this and it produces thoughts in my mind that enable me to recall certain scenes almost daily. It seems to go in cycles too. Some time spans are full of memories and some are almost empty. I guess those are the times when my primary guide wants to give me some recess in order to build my character or something, I don't know, but it never quits!

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