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New to AL Forums and just checking in to say "hello"

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Matty Mo, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Hello all, my name is Matt and I'm a 40 year old man from Des Moines, IA. U.S.A. I am a father to two wonderful little boys 2 and 4 and have a wonderful wife. Okay, enough about me. :eek:

    Not to bore anyone but I'll give a little bit of background at how I've arrived at these forums after so many years. Through the years I've always been interested in the paranormal, mostly ghosts. At one time I even considered doing some Ghost research but eventually decided against it due to time constraints. I used to go to a Baptist church when I was a young boy and for a "very short time" in my early twenties I was really into Christianity. It soon passed as I gained knowledge throughout my life and I felt that there were too many wonderful unexplained things in life that would not allow me to accept one thing as the truth.

    There was a time when I didn't even want to listen to religious people as they just annoyed me.
    However, over the past several years I've actually learned to appreciate others and their viewpoints even though I don't see eye to eye with them. Because I have found reasons to not believe in what they do, I don't knock their beliefs. I only ask that they not judge me in return for mine.

    I consider myself a very spiritual person and I recently just turned 40 and suddenly I am off the charts, so to speak, in my interest in things beyond us. I always joke that some men go out and buy fancy sports cars and try to date 21 year olds at mid-life. I, on the other hand, am trying to find out the meaning of our existence. ;)

    I've soaked up so much stuff in the past 6 months that my head is spinning. From mediums, which I'm very skeptical of, to the Leslie Flint voice recordings(fascinating but also somewhat skeptical), to the Scole Experiments, a ton on near death experiences, and so much more. I believe there is something after this life; I just can't believe we are this blessed to be alive just to simply die in the end.

    I was very excited to find this site as I love speaking with people regarding why we are here, what awaits us when we die, and finally, how we can all be better people and live better and more helpful and fulfilling lives. I greatly look forward to conversing with other like minded individuals as I really only have one other "non-demeaning" outlet and I'm pretty certain, although she shares many of my beliefs, my wife likes to talk about other things aside from metaphysics. :)

    I also have a hard time dealing with so many negative people that either thinks anyone into metaphysics is either not intelligent or a tad mad. As you've seen, I am also a little skeptical of several things but I also am fascinated by other things. So enough about me, sorry for the long intro but I'm very happy to be on board and am looking forward to conversing with so many of you wonderful people and getting to know some great individuals. Thanks for reading....
  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome, dear friend! Boy, have you ever come to the right place ;-)!! Most of us are very much like you: successful in our lives and otherwise normal (if anyone is actually normal!), but driven to understand God, death, reality, and the meaning of life. We all have different approaches to this hobby. I will tell you mine, and I hope that others will also chime in with theirs. After having an experience of light in childhood, and while being a mother and grandmother, practicing law, and being married to a Catholic for forty years (this month!), I have spent my life trying to understand where that light that I saw when I was eight came from and what the heck is really going on. I find both mainstream science and mainstream religions to be helpful but insufficient, and both for the same reason: they are belief-systems. I don't want to know what others have thought on these topics, no matter how close to the mark they might be: no, I want to know the truth. I am driven to know - I have to know! What I have learned over time is that researching the period soon after death - the Summerland period, or the "life between lives" as it were - yields a great deal of useful and highly consistent information. What we call the afterlife is populated by a great many beings who know more than we do, and who are eager to share what they know - if only we will listen open-mindedly. My book, The Fun of Dying, distills what I have learned by researching the afterlife, and the book's study guide is available for free at http://funofdying.com/ (go to Resources). As you are already seeing, this is a mind-bogglingly tremendous topic that includes a number of spectacular sub-topics which all fit together as perfectly as you would expect reality to all fit together. You can spend your whole lifetime happily researching, and you never will run out of things to learn. Welcome, dear Matty Mo - You are at home here!
  3. Thanks Roberta, I'm excited to read other's posts and hopefully I can contribute a few things while learning others. Thanks for the link, I'm always into a great read.
  4. KatLen

    KatLen New Member

    Hi Matty Mo! Welcome to the forum! There is so much here! Good people, great information, and varied experiences and reasons for coming here are so different. Happy you found this forum! It's been invaluable to me in my own grief healing. I found the site, myself, shortly after my mom passed away last June. I had always wanted to believe that there was so much more after "this", and my much beloved mom's passing made me that much more anxious to devour any and everything people could share about that place.

    I got a few signs that she graduated very shortly after she passed, and those signs made me want to hear more and more. I had some "subtle" signs in the form of dragonflies. But the most extraordinary sign I got from her, I think, was a manipulation of the light in our garage. A few days after she passed away, I was lamenting to my husband that I hadn't "heard" from her and that I needed to know that she was OK. I happened to say out loud "Just let me know, mom, that you made it!" The next day, I left for work fairly early, and as I opened the garage door, I noticed it was much brighter in there than it usually was. I figured it was just the sunlight, so got in my car and pulled out of the garage. I looked back at the garage as I was closing the door and noticed that the light was on. This is totally normal behavior for most people's garage door opener lights, of course. But ours had BURNED OUT 6 MONTHS PRIOR, and we hadn't gotten around to changing it. I called my husband and thanked him for changing the bulb, but he said he hadn't. The light didn't go on when he left for work half an hour later. The only other time that bulb went on was on the day of her memorial service. That time, it stayed on long enough for everyone to see it. It hasn't gone on again since. Funny thing is, my mom had reminded me to change that bulb several times before she passed away because it was "dangerous to have such a dark garage at night." While she hasn't shown up like that again since that time, we still haven't changed it! Whoops!

    Since that time, this forum and other research I've done have helped me move from an abstract belief that the afterlife exists, to a more engaged study on what that looks like, why our souls take these journeys, how our past lives are incorporated into our current earth lives, etc. I believe in my heart what many people on this forum and elsewhere say -- that life is about love and forgiveness. It's changed my life for the better so far, and I look forward to where this journey will take me next.

    I hope you find everything you are looking for, and more, here with us! Welcome!
  5. Thanks for sharing your story and insight KatLen. These are the type of subjects and shared thoughts I love and I am excited for future conversations with many like yourself. It's not always easy feeling highly spiritual as I sometimes feel like people around me think I've lost it. It's not as though I bring it up all the time but I feel like when I discuss anything, not preachy mind you, many times it seems to fall on deaf or uninterested ears.

    I feel like many people just don't want to talk about it, so many people seem to have their minds made up from a religious stand-point i.e. Follow Jesus,Mohammed, etc. or your destined for hell. Then there are those that tend to believe we are just genetic mistakes or animals just waiting to die, which is just downright depressing.

    So due to this I suppress a lot of feelings and thoughts as I don't want to be thought of as some New Age middle life wacko. I am actually just about learning as much as I can, sharing thoughts with other open minded people, and finding ways we can all live better, more helpful and loving lives. Problem is that makes me sound like an aging hippie sometimes. :cool:

    Thanks again for your response, KatLen, I'm glad you felt your mom sent you a sign. I've not yet lost anyone I was extremely close to, yet, but as I'm getting older I know it will happen sooner rather than later.
  6. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Hey Matty Mo!
    Welcome to the forums! Truly an interesting place with many good discussions and experiences to share! There are many threads that will get your "mind going" on the various topics! Feel free to ask questions as they arise! Thanks so much for joining us! :)
  7. Thanks for having me, I hope I can add some insights and take away a few things along the way, Carol and Mikey.
  8. Sapphire

    Sapphire New Member

    Hi Matty Mo,

    I am new too, not only to this community but to learning about what lies beyond this plane as well. I also cannot deal with the negative attitudes of some people and am always trying to find out more about the spiritual realm; looking for the positive in life.

    Welcome, fellow newbie!
  9. Thanks Sapphire, I can empathize with you regarding negativity in general. It's hard to stay positive in a world where so many people are either greedy at all costs, miserable and want to drag others down with them, sad and confused, or all of the above. I look to spirituality as a way to better myself, find hope, and ultimately "rise above" the insanity we call life and try to learn from it.

    I've had discussions with many who believe there's nothing special to our lives and there's nothing after we die. This world is hard enough to endure, let alone, not having any care or belief as to why we are here.

    I am hoping you can find a few things in your journey that help you cope and also help you grow spiritually. I look forward to future conversations on the AL forums. Thanks for leaving a comment.
  10. Sapphire

    Sapphire New Member

    I find the belief of "nothing after we die" desperately sad, and it completely invalidates anything we have done here in Earth life.

    From the first episode of Montel Williams (Sylvia Browne) I happened to catch, to all the books, TV documentaries and Web sites I've devoured until now, I have gathered so much information that at times it is overwhelming to try and comprehend. There is much joy to be found in this knowledge, if only given a chance to learn. I must take it a bit at a time.

    One thing I refuse to do is accept negativity in my life, and this includes media as well as people who seem to be walking around with chips on shoulders and axes to grind. I know we're all on a personal journey, and I have to try and keep myself on track, and try not to judge those negative things. Life is tough enough. :)

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