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New - recently, suddenly, unexpectedly, lost my life partner (29 y/o)

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by lovehim, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. lovehim

    lovehim New Member


    I hope you are all well.

    I recently (11/17) lost my life partner, a young, apparently healthy (this one is up for debate, obviously), 29 year old man, on November 17th, in our home. We don't know what happened but he wasn't breathing when I found him and the EMTs tried their hardest but there was nothing really that they could do -- still awaiting autopsy results.

    I tried communicating with him through a medium, but instead my grandmother (along with her rosary -- she was a devout Catholic!) came through and said that she met him and that he wasn't happy to have passed and that I had to pray for him to find peace on the other side -- that he was worried about the way he left and the trauma I experienced. She said it was an undiagnosed medical condition and that the autopsy would reveal more information and that he would be ready to communicate in January. She told me he's with me every day and I need to help him know it's okay that he's living on another plane of life now. She said he's sorry, that he loves us, and that his twin sister will know "what she has to do." She said the last two days of his life were signs that something was wrong that he downplayed as to not worry me -- he had been throwing up, said it was a stomach bug.

    Anyway, I took that with a grain of salt, myself a skeptic, but I tried the self guided afterlife communication meditation. I wasn't making a connection -- I was imagining things, daydreaming, knowing I was making things up...but then last night, I had a dream where he appeared and we were at a dance...with bright lights, everyone dressed nicely, and the Beach Boys song "Forever" was playing. He tried to get me to dance with him, but I refused...

    Then, today, I tried the self guided meditation again and again, nothing was happening, but as I was getting ready to come out of the meditation, I heard him whistling, and I smelled him.

    So, this is me. Grieving, connecting, healing, hoping...
  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    It is often difficult for those who passed suddenly and a bit traumatically to have trouble initially communicating with us, and often they are actually in hospitals, receiving care. But it's beautiful that he has been able to do so much so soon! Treasure it, dear. We all are sending you a hug!!
  3. lovehim

    lovehim New Member

    Huh, hospitals? Are there hospitals on the other side? I don't know much, obviously!
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    They probably aren't exactly like the hospitals we have on earth because our etheric bodies don't need any attention. Hospitals 'over there' provide the equivalent of emotional rest and recuperation with helpers on hand to provide all the support needed.
  5. jimrich

    jimrich Established Member

    Seems like sufficient connections to demonstrate that he is still alive and well in the other dimension or Heaven. Congratulations!
  6. Bill Z

    Bill Z Established Member

    I'm so sorry for your loss but the song "Forever" is a beautiful gift from him. The love of my life sends me songs and it is so beautiful, reassuring and lovig in this time of grief.
  7. lovehim

    lovehim New Member

    I think he's been sending me Ed Sheeran's "Perfect." I can't be sure, but three times when I've been overwhelmed with grief, I've turned on the radio...to try and help me relax...and each time the song is on. Unknowingly, at another time, my sister started singing the song without hearing what I was listening to.

    People always said he looked like Ed Sheeran, and he joked that he was Ed Sheeran. In moments like these, it makes me wish I had mediumistic abilities!
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  8. lovehim

    lovehim New Member

    I should add I had NEVER heard that song before two days ago when it randomly came on the radio...and for whatever reason, something convinced me to actually listen to the lyrics.
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  9. Bill Z

    Bill Z Established Member

    LoveHim, just IMO but I rejoice in the middle of my ongoing grief that for me the love of my life puts a song in my head with relevance to us. As much as I struggle to hear, receive and understand better my little Girl is doing the same from Her side to reach into my thick head. To me it's so beautiful that you are experienceing music and I thnak you because it reinforces the faith in my journey.
  10. lovehim

    lovehim New Member

    I've been trying to be more receptive to these signs as I'm so early in my grief...

    One thing I thought about recently was about a time that he and I were walking past a cemetery (we lived near one before our recent move to another state -- when we moved, I expressed doubt about our new home because the previous owner had died in it...and having been raised Catholic and superstitious, I considered it an omen), and I would sometimes see people walking around that he couldn't see. I pointed that out to him - he asked me if I was scared. I said, "No, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace." He reassured me that the house we moved into should also have me feeling peaceful and even arranged for me to talk to the previous owner's friends in the neighborhood so I could feel better. I have no psychic/spiritual abilities or anything, but I think maybe he's reminding me that there's peace. It sort of makes me think he, or one of my guides, was preparing me for this

    I think that when he passed, despite what I'm sure was shock and trauma of passing unexpectedly, he found peace. Like you, bill, there are days when my grief is so overwhelming that I don't understand why I'm still here and he's not. Today unfortunately is one of those days, but I'm comforted in the thought that we could be learning from each other right now even though I can't see him.

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