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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by poppyet, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Nirvana

    Nirvana Regular Contributor

    Things pertaining to the possibility of an afterlife?

    Could you share?
  2. poppyet

    poppyet New Member

    I struggle so much with where my mother is now and if she's with me/watching over me. One thing a friend told me that hit my heart with such understanding force was "Imagine a plane propeller. When it's still you can see it. When it's spinning quickly you can see right through it". This was his explanation of our loved ones now vibrating on a different level, but they are still here on earth, just on a different plane of existence. If their vibration is much higher than ours, we may have a hard time seeing/communicating with them, but they are definitely here.

    I loved this so much and it made so much sense to me and gave me comfort.
  3. Nirvana

    Nirvana Regular Contributor

    That's a perfect analogy :)
  4. tradingdavid

    tradingdavid New Member


    I lost my Mother 4 months ago and its been the hardest experience of my life so far. Having gone through it I don't think anything I can say could make it better.
    Exactly a month after she died I had an extremely coherent dream where I talked with her fairly normally. I wrote it up in the communicating with the dead section.
    The timing and location both seemed significant. I was taking a nap in my old bedroom in the spot where I grew up and can remember waking up occasionally and seeing her watching me sleep with this look in her eyes of pride and contentment.

    Also it felt as though some time has to pass before something happened. Maybe so you can experience really feeling like you lost the person. The basic thesis of much of this site is that life is a learning experience for an immortal soul that's our true identity.

    I've since had 3 dreams that felt like her presence very clearly though none has clear as the first.

    So you might try napping in her bed or some other place where she would have a high emotional investment.

    Also if you talk to her try the present tense. Our beliefs seem to influence if things happen.

    I personally found some more scientific things to be helpful in accrediting the experiences. There are a bunch of studies that show pretty conclusively to me at leaset that something is going on re mind projection esp, faith healing. if you look on youtube for Dr. Dean Radin you'll find a bunch of videos about really remarkable experiments. To me they demonstrate that there's a solid case to be made that there's something going on that's not consistent with a purely mechanistic view of the universe. If believing that such a thing is possible is a factor to have it happening then reading about such stuff may help in facilitating it.

    The biggest hangup for me and well grounded people is that for any of this ADC to be true we are essentially living in some version of the Matrix. The problem with this is that if this is the Matrix then there wouldn't necessarily be any evidence of this since the matrix designers could do it anyway they want. However, there's this fairly good body of fairly rigorous scientific data out there that I think lets us cross over to the other side of the river that these things are possible.

    I think once I got over that divide then looking at NDE experiences, ADC accounts, and past life material becomes much easier to credit. There's also alot of channeled material that I haven't gotten much from but is interesting. It's fairly consistent which some people think is definitive proof, but to me it all seems like there's alot of repeating of prior work.

    I really can't give you any advice beyond take it day to day and try to keep your life on track as much as possible. I still feel like I'm falling apart, but I don't have a child or some other relationship that can take the place of Mother or gives me something else to focus on. Just an overwhelming fear that I'm about to be alone or worse.
  5. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Hi Poppyet,
    Welcome to the forums. I am so sorry about your loss. It is so tough, this grief journey. I love the analogy your friend gave here! I know our loved ones are very close indeed! I continue to talk out loud to my son Mikey who passed 7 years ago. It is amazing what goes on when I do this. The more open you get, the more you will see and feel! It gives such strength and hope for us to carry on until we reunite again. This is temporary here. I know you will see your mom again! Lots of good info on this forum for you!
    Love and peace to you on this journey,
  6. Sorry about the loss of your Mom. My Mom passed almost twenty years ago at a fairly young 71 years old. The holidays always seem a little empty without her.

    If you like pondering the concept that we are living in a Matrix, you might be interested in this thread: 10-Reasons-Life-May-Be-A-Computer-Simulation.

    With Lovingkindness (metta),
    vic's myth
  7. Elfin

    Elfin New Member

    Dear poppyet,
    Bless you for the deep love you feel for your mother. I am sorry you are going through such pain and deep grief, but anything you feel right now is a natural response, to loss. Try not to be scared of any emotion which comes up. It is such a short time since she left this world, and the first few weeks are always very hard.
    You don't need to speak of her in the past tense. Well, you may have to do that with other people, but in your heart, and when you reach out to her with love, and speak to her, think of her in the present tense. Her Soul, honestly, has not died. Only the physical form she used to experience this world, has died. She truly does still live in spirit, and that is a very real thing.
    Importantly -she still loves you, and knows you love her.
    Don't be afraid of crying. Let your feelings flow. But remember the love which never dies.

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