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New member here :D

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by ZebraCakez, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Hey, I joined this forum after looking up information on the afterlife. Mainly because yesterday I had a very philosophical discussion with my friend. It was about a friend of his parents' who had been dead for 8 hours, and came back. Its a lot of information, and I doubt I could get it all on here correctly. Anyways, I just came here to learn all that I could from what you guys already know, Thanks! Oh, and I'm open to pretty much anything, so dont hold back
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi ZebraCakez! Welcome to Afterlifeforums.com! What your friend's parents' friend had is called a near death experience (NDE). Basically, it's when someone dies, has some type of spiritual experience, and then returns to his/her body. Does he remember anything at all from when he was dead? A lot of times this happens when someone dies accidentally, that is the death wasn't meant for them. You don't actually have to die to have an NDE, but almost everyone who returns from death reports having one. It is estimated that about 15 million americans have had experiences like this!

    The afterlife does exist! There is so much actual evidence of that there is no room left for doubt! If you are interested in reading up on the afterlife in general, I would highly suggest you buy Roberta Grimes's book The Fun of Dying and/or R. Craig Hogan's Your Eternal Self. Both do a wonderful job presenting the evidence in an easy-to-understand way and really open your eyes to just how much evidence is out there. If you are interested in near death experiences, I would get the DVD Round Trip: The Near Death Experience, or check out the website Near-Death.com

    You want to learn what we already know? I could write you a book here and still not tell you everything about the afterlife that we already know! There is just so much to talk about! Please ask some specific questions and we'll try to provide you with answers to them. People have actually been studying the afterlife for over 150 years, and the whole time they've discovered more and more reliable, consistent evidence that the afterlife does exist. Like I said, there is no way I could possibly tell you everything (or even half of it all) here. Here's what I think it is most important:

    1. It's not like religion teaches:
    The afterlife turns out to be nothing like religion teaches about it. It is not an eternity worshipping God and singing hymns, and there is no bearded God on a throne waiting to condemn for breaking a commandment or failing to receive communion every week. God does exist - in fact he is all that exists, everything else is an illusion. God though, is a completely-loving spiritual energy. He never judges, He never condemns - He just loves! Furthermore, the evidence tells us that people of every and all religions make it into the afterlife with ease. What religion, or lack thereof, you had on earth makes no different.

    Actually the part of the afterlife that most people go to after death is just like earth, but without the negatives. It will be exactly like you expect it to be! You can have anything you want and pursue any activity you choose! It really is perfection! It's funny, there's actually no religion over there. If people feel that the miss going to church, they can of course, but very few actually want to. The people up there are so thoroughly surrounded in God's love that they don't need religion to feel close Him.

    2. If you want it, it's yours:
    This is the general rule with the afterlife concerning material things - if you want it, you can have it. For example, there is no need to eat in the afterlife because our bodies don't nourishment like they do on earth. But, if we want to eat some food (like hot dogs for example) that we loved on earth, we can. The same thing goes with weather - it is always 77 degrees (Fahrenheit) and just perfect, but if we want snow, rain, clouds, or whatever, it is ours. What Jesus said turns out to be true - Ask and you shall receive.

    3. No judgement:
    As I said before, God doesn't judge us at all. He loves us for who we are and doesn't desire to punish and belittle us at all! Isn't that wonderful? There is a type of judgement, but in fact we are our own judge. We are shown a review of our life (basically a film of everything we ever did) and then we are asked to forgive everyone that has ever wronged us. That part is actually very easy, even if it seems hard from here. The hard part is what comes next - we have to forgive ourselves. That is really very difficult because, other there, we can understand exactly how our actions affected others, and how the ends may not have really justified the means.

    4. No reason for fear:
    Life goes on forever - that's the truth! Knowing that truth changes everything, doesn't it? There is no reason to fear death, it is nothing more than a transition from our world to an even better one. This is basically what happens at death: as the moment of death approaches, you feel this sense of calm and peace. Everyone around you (the living) is freaking out, panicking, and sobbing, but you're completely calm. Then, you notice around all your deceased loved ones. Their love is calming you. They all look so young and vibrant and you get this overwhelming urge to join them. Before you know it, you feel yourself being lifted up into the air. During the process, you begin to feel young, healthy, and full of vigor. You rejoin the deceased loved ones you saw earlier and walk off together into eternity. That's it! No pain, no fear! In fact, for those who are in pain (perhaps injured or terminally ill) the freeness they get when they die is actually extremely pleasurable!

    Once you lose your fear of death, all the other fears tend to follow. You can live a happier, freer, less worrisome life. Why worry, dear friend, God is in control. Don't think of Him as a distant, judgmental figure. Think of Him as an amazingly-involved parent, who gives you everything you could ever ask for.

    Let us know if you have more specific questions!
  3. Sorry for not being specific, Im still 16 and live with my parents. They're extremely religious, and I'm not really into the whole christian thing. I was just trying to finish it up before they come in and freak out that Im being blasphemous and everything. Im really interested in OBEs and lucid dreaming, I usually lucid dream every night, and I remember most of them.
    And as for the friend's story, he said that his parents' friend asked a lot of questions, some answers to questions like what the smallest building blocks of matter were, which he was told were frequencies, and just exploring the different areas of summerland
  4. OH YES, I almost forgot
    I hear voices every now and then
    Would that possibly be connected to a spirit guide?
    It was mainly during video games but Ive had it when Im walking about, where I hear whispers, telling me different things
    In the game I was told where certain items were, in life I was told about small things I hadnt noticed before, or if someone wasnt feeling right, I would get a slight whisper, and I can tell its not my own thought, its a legitamate sound, not a thought, that I can hear
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi again! Based on the new information you've given me, I can tell you a little more about the afterlife that might interest you:

    1. Christianity is not the way to the heaven:
    Most of the Bible is nothing more than man's search for God, in which he thinks he's found God, but twists any possibly-divine signs to fit his ancient world. All the evidence of the afterlife tells us none of the Christian sacraments, prayers, church services, commandments matter at all if you are generally a good person. The same thing goes for every religion.

    2. Jesus:
    Jesus, whom we call Yeshua (his name in Hebrew), is completely different from Christianity, and so are his teachings. If you read the Gospels, the only parts of the Bible that are divinely-inspired, you will see that what Yeshua teaches completely contradicts Christianity (especially fundamentalist sects). Yeshua preaches about love and forgiveness. If your parents are extremely religious, I assume you have a Bible right? Try to, when you get a chance, go to the Gospels and just read the quotes from Yeshua, without reading anything else there. If you were to compare what he says to modern afterlife evidence, you would find the two are about 97% consistent! That's really amazing if you think about it - a man who lived 2,000 years ago told us things that we could never prove until the late 1800s and later, but he turned out to be right! I would recommend, if you're not that into Christianity, you follow Yeshua and leave the rest behind.

    3. Researching:
    Your parents probably won't let you order books such as Roberta Grimes's, right? If you'd like to research then, there is a plethora of online materials that could help you find the truth, while remaining discrete. For information on near death experiences, go to Near-Death.com - this a great site because the author has compiled hundreds of different accounts of NDEs. Also, if you would like to find out more about scientific information, you can read R. Craig Hogan's your eternal self here.

    I don't want to spam here, but Roberta Grimes and I do a weekly online radio show. We discuss various afterlife topics and what the evidence actually tells us. You can listen to all the past episodes here for free.

    Another great piece of evidence can be found here. This site has a bunch of recordings from direct-voice mediums, or people can allow the dead to physically speak. It is really interesting to listen to what the deceased have to say about the afterlife. Not all of them are "advanced being" who know everything - a lot of them are just normal people who are going with the flow. I hope some of this evidence helps you to investigate the truth for yourself.

    4. Lucid Dreaming vs. OBEs:
    Lucid dreaming and OBEs are actually two different phenomenon. When someone lucid dreams, their mind is creating a dream just like any other, the only difference is that the person is aware that it is a dream and can thus do anything in it. With OBEs the person actually leaves their physical body, leaving behind the restrictions of the physical world. Have you ever actually astral traveled (voluntarily left your body)? I never have, but it is supposed to be an amazing experience.

    5. Voices:
    I cannot really tell you whether or not the voices you hear are spiritual beings communicating with you are not, but it is very possible. You see, in the afterlife people communicate through thought, and it is just like you described it - it is in your head, but it sounds like a real noise and it is distinctly someone else's thought. I've never heard of a spirit guide helping someone through a video game, but anything's possible! Perhaps you are naturally physic, and are thus aware of spiritual beings that "normal" people don't notice? There are many different explanations to this, but your spirit guide is certainly one of them.

    Just make sure the voice isn't telling you anything negative. If that happens, you could have an earthbound spirit following you. These are beings that, either by accident or on purpose, got trapped close to earth after death. Normally, they are just confused beings who don't know their dead, but some are malevolent. They are responsible for true cases of spiritual possession. Their power is extremely feeble though. If a voice ever does tell you negative things, or suggest that you do something bad (kill, set fire to something, steal) tell it that, under no uncertain terms, that you are not afraid of them and you know they have no power. Tell them you are at peace with God and God's love surrounds and protects you. Most of the time, they flee and never return.

    I hope this helps to you, dear friend!
  6. I do have bibles all around the house, Ill look into that
    And I dont think I've ever had an OBE, but I've been trying recently, nothing yet
    If you have any way to learn how to OBE that'd be helpful

    What day is the radio show on? I'll see if I have time to listen in
    I don't think the voices I hear have ever said anything negative, and being slightly psychic? I'd be down with that
    And as for the books, do you have a list? Im pretty sure I can sneak books past my parents, theyre pretty oblivious
    I'll see if I can come up with some more specific questions later
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi again!

    1. Books:
    The main books I would try to get are The Fun of Dying and Your Eternal Self. Those are the best books for people who are starting out researching the afterlife. If you'd like to look at a list of more books, go to Roberta Grimes's website. There she has a list of some sixty or so books.

    2. Astral Travel/OBEs
    I have been trying to have a voluntary OBE for some time now, but I haven't quite figured out how to do it. Richard Webster's book, Astral Travel for Beginners, is full of information on how to do it, but I just can't seem to get it. If you are interested though, I would highly recommend you get this book. It gives you a lot of different techniques that have worked for many people. Richard Webster, the author, is a hypnotherapist and part of what he does is teach classes, helping people to have OBEs, so he knows what he's talking about!

    3. Radio Show:
    The radio show is on Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:00 PM (eastern time). On the bottom of every page on this website, there is an add for it. The title is Eternity for All. You can listen to the episodes live, or listen to the recordings anytime. So don't worry if you cannot listen to the show live. Click here to go my website. Feel free to call in with questions - we love getting callers!

    I hope this helps you, dear friend! I wish you luck on your spiritual journey. Please, feel free to come to us with any questions you have!
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  8. I also want to welcome you ZebraCakez! I certainly understand the difficulties related to moving away from your parents' religion - I was doing the same thing around your age. I am very glad you found this forum. You sound very open to learning and growing, I wish you the best in your journeys!
  9. Welcome Zebra, I think that is so awesome that you hear those voices, they may indeed be your spirit guides. I think it's cool that they not only help you in life but also play video games with you. :)
  10. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I agree Annie, it is kind of cool that can actually hear his spirit guides (if it's them)! A lot of people would jump to diseases and mental conditions such as schizophrenia if someone dared to mentioned hearing voices in public, but I suspect that, helpful guiding voices at least, are likely spiritual advisors of some kind, even they are not spirit guides per se.

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