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New here..young and trying.

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by ALR11606, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. ALR11606

    ALR11606 New Member

    Ok everyone, let me start out by saying that I believe...after hearing alot on this forum and trying to get in touch with myself I can tell there is something after and there is a greater plan. I'm 16 and have been trying to go farther with my spirituality. Frankly one night I started thinking and the thought of absolute nothingness made me physically sick..since then I have been on the hunt for my true spirituality and came to this website, since then everything has "clicked". I never thought of religions because they seemed to biased...but this, it makes alot of sense. Anyway on to my latest endeavors.

    I have been try to have a OBE using the instuctions in the free book on OBE4u.com for about 3 weeks now and I never seem to be able to separate. I've tried everything, Axis, levitate, phantom limb..etc. I always feel connected and the worlds never appears vividly with my eyes closed.

    Can anyone help me with this??

    Also I want to get more "in contact" Does everyone have a spirit guide? My dreams never seem to take me anywhere that could be described as summerland, They mostly involve Racing as I have been racing Karts and have moved onto racing cars now. Would my summerland be different from most with my being so intertwined with Automobiles? How can I contact my spirit guide and when will I know it? I remember my dreams vividly so I hope that is a good sign.

  2. Eli

    Eli New Member

    Hi Austin, I was in the same situation as you a few months ago, and have found myself that there is certainly something more to life than we know.

    As for the OBEs, I think it takes much longer than 3 weeks than to see any results, but there are others on the forum more suited than I to answer such questions, those who do it themselves.

    Although you may sound like a lunatic, you may want to try talking aloud to your spirit guide, and ask for guiding dreams. For me personally though, thinking it clearly in my head works just fine to bring on signs. To my knowledge, your spirit guide is always with you, direct contact would be unlikely, as you would need to have a gift for it (as Carol does), and as far as I know, to connect with someone in the after life, you have to be physically close to them. Don't get me wrong though, you can speak to your spirit guide, and they will listen. Whether they will "talk" back however, is completely up to them.

    With all of that being said, I really recommend for you to be patient. It sounds like you're really trying to see some sort of sign or visit, and I know it may seem difficult know with the fear of absolute nothingness, just know that somewhere along the line, your spirit guide will try to help you, it's what they're there for. In the mean time, I highly suggest you go look at other threads, specifically the one of Carol and Mikey communicating.
  3. Welcome Austin! Spiritual growth a long journey taken one step at a time. It's encouraging to hear that someone as young as yourself has an interest in spiritual pursuits. That in itself is a clear sign that you are being guided.

    With Lovingkindness (metta),
  4. ALR11606

    ALR11606 New Member

    This is definitely a question for mikey.. Does Auto racing exist in summerland? Or is a earthly thing left behind?

    I hate to sound skeptical but I just really wish to experience something. I meditate daily even 2-3 times a day when I am not doing anything. Are OBE's really that rare?

    I try talking to my spirit guide alot and ask to talk with Him/her in dreams. But I never really seem to talk to anyone in my dreams.

    Sorry if this is alot of questions...I just have many. :confused:

  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Austin, I think you are trying too hard! If you want to have genuine spiritual experiences, you will have to learn to do the opposite of trying: you will have to learn to relax and let go of yourself altogether. You are young, dear friend - you've got time. I urge you to learn to meditate deeply, and assume that it will take at least a year before much of anything happens for you. When you relax into sleep each night, speak to your guide in your mind in simple affirmations, perhaps thinking, "Thank you, dear spirit guide, for showing me what you want to help me with now," or "what I should be doing about (this or that) now." Then pay careful attention to whatever is in your mind first thing the next morning. Baby-steps!! In this glorious process, even if shortcuts were possible you would be cheating yourself if you took them ;-).
  6. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Mikey tells me that "auto racing" or other earthly things that we enjoy is just a thought away in Heaven! So no worries! I want to have a puppy farm when I get there with all my other pets too! :)
    Welcome to the forums!
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
  7. Carol
    Is a "thought away" like a memory, artificial likeness or a real physical activity?
  8. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Mokandi, even though you addressed your question to Carol, I hope you won't mind if I try to answer it. Whatever is "a thought away" in the afterlife levels is as real - and physical - as anything ever gets there. Our minds are extraordinary powerful creative energy! While we are here, we see our minds as simply internal to ourselves, and we see ourselves as surrounded by an objective, material reality. In the afterlife levels, we find ourselves surrounded by realities which seem to be just as material and solid - or nearly so! - but they are entirely mind-created. So, effectively, an auto race there would be drawn from the memories of its participants, and would be an "artificial likeness" to that extent, but it would be as genuine a physical activity as you could possibly encounter! As with all the other entertainments there, you would just think of wanting to attend an auto race, and you would be transported to a front-row seat at a real, solid auto race about to begin. You would be surrounded by like-minded folks and a familiar, earth-like auto-race energy and cheering and fun. It would all be real!

    - This is my take on the answer to your question, based on my reading of the afterlife evidence. I will be curious to see if Mikey agrees, or if he wants to elaborate on it. I love seeing and learning from all the ways in which his take often differs a bit from mine!
  9. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Mikey tells me Roberta is right on with her answer! He says that in the Afterlife, it will feel "more real" than here! (Wow, can't even imagine how cool that will be!)
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
  10. Thank you Roberta and Carol. My son must be doing a lot of surfing.

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