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New here and with some questions on the afterlife

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Emily E., Jan 31, 2017.

  1. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Good to hear my thoughts appeal to your reason. :)

    On another website elsewhere I encouraged a young wannabe psychic/sensitive that he should focus his efforts on making his way in life before getting hung up on the complications and difficulties of being such a practitioner. We are all here to experience living in-the-body and whatever is gained by that. An awareness that life goes on beyond our present ones can help make sense of otherwise-nonsensical situations but it shouldn't dominate worldly matters.

    On the other score, I used to be pedantic about language but I've come to realise and accept that it's a living, growing, changing thing. Words are routinely coined, old words assume new meaning and context, and American English has developed in ways I still find amusing and even annoying. It's one of the many aspects of living half of my life in the USA that I love. Vive la difference and long may it continue!
  2. Emily E.

    Emily E. New Member

    Another thing I've been wondering. What about those who prefer eternal oblivion over the afterlife? Honestly, despite not liking the idea of nonexistence, I can still understand why most people would much rather prefer "eternal sleep" over continuing their life as a higher consciousness. For people who prefer the former, do they get want they want and fall into oblivion, or do they still go to the afterlife? If the latter's the case, then it wouldn't really be fair to them since they prefered something else and got the opposite.
  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    There's not an option or as you guys say in respect of motor vehicles something that's 'available'....

    Personal preferences, as felt in-the-body or mind just don't cut it when we've left this dimension. Even if one holds the same preferences after passing over one can't change how reality is.

    What happens to us humans, whether any of us understand anything much about it or whether we don't, has happened for as long as the great spirit has manifested in its individuated form in this particular world. A period of time we can scarcely contemplate.

    Again you're wondering about stuff totally without context although the points you've raised are academically interesting and similar ones have been raised here on ALF on several occasions.

    Disregard what you think now, forget how you think you'll feel after you kick off your clogs for the last time. Like as not you'll see things wholly differently when you get 'over there' but if you do manage to cling on to your present sentiments, feeling or beliefs it ain't gonna change what happens.

    You can ignore what's happening for everyone else, stamp your feet and declare you ain't gonna do what you don't want to for as long as you can maintain that stance. But what you can't change is the way that life-inspirit goes on simply because you don't want it to be that way.

    And from all that's been taught you're pretty likely to see matters from such a different perspective from the one you have now that all such arguments as those you've outlined will feel irrelevant and you'll also understand why.
  4. Emily E.

    Emily E. New Member

    True, but assuming that the afterlife can "do anything", even being able to mold itself to fit someone's preferences, then I'm sure it would not be out of the ordinary for it to allow that person to fall into eternal sleep if he or she wanted to.

    Then again, I'm not really sure exactly what kind of afterlife you are talking about. Is the afterlife you describe the same for everyone? Or do you believe in a personal afterlife (an afterlife that fits the particular someone's preferences)?
  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Sorry to do this but you're speaking about something you have no understanding of, totally out-of-context and in isolation from the 'big picture' of life here and 'life in the beyond', snapshots of subjects that need a video to be watched to gain some basic understanding....

    The so-called afterlife isn't an entity so there is no 'something' that can "do anything" and personal preference doesn't change the way life goes on in the big picture. Sure someone may be able to control a local, personal situation by the exercise of their will but that's purely a local event, wholly transient and not eternal.....

    About spiritual issues I have no beliefs.

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