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Ndes involving Satan

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by Ask21771, May 5, 2017.

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  1. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Yep - there really is a Satan or Devil............SO WHAT?
  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Jim, there is no powerful evil entity. No serious researcher ever has found one (although there are lots of mini-nasties), and in fact the physics of consciousness as we understand it means that the more evil an entity is, the weaker it is. No Satan.
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  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Wasn't that question intended for kim?
  4. Luizcarlos

    Luizcarlos New Member

    Do we dream because we fear going to sleep and never waking up, or do we dream to prove there is no death?

    So much has been said about dreaming. Some say dreams can occur anytime during sleep. Others say they don’t dream at all. I would like to think the Individual Intelligence dreams the whole period while asleep even if it does not remember any dreams.

    I think dreaming is an extension of thinking. While awaken, the Individual thinks continuously and while asleep, thinking turns into dreaming.

    Thinking and dreaming may be a mechanism of protection. If Mind is empty and unprotected, an entity may break in and taken control of it. Thinking and dreaming occupies Mind to protect it from unwanted control/invasion.

    Is it even possible to exist in a state of no thinking/dreaming? Maybe Life is the ability of thinking/dreaming; otherwise, there is no life.

    Some may say that it is possible to be in a subdued state of no thinking/dreaming such as trance, meditation, anesthetized, etc. I think that while in any of such states, Mind is in control somewhere thinking and dreaming
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  5. Ski


    I agree. Well, actually....all of the afterlife is like this. Most of us, on a soul level do have higher frequencies. Feelings, are not who we are, is the effect of what our experiences are here. . But, on a soul level...its a lot different. A lot of people aren't in touch with that part consciously. It's overshadowed every day by work, responsibilities, family, thoughts, feelings, ect. Sleep and meditation are very good with touching base, but usually we go on with our day after it's over.

    Did any of you watch a show that use to be based off people's NDE's? I think it was called Beyond the Light. There was a man on there, who drowned....and thought he went to hell. Satan himself, was beckoning the young man to him. But as he got closer, he knew he didn't belong there. And he told him, "No, this isn't right, I don't belong here" And then satan morphed into something else, and his experience turned around.

    That's energy.

    We can change it, it can be positive or negative, whatever we make it based on our beliefs and perception. To see negative things as we first cross over, is common sometimes. But as we cross planes, and get closer to the light, or other realms...we get closer to our frequency, on a soul level. Those negative experiences are often shaped by our beliefs (many times from religious doctrine) and experiences from our earthly lives when we first cross over....so it doesn't shock me to hear about these experiences.

    If you have read others experiences of hell, it is usually changed by them calling out to God, help, ect....in almost all of them. These people had a real need to experience this, when they first crossed over to purge their negative emotions from their earthly life, and it's easier to do that when you first cross over amd are closer to the earth plane....because the energy amd frequency is more dense. It wasn't God, or anyone punishing them....it was them, their beliefs, and shedding their old beliefs, and negative energy so they could move forward into other realms.But, we do not have to experience...just certain souls do, because they actually choose to based on their beliefs, or feelings of their own self worth...these souls are actually very good at creating, so it's also likely that they create the bad with the good....as you will see.
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