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My wife, Irene, just crossed over

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by jimrich, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    I honestly do not know. Her "senses" seem to be both totally different from our Incarnate senses and infinitely superior but I am not sure exactly how or why. The Afterlife dimension is so different from ours that it would be nearly impossible for us Incarnates to grasp or understand it from our limited dimension.
    Re: ".....missing out on the best life." I'd go with whatever you believe or know and enjoy it.
    I know that Irene and the other Dis-incarnates are having a ball over there but they never talk about the "best life" since Life is just one, undivided Reality appearing as many "things" or dimensions.
  2. Nirvana

    Nirvana Member

    Thanks, Jim :)
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    According to those who have experienced both here and there, where the dead are now is the more solid and real dimension, and this is the illusion! And both sight and hearing are very much enhanced there. The other three sense appear from anecdotal reports also to be enhanced. And there is, of course, that body-melding thingy that produces what they say is a whole-body orgasm. So... don't knock it until you've tried it!
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  4. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    I'm a voracious reader of books written by or about mediums and the information they've received from the other side and everything I've read and remember reading says that the reality in which the "dead" find themselves is every bit as real and solid as ours is here. But the laws of physics there are very different and thought can create things. The senses sound to me as though they are heightened, not diminished, and the surroundings are described as vivid and intensely beautiful, far beyond anything found on earth.

    I have a book written in the heyday of Spiritualism by the parents of a young man named Leslie Stringfellow, in which he describes transcendently beautiful places and describes them in very sensual language. And there are literally hundreds of books written since then that describe sights and scents and even flavors that are amazing to newly arrived spirits.

    One exception to this is Michael Newton's "life between lives" writings, which otherwise are wonderful. He prefers to place the souls he interviews in a very uninteresting (to me) sort of light area that's like a way station to somewhere else. Personally, I'm drawn to the Summerland descriptions of the Spiritualists--breathtakingly lovely vistas of scenery beyond even Yosemite or the Grand Canyon. And places created by souls for their own and others' healing immediately post-death that are like sublime gardens or forests are also widely reported. The senses of the spiritual body seem to me to be immensely more powerful and sensitive than anything we use to feel, smell or see here.
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  5. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    I have sat with mediums, have meditated for years and had a vivid non-dream visit to the other side immediately after my son's death. And I have seen ghosts twice myself and also attend a Spiritualist church. You don't seem to be familiar with my posts here. But right now I'm not able to afford to visit a really good medium, since I know of none locally and am severely phone phobic--it would mean travel plus a fee and for a mostly retired 70 year old artist, that's out at the moment. So I read and observe carefully each possible sign and synchronicity that happens around me and try to read a book a week on the subject. If anyone here knows of a reputable medium here in the San Francisco Bay Area, please let me know. I found out too late about one woman who had crossed over by the time I found her book and another whose book said they were local had relocated to Southern California. You're very, very fortunate to live where you do, with so many of the top-flight mediums living in the area. It very definitely is NOT like that everywhere.
  6. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    OUCH! I wish you had put all of that in your other post. I will go back and delete my response to you above. Sorry if I offended you. I'll read all your posts here if and when I have time. Jim
  7. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    It's OK. I'm not offended and didn't mean to sound that way. There's a ton of information on this site and my posts are scattered hither and yon. I'm sure there are gifted mediums here, but I'm not plugged in to the local New Age scene (by choice) and so far the mediums at the Spiritualist church in San Francisco are genuine, but very hit-and-miss. Some days they're hitting on all cylinders during the service and I get a strongly evidential reading that blows my socks off. But the next time it doesn't sound like a real connection at all. So I hesitate to pay good money for a private reading for fear of hitting an "off" day.

    I keep asking my loved ones on the other side to point me to someone who's more consistently accurate. If it's supposed to happen, someone will pop up with a recommendation. I believe that we get contact when it's part of and contributes to our life lessons, but there may be times when we're supposed to work our way through doubt and grief on our own--that is, after all, one of Life's greatest and most profound lessons. And then contact isn't going to happen no matter how much we yearn for it. Our guides know what we're here to work on and will facilitate the lessons, rather than what we want, no matter how much we want it. Sucks. But at least I did have amazing contacts with my son all those years ago, when I desperately needed it.
  8. Nirvana

    Nirvana Member

    Thank you very much, Widdershins3 :)
  9. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It's a sad fact that this situation is fairly typical of mediumship in general and quite likely has always been so.

    Practitioners who are primarily (as you guys say) 'spiritual mediums' aren't able to guarantee their results and for any given medium, variability is commonplace from one venue to another, from one time to another, from one state of health or energy level to another. Mediumship is an organic thing and many factors may come into play. On the other side of the balance there is the 'loved one's' situation. That, too, may vary considerably from one to another.

    Some individuals may 'hang around' this physical dimension, around their loved ones, just waiting for an opportunity to reach out to them. Others may see matters differently and get on with things in a different way, perhaps getting back if-and-when an opportunity arises or perhaps they simply go off for themselves without calling back. Yet a third category is the individual who has had a measure of success but then decides he or she has other things to do. No matter what the situation, then, that particular individual may never be heard from again while we're still in this world. Less common is where a loved one stays around and apparently focuses on regular communication with a particular family member, for whatever reason.

    I think this is summed up very well. I've not quoted Widdershins personally because it's something that applies to anyone and my response is general and not just to her situation. My purely personal view is that once a loved one has had some evidential reassurance that their loved one lives on then there's no further need for continued reassurance.

    From the discarnate loved one's point of view it makes sense to me that they'll want to get on with their new life now knowing exactly what was intended both for herself/himself and for the incarnate family member left behind. If there were a divine intention for routine continued contact with loved ones whose time here had finished then provision would have been made for it. Essentially we're here to get on with things in the way they work out even when that seems horribly cruel.

    So we face the situation of either continuing to seek further contact or we settle to living our lives without them but knowing that it's what's intended and also knowing that our loved ones are well and waiting for us when our own term here is over.
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  10. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    To be frank, initially I found Michael Newton's books troubling for this reason: they seemed to be the sole outliers in what is otherwise a breathtakingly consistent view of the next stage of reality as rich with human-appearing people in beautiful earth-like scenery. I have found, though, that Bob Monroe's books (Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys, Ultimate Journey) also have this starker view of what happens between lives, and my conclusion eventually became that the Newton/Monroe version is what more advanced entities can choose to see, but for those of us who are transitioning from the earth realm it would be too much of a shock so we experience a richer (although still mind-created) reality. I even have seen a bit of evidence that we always can choose to experience people in the afterlife as light specks against darkness if we like, and perhaps even shift our perspective back and forth - who knows?
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  11. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Today, I sat with some free-thinkers or philosophers in a very small group and as we talked about the Afterlife and Spirituality, I noticed a familiar pattern in the group of talking theoretically, guessing or imagining about certain things so I offered that I KNOW certain things and would speak only of what I actually know rather than from speculation, imagination, hearsay from books or THEORIES and then I began to say what "little' I do know about the Afterlife, Dis-incarnates (Irene) and spiritual matters. I made it clear what I did know and what I was guessing about or had heard about in a "sharing" style rather than a lecturing or teaching style. To my surprise, some of the others began talking about what they actually know rather than making speeches or lecturing us. I took a risk and reminded the leader of a private conversation she had with me where she shared about the contact with her late husband and she began telling the story which is nearly identical to all of my contacts with Dis-incarnates. Nobody got upset or attacked her with criticism and pretty soon ALL of us were sharing similar, Afterlife or mysterious EXPERIENCES with each other and without the typical challenges, doubts, cynicism, put downs and RIDICULE that these mysterious topics often inspire. We SHARED our realities and allowed each other to tell our true or real stories, some of which were quite remarkable and interesting but not alarming or frightening at all.
    The first time I spoke of "psychic' stuff in that group there was a slight resistance or dismissal of the topic but this time, the subject was accepted and many of us had some kind of psychic or esoteric story to tell. It was acknowledged that many of these mysteries may not be explainable from our conventional minds or knowledge but the stories should at least be allowed. It was quite refreshing to have a fun and guilt-free SHARING session with strangers and see that many folks are open to the mysteries of the Afterlife and various kinds of phenomena surrounding Spirit communications and signs or contacts from the other side. Those who did not or have not yet had a contact experience were still open to the possibility that noone dies once their body parishes so life-after-death seems to be becoming more and more accepted and understood.
  12. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It must have been an enjoyable experience being able to speak in-group with others who shared similar experiences. :)

    I'd guess they also enjoyed sharing but so often in life such experiences, and the understanding that may follow, seem intended mostly for the experiencer. Others hearing about them may find them unpersuasive or even plain unbelievable. I get that.

    As I've remarked before, the information that's come my way over my time 'in-the-spooks' I now regard as my knowledge that life is eternal and we survive a process that some see as the end of each of us. I used to believe it but I'm beyond that point now. Some experiences have been highly personal but they still have remarkable similarities to others' personal accounts. That serves to reinforce I'm not attributing unwarranted importance to them.

    Knowledge in these matters may be hard to nail. I've often heard the term 'personal truth' but maybe personal understanding/acceptance/knowledge is what that term really implies; our personal glimpse of the actuality of life, death and survival. For each individual it is something they feel comfortable that they know, however, and that knowledge may be reinforced by what they learn from others they respect.

    I can only hope that the notion of life-after-death and all that follows really is being better accepted and more understood. It's not an easy matter to evaluate though because without regular, suitable polls it's conjecture based on what we personally see or feel but that may be based on a very small, non-representative group. Only the generations that follow us will be able to look back to these times to compare then and now, to see if humankind's overall spiritual status has changed significantly over the decades which are presently the future.

    Perhaps we'll be part of one of those generations doing the looking back? ;)
  13. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    You are fortunate in your friends, jimrich. I think I may be a bit jealous, in fact;) Conversations like that one are wonderfully stimulating. Sometimes you even learn of other psychic experiences that help to clear up questions you have or that validate a strange happening of your own. I had one on Sunday after the service at the little Spiritualist church I attend when I can and ended up with a reminder about something that had slipped my mind. I was telling my friends about last Friday, when, every time my mind slipped into Neutral, a writer acquaintance I'd not seen or thought of in years popped into my mind. The next day I read online that he'd died on Friday.

    On Sunday, I wondered aloud to my friends why on earth I'd connected to someone I wasn't close to, and when my precognitive and clairvoyant gifts were long-vanished. We had a lively discussion and one person mentioned that to him the critical thing was my mental state--those moments when I was washing dishes or pulling weeds and kind of tuned out. Which has led me to renew my commitment to stilling my mind deliberately several times a day. I hadn't thought of that on my own (though it seems obvious to me now), so I'm really glad I had some people with whom I could talk about this stuff, even if they are way over in San Francisco and I don't see them often.
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