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My wife, Irene, just crossed over

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by jimrich, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Bruce, it's up to us whether we want to mind-create or whether we want to do it in a mimic of the physical method we had used on earth, or perhaps whether we want to use both methods. We hear this said about building houses, especially: most are mind-created, but people who enjoyed carpentry on earth also can do it the hard way. All kinds of crafts - not just machine-sewing - are happily practiced in the Summerland, although of course these folks can just think the fully realized garment or sweater or tapestry or whatever into being. It is all up to us!
  2. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Dear seekers & grievers:
    I honestly do not know what Irene or any of the others do over there and I honestly do not care so long as I am sure they are still alive and happy. Irene and some of the others "drop by" occasionally to offer assistance and/or a little humor during my moment to moment activities and apparently she visits her oldest daughter in the middle of the night for brief "talks" (but the daughter NEEDS her sleep!!). All I currently care about is that my beloved wife and best friend, Irene, is OK and happy over there, but, if and when I get more or deeper info, I'll pass it along.
    Irene was helping me find a few things at the Hobby Lobby today in a very subtle and non-invasive way by just slipping an idea or thought into my mind at just the right time and I always thank her for her help and LOVE. Many others, in the family, have the same experience/relationship with Irene so I know it's not just my over-active imagination, but I couldn't prove it to anybody else.
    I sincerely hope that more and more folks, on this side, become aware of and lovingly involved with those in the Afterlife. They have a lot to offer us if and when we are open to their gifts and wisdom!
    Blessings from Irene and the others,
    Last edited: May 13, 2017
  3. Thank you for the update!
  4. Kurt

    Kurt Active Member

    I grieve your pain Jim.
    I pray for your wifes' soul.
  5. ALR11606

    ALR11606 Member

    Sounds like she's constantly in contact when you need it most. I pray for you and Irene, Jim. I trust that she is there and will be there whenever you really need it.
  6. BruceAdama

    BruceAdama Member

    Well, I was curious, since not only did you mention machines, but the fact that she attends a whole class, leading me to believe that there's enough of a demand for physical processes there to justify such things. As always, I could say more on this, but I'll do it in my own thread, rather than drag this one further off-topic.
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I have also read accounts of spirits attending sewing classes in the Summerland. We are told that sewing, knitting, crocheting, and all such things are much easier to learn there. We can pick up skills much more quickly there, because we don't have a material brain to impede the process, and also because our bodies react much more precisely to our thoughts.
  8. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Even though apparently we can easily mind-create whatever we like there once we learn the process, many of those who have recently died still find pleasure in doing creative things in ways that feel physical. For example, although most homes are simply thought into existence for us by higher-level beings once we have designed them, there still are people who miss carpentry enough to want to create their homes with hammer and nails. And my Aunt Ruth - the one teaching the sewing class - was such an intense sewing hobbyist in life that she made nearly all her own clothes, and even coats. For her to want to keep on doing and to teach to others what had been her greatest earthly pleasure seems to me exactly what she would have done!
  9. jimrich - I am just curious, how can you tell when your wife is putting the thoughts and ideas in your head and communicating with you, versus you thinking of something that reminds you of her? I ask because over the last 6 months, I have been increasingly taking up interest in all of my husband's hobbies. Hunting, dirtbiking, things like that. Things that I loved to watch him do and support him doing, but never could do myself. I've spent a good deal of time over the last few months researching backpacking equipment and gear and getting set up to take friends backpacking(something else I've never done), and then last Friday I found gear my husband had gotten on a whim last fall to do the same thing. It was something that I'd completely forgotten he'd been wanting to do. I've even been craving his favorite beer and buying it over the wine I would normally drink. I haven't felt like it was him communicating with me to do these things though, maybe it was, and that would be so wonderful. When I really stop and think about it, I feel like it is me wanting to be closer to him somehow - wherever he is - and wanting to make sure his gear and the things he loved and worked so hard for get used properly.
    Do you "hear" your wife talk to you in your mind? Or is it more you get ideas popping into your mind of the things she likes?
  10. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Mostly it's how the idea, notion or impulse feels and the subtlety of describing that feeling, like spirituality, is nearly impossible to put into words other than ideas and impulses seem to come from nowhere, whereas my own ideas and impulses are generally predictable or caused by me personally. It's most noticeable when her "stuff" is absolutely nothing that I'm thinking about in that moment and it always makes me laugh to have her "drop by" like that. I always acknowledge and thank her for the hint, cue, suggestion, image or softly spoken reminder.

    IMO, this is him trying to get your attention to let you know he's OK and still around. They don't leave, they just move over into a slightly different dimension but way better than our physical one. If this happens again, just quietly or openly say thank you (use his name) and try to acknowledge that the hunch or impulse did come from him. They really do want us to acknowledge their presence and continuing existence which very few of us can or will.

    He's right there with, next and sometimes inside of you. They have no physical limits or restrictions like we do but, most of us were never taught to acknowledge their presence so we ignore them or dismiss their communications as just our imagination, memory or an accident, etc. That really hurts their feelings!
    It's more that I "feel" her voice in my mind and surroundings than actually hearing it. A psychic said I might be able to really hear her voice some day and that would be so sweet.
    The ideas that pop into my mind are very definitely about things that she liked and still likes but usually nothing I'd think of on my own so I know it's her sending me suggestions and ideas/impulses but not in a rude, invasive or nagging way. The ideas and impulses come very softly and respectfully plus quite often in a humorous way which always makes me laugh. Her favorite thing is any form of chocolate ice cream whenever I'm in a store! I am watching my weight so I only buy a small amount and she goes wild when I eat it!
    I hope this does not seem too mysterious or mystical. In many ways, communicating with them is pretty similar to any other communication and we can do it out loud or just inside of my mind since they can tune into whatever is going on inside of us. I think more folks could and would communicate with their crossed-over loved ones if we were NOT programmed to be afraid of them or the "afterlife".
    It makes me wonder how and why humanity became so fearful of the departed and the Afterlife. I bet it's connected to some kind of religious thing and/or the priest's needs to control their "flock".
    Just be open to your husband and say "thanks" whenever you suspect that he's there or is sending you ideas and impulses. He's there for sure because they can't go anywhere else!
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2016
  11. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Folks, I have to tell you, without bragging, that my late wife, Irene, just keeps coming by all the time in such interesting and subtle ways. Recently, while at the 99 cent store, I got a few things and was about to leave (as men do) when Irene says, "Hey wait up now, I'm not done looking this place over!", so I took her all around the store so she could shop and check things out! As "we" got near the end, I found a few more thing to put in my basket so I knew she wasn't just sending me on a wild goose chase! She/they still LOVE any kind of chocolate - ice cream or otherwise - so I always get them some whenever I can. The incidents of "advice, help, suggestions, reminders, etc." just keep coming in and it's a BALL having them come by to let me know they're still here and I'm not alone on the earth plane. I JUST LOVE IT AND ALL OF THEM!
  12. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    This is wonderful, Jimrich - thank you for continuing to share your experiences with us! I tell people in grief that relationships like yours are possible, but they seldom believe me. You are making it work, though, and all those who do it agree with you: staying close this way really is FUN!
  13. emkar

    emkar New Member

    Hello Jim, Thank you for sharing your delightful story. Thank you.
  14. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Hi Gang:
    Here's a few humorous updates about my late wife, Irene.
    I take her to many places that she always enjoyed such as Ikea, Macy's, any mall and many hot dog stands and dinners where we often ate.
    So the other day "we" were looking at jewelry through the window of a store in Burbank mall and I was telling Irene how much I always wanted to buy jewelry for her, when Irene "comically" said, "Jim, we don't have fingers, wrists, necks or earlobes over here SO WHY would I need any of that stuff?" I stood there laughing out loud for the longest time as I realized that she was trying to have me understand that she is in quite a different Reality now and does not inhabit a body as we do in this dimension!
    Then, just tonight, I took her through the lady's dept of the Topanga Macy's and towards the end of the walk, Irene said, "You know, I could easily fit into any those things right now - skinny or big!" Again, I had to laugh and laugh as I could see she is trying to get me to accept that she is no longer a person inhabiting a form but is a formless, spiritual entity or presence who still thinks and sometimes acts like a physical person.
    She comes here in many subtle and not so subtle ways and mostly in my dreams at night. She is never a bothersome pest and often helps me REMEMBER things and feel better if and when I get depressed or lonely.
    I've probably said all of this before so please excuse me if this is becoming redundant. There are so many interactions with her that I'd need a few dozen pages to tell them so the ones mentioned above are my most recent and funniest ones.
  15. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Lovely, Jim! The fact that she has retained her own personality, and you and she still enjoy so much together, is inspirational - thank you for sharing!
  16. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    I wrote this elsewhere but it's good enough to repeat.
    yesterday, I bumped into two rich ladies that Irene and I know and I somehow became fascinated with their exceptionally exotic clothes. I touched the one woman's top and noticed how much their clothes looked like stuff Irene and I saw at Chico's. Right after leaving those ladies, it HIT ME that Irene was (secretly) there and got all excited about their clothes since we sometimes shopped at Chico's! I laughed and laughed at how Irene had showed up to observe and enjoy her two lady friend's attire. She often comes in quiet and subtle ways to enjoy or be part of this dimension. Eating chocolate ice cream always brings her here!
  17. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    There are so many subtle and not so subtle connections with or from Irene that it would take a book but, just yesterday, while driving back from a noon-time gig in Newhall and no particular place to go (Chuck Berry?), I casually asked Irene where she wants to go and a feeling/image/voice called my attention to Burbank and she very clearly mentioned wanting some of the chocolate cake and coffee at Ikea! I had to laugh because her uncle Henry, who used to live in Burbank, was also there and quietly nodding his head yes, so I took the freeway fork into Burbank then suddenly remembered that Ikea had moved! Well I get this subtle message about going on an adventure to the new Ikea so, after asking some pedestrians about the new location off we all went for this new adventure and what an adventure it was! The new Burbank Ike is GIGANTIC to say the least. We went inside to find the cafe which is about 20 times bigger than the old Idea was. I got Irene's chocolate cake and, while paying for it, the Cashier said the new Idea is dong a land slide business and remarked that going through the place will be AN ADVENTURE! I almost asked him if he is psychic and over-heard Irene say that! So I S-L-O-W-L-Y ate their (Irene & Henry) chocolate cake and sipped their coffee then took them on a tour of Ikea. WHAT A PLACE! They enjoyed all of it as I slowly walked the isles and stopped to examine or touch the things Irene and whoever else is here wanted me to. It still blows my mind that non-physical, dis-incarnate entities can enjoy so much in the physical plane but I don't need an explanation for it - we just enjoy it - together. Irene is not constantly here or constantly guiding me but when she comes, it's so wonderful and welcome since I am somewhat unmotivated and have a lot of free time and energy to give to her and her "worldly" interests. I always take her into places like Michael's or a dress shop since she was a very avid craftier and seamstress. She still comes very vividly and strongly in my dreams but that's another long story so, more later............
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2017
  18. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Irene's birthday was May 3, so I took her for a Reading at the Psychic Eye in Sherman Oaks (good prices!). Irene is 73 now in Earth time but no age in Afterlife time! We had a BLAST as Irene reminisced over the trip we took to Hawaii with the band and spent a few hours at Fanning Island south of Hawaii. It rained on us several times that day but, since it's on the Equator, it was like taking a warm shower! We just laughed and laughed and laughed both back on Fanning Island and at Irene's Birthday Reading here. We did not spend a lot of time with forecasts or trouble spots in the Reading. Irene said she is working Spiritually with a lot of folks over there and over here. I still do not know the exact nature of her "spiritual work". She said my late brother, who just crossed over a few weeks ago, is in a "cleansing" process so he is not available to talk with me just yet. Irene had some advice and a few "forecasts"about my car but, over-all, we just had some laughs and reminisced. She apologized for not being around me very much recently but is very busy "helping" others. She is still quite real and present in my dreams but said it's difficult to "get through" to me when I am awake. I agreed that my (monkey) mind is probably too over-active which will block communications from her side. She spoke of mysterious things that I did not understand but accept that the "messages" can and will make sense later on as my mind allows it to unfold. I still do not completely understand how she and others operate or live in that dimension but accept that I do not need to know all about it, for now. I didn't have time to ask about my parents or others who are in the Afterlife now.
    It's strange to know and experience individuals in anther plane or realm while learning about nonduality in which there is only one Beingness or Essence and NO separate individuals at all - just the nameless = This or It, but it's not a problem when I have contact with Irene, even if we are actually No-thing or simply Pure Energy! The other way to see this is that No-thing APPEARS as an Irene and a Jim within the Play of Life or Story of Irene & Jim! There's still love, respect, happiness and a lot of LAUGHTER in our story! I expect to hopefully be seeing and speaking with Irene for a very long time as our happy story evolves. I just bought the book: LOVE NEVER DIES by Dr. Jamie Turndorf, who is living a life with her late husband that's similar to Irene and mine.
  19. Rising

    Rising Member

    I love reading how Irene comes into your physical life Jim, keep your experiences coming, we love to hear about them x
  20. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    When I go for long walks, I often see things like butterflies, humming birds, certain flowers and clouds, etc. and am often amused at how Irene and some others who are in the Afterlife can and do "appear" along the way. I am trying to stop telling others about these events because I can sense that they think I'm either hallucinating or going insane but sharing with or convincing others no longer matters to me. Just the warm and fuzzy feeling of an innocent "Hello" from a butterfly, bird, flower of cloud is good enough for me and I always say "hello" to whoever I imagine is showing up in the connection. They never tell me exactly who they are so I just let my imagination decide if it's Irene, my late brother, mom, dad, Irene's uncle, brother in law, etc. It really doesn't matter to me who the Dis-incarnate is so long as I take it as a friendly and loving gesture or contact. I'd love to have full on psychic conversations with any of them but, due to my own tendency to be Codependent, it's better that I don't lean on them and depend on them for my happiness and/or security, etc. Irene and some others come very strongly in my dreams so that's enough for me. The dreams may contain significant "messages" but I rarely examine a dream any more and am trying to live by intuition and spontaneity rather than by forecasts and predictions. Just knowing there is a wonderful life after physical death is good enough for now and when "they" come to visit, it only reaffirms the Afterlife for me even if most other Incarnates fear or disbelieve that there is an Afterlife.
    LOL, I have a "Christian" friend who can get quite upset if I mention the word PSYCHIC in his presence. How sad!

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