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My wife, Irene, just crossed over

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by jimrich, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    This is the email I just sent to Andrew about Irene:
    Just a few weeks ago, May 14, my wife, Irene, a psychic, crossed over to the After Life while at the hospital after a long and painful bout with various health conditions so I wanted to come back into ALF and tell others of the interesting and unique things that happened during and after my wife crossed over (she's still right here!).
    I will share with you a few of the things that happened after Irene crossed over (I don't say "died" because she didn't "die" and is quite alive and well, even now.
    Right after she left, I was not having the kind of one-to-one communications with Irene as I had with our brother in law who crossed over a few years ago, so I went to see a local psychic, Delores, up on Ventura blvd. Irene came in right away and we had a very interesting and informative discussion in which Irene said over and over that she is very happy now and that it was her time to go so do not feel bad, guilty or blame the hospital staff, etc. for her "death". She is over there with her ex-husband and having a ball! When I asked her what to do with all of her paintings (she was/is a fine artist), she just shrugged as though to say "Do whatever you like, that's all water under the bridge now".
    There is not much to say about the After Life as Irene is experiencing it and the psychic said that Irene cannot come to hang out with me just yet while she is "getting settled" into her new environment which is why she did not make a strong connection with me right after she transitioned. She does, however, come in quite often when I go to certain art stores, Ikea (she loves that place) or when I scattered her ashes to offer me ideas, suggestions, reminders and even HUMOR. And she comes around when certain friends or relatives are here or when I'm in places she likes and lets me feel her excitement and love for all of it.
    I feel quite happy that she is still alive and well and is right here in my life as well as the lives of all she knew and loved. Her daughters can sense her ongoing presence and her youngest daughter's cats see Irene a lot! Many in the family are OK with Irene's After Life existence even if they don't quite get it or believe in such stuff.
    For me, the continuation of a living being beyond this physical plane is both an unquestioned fact and a great joy. Not that I am so eager to transition but I no longer have any fear of the other side and will most likely look forward to going there when the time comes.
    I am very happy to come back in to ALF and share my current experiences about the After Life and Irene for the benefit and comfort of anyone reading about it. I never was an "expert" on the After Life but have certainly had a lot of direct experiences and connections with a few folks who have gone over there.
    jim :)
    P.s. Much more has happened since the above statement so I will update my ongoing adventures with Irene as they occur - like what happened just today so, stay tuned! ;)
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  2. Nirvana

    Nirvana Member

    I hope she tells you/us more details about her After Life

    Great to have you back, Jim
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Jim! Thanks for posting your email here--I suspected everyone would love to hear about your experiences since your wife has graduated. Your experiences really demonstrate just how much easier the passing of a loved one can be when everyone involved understands that consciousness survives death. Just think of how our world will be transformed when what we know inevitably becomes common knowledge! :)
  4. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Hi all:
    Here's a bit more of this ever unfolding story.
    Ok, here is an update on my new relationship with Irene, who is now in the After Life yet still quite active over here.
    Today, I took a few things over to Reseda Goodwill and once done, I asked Irene where she wanted to go since I have a lot of free time on my hands right now and, after considering a few places, she said, “Northridge mall!” so off we went. Driving up Reseda Blvd., I was tempted to take her into her favorite fabric store, Candy’s, but somehow missed the place.
    Arriving at the mall, I was tempted to go up to the 2nd level and take Irene through the men’s Macy’s at the south end of the mall but she chose the lower level outside of Sears where we could park in the shade (using her old Disability Plaque!) and into Sears where we were greeted by the delightfully cool air conditioned blast coming out the back door!
    Once inside, I took the time to let Irene casually and slowly examine many of the clothes and feel the fabrics as we walked through Sears towards the north end of the mall. Going through the mall, I could feel Irene enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the place and all the “stuff” there.
    As we came to the women’s Macy’s on the north end, I could feel/hear Irene wanting to go into the store for a look so in we went. (Men NEVER window shop!) I let Irene see and enjoy all the stuff we rarely had the money to buy for her and we walked all around the store to the north side where I could hear a woman calling for “help”. As we approached the distressed person, I could see that she had collapsed within the clothes racks while another woman customer was rushing to her aid.
    The fallen woman did not seem injured so the woman customer and I gently lifted the fallen woman to her feet and she seemed stable and unhurt, except for her pride, at tripping over the feet of the clothes rack (as Irene sometimes did.) Her electric scooter was nearby but she didn't need it so I left her standing there, looking at clothes, as she seemed OK for now.
    As I got to the store entrance again, it hit me that Irene had set up that entire event, probably from the moment we left the Reseda Goodwill and it all made total sense that she wanted us to arrive at Macy’s just in time to help that poor, fallen woman.
    This may seem spooky, silly, mysterious, mystical or my over-worked imagination but, for me, it makes perfect sense that, from Irene’s new, spiritual perspective, sending me up to Northridge and into the 1st floor level, through Sears, instead of the 2nd floor level, took me straight to that fallen woman JUST IN TIME! Since Irene suffered many, many “falls” over the years, I can easily imagine that, from her perspective on the other side, she “knew” that woman was going to trip over the metal feet of the clothes rack and so Irene somehow made it possible for me (and the other woman) to rescue the fallen victim. It was no big deal but I couldn't help thinking that Irene is now operating on quite a different and, maybe, more significant level than she ever did or could have while over here on this side of life.
    So, going on, we walked outside the north end of the mall and noticed that the Wednesday out-door street market was opening up so I asked Irene what she wanted and heard/felt the word: CHOCOLATE! I was laughing as I walked around the street market but found no “chocolate” so I promised to get her some later in the food court. (Jimmy Haas was like that about donuts and hot dogs!)
    At the food court, I bought a few chocolate chip cookies at the Subway and some coffee (her favorite treats) from a hamburger joint, then sat down to let her enjoy the snack and watch the people. She always loved our “breaks”.
    Later, as we drove back down Reseda, she reminded me of Candy’s quilting store, which we had missed on our way up the street so I took her in there to drool over the delightful array of quilting fabrics and sewing stuff that she loved SO MUCH. She must have had big sewing plans because I could feel a slight sense of sadness and loss at not being able to sew any more as I allowed her to look the place over.
    Finally, we drove on back down Reseda towards home and I missed stopping by Continental Art Supply, Irene’s favorite art supply place, but promised to take her there real soon as she had two serious passions in life (besides LOVE) = fabrics and art/crafts supplies! Actually she had 3 passions: sewing, painting and going “bye-bye” in our car!
    We went everywhere together in our old yellow station wagon and several cars in between so it didn't matter where or when, she was READY TO GO – except for those few days before she crossed over.
    The story of how she crossed over is long and complicated but the bottom line is that, Irene had suffered a lot of pain and never ending health issues for many years and I believe (can't prove it) that she wanted to "leave ASAP" and the hospital staff aided or assisted her during the final moments of her very unhappy and painful life. She had a very smooth and painless crossing thanks to the hospital staff's abilities while most of her family stood there watching and waiting for her to "transition". There were a few tears but most of us were happy for Irene and would not have stood in the way of her going off to a "better place" which is what the Afterlife is in my experience and understanding of it. I am no Afterlife expert so there isn't much that I can say about it other than it's WONDERFUL over there and all the folks I personally know are VERY HAPPY over there. Irene is standing or hovering right here next to me as I write this for any of you who need assurance and comfort regarding those you have lost - although nobody is ever actually "lost" - they are right here next to and sometimes inside of us as loving, empathetic and RESPECTFUL friends and they just want us to somehow acknowledge their eternal presence even though they are invisible to most of us.
    More about this as time goes by........................
  5. Nirvana

    Nirvana Member

    Are you saying she can't sew in the afterlife?
  6. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member


    I don't currently know what they can and can't do over there. I'll have to wait for her to tell me stuff but she is telling me things all the time now.............:eek:
  7. Annie

    Annie Member

    Thanks for sharing. It's really cool how you can sense Irene and kind of read her thoughts, and also that you have a reliable medium to help you communicate with her. It must make it a little easier for you, knowing how happy she is now, especially compared to the pain she suffered in her final years. I also think that she probably CAN sew in the afterlife, she just might not realize it yet...or maybe she had friends she used to sew with and that was what bummed her out a little? I'm sure she'll be back to sewing and painting in no time though. :)
  8. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Member

    This story is amazing!Hopefully in the not so distant future all disincarnations would be like this..people would not be fearful of death
  9. MalMac56

    MalMac56 Member

    Just a question,
    You say in your first post that Irene was a psychic.
    You say you went to a local psychic........
    Did Irene and this local 'psychic' know each other?

    While I want to believe, I'm thinking that the psychic community would be rather small and they'd tend to know one another and if that's the case then I wouldn't believe too much of what the local 'psychic' said.
  10. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Hello dear Jim! It's lovely to see you back here. It turns out that, yes, we can sew there. I had an aunt who sewed almost all her own clothing, and a year ago when I had a reading with Susanne Wilson my aunt was in the middle of a sewing class, teaching others to sew using sewing machines made of crystal. So... when Irene is ready, likely she can teach sewing, too!
  11. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member


    Thank you for sharing this. Please have Irene tell my husband "hello" for me.
  12. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member


    In Los Angeles, there are thousands of psychics so it's not very likely that Irene, who was not a real busy, commercial psychic, would personally know many other psychics plus, she didn't trust very many of them, anyway!
    While the "local" psychic said a lot, Irene was communicating directly with me in both audible ways and putting images into my mind/consciousness, many of which had me laughing a lot. It was a wonderful and beautiful event/experience for all 3 of us and the psychic wants me to "stay in touch" with her. :)
  13. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Sorry for your loss. Will do. Many have told me "sorry for your loss" and I say, "What loss?" Irene is still right here (waving my arms around) and I feel her all the time so there is no actual "loss" for me. I get sentimental from time to time but not because she is dead and gone. She is just as alive as ever but in a slightly different dimension or place. She comes around quite often and usually with some bit of humor for me or others! I just love her so much - even on the other side and I am so very happy for her better, happier and pain-free life now in the Spiritual realm.
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  14. Nirvana

    Nirvana Member

    So what is Irene doing over there?
  15. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Watching them

    Thanks 4 asking.:)
    I honestly don't know but I'm not trying to keep tabs on her for now. One of her recent messages was for us to let her go and not try to keep her from moving forward or getting busy in that realm. Something was said about her working with survivors of abuse on that side but I am not motivated to quiz and grill her just now. Perhaps she will share all of that with me as time goes by.:)
  16. lybg

    lybg New Member

    Hi Jim. Thank you so much for sharing your communications with Irene, each one makes me smile.

    When my loved one crossed over he was able to give me enough signs to let me know he was alive and okay...it was enough to ease my grieving considerably! However, it has now been just over a year and I don't "hear" from him as often so I know he is busy with other things. I really am trying not to be greedy and want him with me ALL the time. I still talk to him like he is with me whether he is listening or not! :eek:
  17. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    For us, things happen all the time. Today, I went into a strip mall on Topanga Canyon blvd and bought some coffee (her favorite stuff) and upon leaving the little coffee stand, we passed a donut shop whereupon she began talking about those DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE donuts but I had to say "no" due to my much too big stomach and she actually became upset that I wouldn't let her have a donut! I've seen it where the "departed" still want to taste and experience physical things so this did not surprise me but I didn't expect her to get upset about it! She calmed down right away though - WHEW! It's kind of like that old joke about how those who are in "heaven" get bored and then want to spend some time "down below" (hell?) for a little fun! Can't say I blame them! LOL...........more to come..............
  18. Nirvana

    Nirvana Member

    She should have all the earth pleasures available to her there, or at least not care to experience them again, according to Roberta...
  19. BruceAdama

    BruceAdama Member

    Roberta, I'm a bit puzzled by this. It has been said here that we can just "create" our clothing by thinking of it (I recall a thread where Carol said Mikey does this), and you have been quite adamant that in the afterlife realm, we don't use the "physical" processes we use and know here, that creation is done via thought. So why would there be a need or desire to sew?

    Don't get me wrong - I sincerely like the fact your aunt partakes in the physical process of sewing, and that there are machines which sew, etc. I'd just like a little clarification as to the "why" aspect of this, when it can be done supposedly with thought.
  20. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Re the bold, underlined text.

    There is, of course, no need to sew. There's little enough need for it in our western world! After all when did you last need to sew or mend something? But that doesn't mean that an individual wouldn't like to sew something or other.

    Sewing can be basic mending, highly creative or anything in-between. Why wouldn't an individual not want to sew in whatever way appeals? But for all there's no need to make or mend clothes; clothes can be created by power of thought, individual or collective. It would need considerably greater power of thought - perhaps - to create a sewing machine by the power of one's thought. Or maybe it wouldn't and once that machine was created further thought might develop its sophistication so it could be used for whatever one may wish to use it.

    If the principle of 'power-of-thought' in creating objects is accepted, what are its limits?

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