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My Thoughts thread

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by seanmc, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. seanmc

    seanmc Member

    I know that I made many posts before this, but from now on I would like to have one thread dedicated to my thoughts and feelings based on BruceAdama's thread.

    I will continue to post in this section only on this thread right now.
  2. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    great! I hope it works well for you. :)
  3. seanmc

    seanmc Member

    Thank you. :)

    Now, I'll give my first thoughts. Keep in mind that mine might sound a lot like Bruce Adama himself sometimes, because in his own thread I was able to relate to some of his anger or negative issues. I hope people who post in this own thread for me are able to be civil or not post, because I may say things that trigger certain people. And then, I wanted to let this thought out. I also want response or feedback from these thoughts.
    Despite everyone wanting me to be grateful and that I should be lucky to have been born after my parents, the truth is that I believe that it sucks to live young in America today because the whole western society is in decline and it's irreversible. Families are having less kids now and there are things that don't even have directly to do with family units. I can write a lot of things, but I hope you understand the gist. I sometimes long to have been a child of a family with more than 2 kids like my parents were. I understand that some things were more difficult, but the difficulties are just different today. Even parts like relationships and dating in very modern society has supposedly gone downhill.
    I grew up with Catholic parents, I used to be excited for it. But for years I started to become less excited about any sort of existence after death, because there are not anything physical or material at all. Some theologies even teach that anything of physical or earth matter in (inherently) evil. I have trouble not seeing God as a type of person who wants to "go strict" on us when we enter his paradise, and telling us that we no longer should care about anything else we enjoyed because God is very jealous and anything that used to touch us on earth is "sinful" and corrupt no matter what.

    Also, God and his followers are only slapping us in the face, because some of us have actually struggled to get a partner or relationship, with a man/woman who is desirable and good-looking for us, and who long to have lived with some of the things our direct ancestors grew up on before us (down to every minute detail), and many other stuff that I can't list. Just because the afterlife or summerlands as some here call it are better than we can imagine, it doesn't make up for our/my struggles down here. I just want to enjoy more stuff down here.

    And what I refer to above, it's too bad that God doesn't want to intervene and help modern social conditions, and only wants us to be eternal with him forever and we probably can't leave. That's instead of just "guiding" us to the right decisions. And GOD says he created the earth and universe in the first place, but doesn't want it anymore because he is mad at all the corruption and evil. It's not even fair.

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