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My Spiritualist/Medium Experiences

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by dan t, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. dan t

    dan t New Member

    So I finally saw this medium, called Martin, who was also with his mother. Unfortunately I didn't get any messages, but he did admit that he was tired from working yesterday, since he also has a regular job.

    Anyways, both of them were quite impressive. There were no shotgun questions, very specific names and descriptions given, and ridiculously accurate details. For example, Martin knew how a woman's father liked his fish and chips with lots of vinegar, and how her mother made Sunday dinners, including individual contents of said dinners. He was able to give many specific answers without asking any questions beforehand, as did Martin's mother. He said things you'd only be able to know if you were there personally or in conversation, not stuff you would post online. He was a really nice and funny guy.

    There was a sad moment though, because at one point he paused and started tearing up, because his grandad apparently briefly came through to him just to say he loved him. It was quite emotional and hard to watch, as he was genuinely going red-faced and you could see tears in his eyes. Apparently it's happened to him before and left him feeling ill, especially in volatile environments.

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