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My spirit guide...

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by annvlq9876, May 12, 2017.

  1. annvlq9876

    annvlq9876 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    to start off, I'm really new to all of this stuff, and to the website, I don't know much about spirit guides besides what I've been reading online, but I'll try to be as clear as possible when explaining what has been happening to me for the past two months, or so. I'm not a very spiritual person, in the means of: I do not meditate, I've never channeled spirits or even have psychic abilities, etc., but I do believe there is much more than just earthly life, I believe in a spiritual life and that when we die we're just leaving our physical bodies, but we do not cease to exist ever.

    It all started with a dream I had after deciding to switch career paths. In the dream I saw this man, who I immediately recognized. He died 4 years before I was born, so I obviously never met him, nor I am related to him in any way. Yet, I feel we have very similar personalities and views, plus we share the same career now that I've decided to switch and do what makes me happy. To top it off, he was the one who inspired me to do it, the main reason basically, he's a very important role model figure to me and I have so much respect and admiration for him. So, after the dream, weird things started happening to me, I started seeing patterns often, like repeated words or phrases that could relate to him and his life, and based on things I had read, I decided to choose a symbol, which was blue feathers. Later, I was reading some stuff online and the words "blue bird" came up. I don't know if I was being silly but I definitely associated it with our "blue feathers" symbol I had chosen. I really had this gut feeling that all of this was NOT NOTHING, it was something else, that's when I started browsing the web and found out about spirit guides. Having in mind that I never met the guy and we're not related in anyway, I started doubting this was really him. We share nothing besides what I've mentioned (similar personalities, views and careers, maybe even similar experiences in life). So why would he be my spiritual guide? Are these enough connections? I honestly don't know if I think so.

    But then, one day, I decided to try and talk to him out loud and ask him who he was or to confirm who he was, cause I thought I already knew. So I asked him that, and also asked him to show up in my dreams again, which later happened two more times. The second time he didn't appear personally but things that directly had to do with him appeared in my dream. The third time I saw him in a picture in my dream. One way or another, both dreams were, at least, about him. I don't know if that had anything to do with me asking him to show up in my dreams. I was kind of disappointed of the dreams though, because in the first dream he was personally there and even spoke to me, and I felt very close to him. I felt a very personal connection to him. But those other two dreams happened, I accept them and I really am thankful to him for listening to my requests.

    Another thing that happened to me was this day when I was thinking about all of this a lot, so I decided to try and talk to him again (I always do it out loud). Moments after, I felt a very strong, sharp throbbing pain that lasted seconds. I immediately thought of this: he died from a gunshot wound to the same place where I felt the pain. I couldn't help it but associate what I felt to his death.

    So all I'm asking is:
    1)Am I being too superstitious and/or imagining things? Or are these things more than just coincidences? Do they actually mean something? What do you think?
    2)For someone I never met and have no connections to (besides the connections I mentioned), is it possible that this person could be my spirit guide? Why shouldn't he be with his family rather than me?
    3)Opinions; I'm definitely not looking for validation, an honest opinion would be great.

    *I decided to not reveal his identity because he was famous and I don't want people to think I'm dumb or cliche, this is serious to me.*

    PD: It's been awhile, I haven't talked to him lately and he hasn't showed up in my dreams. I also haven't been seeing signs anymore. Have I lost him? Is it possible that he just left? Am I not paying attention maybe? I'm gonna try to talk to him and ask him to show up in my dreams again before going to bed. I really hope he hasn't left! I'll update if anything else happens.
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  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome to afterifeforums! Since you aren't familiar with spirit guides, I'll just tell you briefly that:

    1) Each of us has one primary spirit guide who is with us from before birth through the post-death phase (at least). We also have other guides who will come and go in our lives "for a season or a reason" as Susanne Wilson says. So if you were considering a career as an attorney, for example, if that was not an area of your primary guide's expertise, he/she might enlist a specialty guide to join your team for a time and give you specialized guidance.

    2) We meet with our guidance teams while our bodies sleep. Since our minds have no need to sleep, we all astral-travel at night; we visit with dead loved ones, take courses, enjoy a metaphorical cigarette, and so on: it is our mental "time out" period. And not every night (apparently), but on many nights, we will meet with our spirit guides. For example, at least some of my meetings take place in a large wood-paneled room around a conference table, and I sit at the middle of one side of it; I know this because I was allowed to recall a snippet of one meeting, and sitting opposite me at that meeting was Jesus. He is decidedly not a part of my team! But He turns up a lot everywhere, whenever He is needed. And just that glimpse of being in His close presence is something I will never forget.

    3) We usually have no memory at all of our meetings with our guides. But if they think it will be valuable to us they will sometimes let us remember glimpses of faces or a snippet of a conversation. In my experience, these upon-waking memories of what has just happened are unforgettable: I still vividly recall the few such memories that I have been allowed to retain. Dreams of the sort that you describe are a different phenomenon, but communication dreams involving real people are often reported; one question that would settle whether yours were actual communications or just random dreams would be whether or not they remained real and detailed in your mind a day later. If they did, then they were likely memories of genuine astral events.

    4) Having a formerly-famous guide is about as likely as being regressed to a formerly-famous lifetime. But it can happen. I didn't learn until two years ago that my own primary guide had been Thomas Jefferson in his penultimate lifetime; and while that seems incredible, I have by now seen ample evidence that his claim is fact. We turn out to be old eternal friends (we all belong to closely-aligned soul-groups that reincarnate together repeatedly), and our deal made before my birth was that he would help me with my life-lessons and then in my sixties his turn would come and he would guide me through completing some things that he felt that he had left unfinished. All the work I am doing now is his work, particularly Liberating Jesus and The Fun of Living Together.

    All of this being said, my hunch based upon what you have said is that this formerly-famous person might be your primary guide, but that's unlikely, especially given the timing. He may very well, though, be someone who came in as a secondary guide to help you with the transition into this career that you were entering; and if that is the case, he may already have moved on. Thank you for sharing what is a fascinating story!
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