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Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Ski, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Ski


    okay, I'm going to write one more before bed. Feel free to add, or tell me about yours if you have anything to share. I'm apart of another spiritual website, and have shared this a few times. I generally do not share my experiences in person, because of the judgement and nonbelivers, Christians, ect. I do share it online on websites, anonymously.

    I'm going to skip here (although I have shared it on the other website) what I did to cause my own NDE. It wasn't suicide, but wreckless behavior on my part when I was in my 20s. I'm just going to tell you what I saw.

    I was here one second, and in the blink of an eye (literally) I was gone. I found myself standing in a grey misty fog. I didn't know where I was, or how I got there. I remember looking around, asking myself, "Where am I?" As soon as I asked that question....there, in front of me, through the cloudy fog of grayness was a deceased loved one of mine. He had died years before and was very young, just a small kid.

    The fog was moving, and as it moved I saw his whole body. It was the weirdest thing because, he was wearing the clothes he was buried in(we were both children when he died) but his body was not solid. It looked to be some kind of electrical energy. His blue eyes were shining outward, like light was shiny blue outward like a flashlight shines outward. . His hair was blowing back in the windy fog. He stood there staring at me, and did not say a word.

    As the fog moved and cleared, next to him was an angel. She was made of pure white light. It was very fluorescent white, and glowing. She was standing sideways, facing him. Her wings were HUGE. I would estimate her to be about 6' tall, but her wings were approximately 12' tall. Twice the size of her.

    I remember thinking, "I must be hallucinating" And at that thought...

    My loved one turned to run and skip away (he was 2 yrs old, and died over 25 yrs ago) he was energetic, and always skipping, bouncing around when he was alive, he was no different here. He turned to skip away, and she grabbed him from under his arms to lift him up towards a bright white light(which was far behind them) and they looked like little comets, racing at the speed of light in to the pin point of bright light behind them.

    I did notice, between this grey foggy place, and the white light...behind them, was completely black. The only thing I could see beyond this grey place, was blackness behind them, and a white light far off into the distance.

    At that moment, I was back in my body. I did not know what I had seen, and thought it was a hallucination, possibly DMT? It took me several days to admit I had seen this, and later on I Started looking up energy and NDEs....I had never heard of this before. I was shocked to see that others who had NDEs, also saw energy and light like me. I was not convinced, as I am highly skeptical of things, even my own experiences...I have come to believe it's real, and the more experiences I share...you will see why. I kept neutral of the experience, and didn't tell anyone except my sister.

    That didn't last long, as right after this experience.....I started having random, psychic experiences. Prophetic dreams, clairvoyance, PL dreams, and I was visited by several deceased people, some of them the very night they died, and I did not know they had died.

    I will make posts about these experiences later on, when I have time. I have to get ready for bed now, for work tomorrow. Thanks for reading
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  2. Ski


    I just want to add one more thing, for those who say that there are different frequencies in heaven, it's true. It's not just a new age concept. That's what I saw, I saw souls (energy or light) communicating through energy(thoughts and feeling) and it traveled at the speed of light, almost instantly, on different energetic wavelengths or frequencies. I will explain in detail, as this happened after my NDE. Energy travels by vibrational wavelengths.
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  3. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    Fascinating, and thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more experiences, if you don't mind sharing :)
  4. Ski


    You are very welcome. I certainly will share all that I experienced, and I'm open for discussions, opinions, a,d even others who may have seen something completely different. I love reading others experiences as well. Thank you for responding:)
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  5. Rising

    Rising Member

    Thanks Ski , I can't wait to hear more , I'm all ears
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  6. kim marine

    kim marine Active Member

    I had an NDE also in 1983, and experienced different frequencies. It felt like I stayed in a different frequency for quite a while and viewed previous lives that I once lived in those frequencies. Did you experience any of your future? It was as though I was watching movies in a virtual reality theater.
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  7. Ski


    Hello Kim,

    Yes, I did, but I haven't got around to posting everything, yet. It was a whirlwind of psychic phenomen, including PL dreams and visions. Which is weird because, they way it happened, showed me that the past, present and future are all playing out at the same time. I have a lot more to share, it just takes so long to type it all out. Im going to post another today. The past life dreams were answers to a prayer I had been asking questions about.

    It absolutely was real, and it had shown me how karma or whatever one calls it, works. It's a very intriguing story, I will post that one someday....I'm not ready to right now. Thank you for your reply
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  8. Ski


    You are welcome, thank you for your reply
  9. kim marine

    kim marine Active Member

    I thought I was on the earth while I experienced these lives, and I wouldn't wake up from the coma, so therefore I remained unconscious and kept seeing so many different things in "other lands", so to speak. I've already posted two of them on here, but the others wouldn't mean anything to anybody but me, so I don't want to post them. It goes beyond words. Dr. Craig Hogan is so good at putting things like this in words. He is who I first communicated with when I noticed things occurring in my life that I needed answers to that couldn't be answered by the people in my life.
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  10. kim marine

    kim marine Active Member

    This is hat I was told!
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  11. Ski


    Yes, I will share my story with you when I have time. It is true, because I saw the past life, I saw the person, and they were from the future...when I would see them, but they were also from the past....and I also ran across them in the present. I was told that things would stay the same, as long as the energy didn't change. Energy can stay the same as long as we don't change. Yeah, it's true. But also, there seems to be different dimensions playing on from the past and future...at the same time as the present with the same events going on.
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  12. Ski


    Wow, it's good to find you here, Kim. I don't know anybody like me. I know of some people who have had NDEs, but they won't talk about it.
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  13. kim marine

    kim marine Active Member

    It's good find you here too. I bet everyone on this sight is also glad I found you to talk to as well. At first all I experienced was a lot of petty deja vu, but later events in my life became familiar in a different way. It has been going on steady for 36 years this June.
    I also believe everything we experience here is energy that exits at an extremely high frequency. I do not believe any of the objects we encounter are actually physical, including the body we live in.
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  14. Ski


    I feel the same way. It's actiually what got me into taking an interest in metaphysics. I know there has to be a way to prove it...but the closest thing I've seen is these paranormal investigators who believe we are electromagnetic energy. Of course there's Einsteins Theory of Relativity, or the First Law of Thermoodynamics, but that seems to not be close enough to what it actually is. And it falls flat against what scientist believe. But it seems close. Yeah, in my own words I always explained it like this, matter is a condensed form of energy. It's on a lower frequency, where the after life or the spiritual plane is on a higher frequency.

    You know something that is strange, when I was in the hospital as a baby, I still have memories. It was traumatic as a baby to be away from my mom. I remember screaming for her...and I remember the way my room was set up...with my bed against the wall(in an oxygen tent) and I remember sitting in the bed, amd seeing things...like energy. I remember seeing different colors, amd inherently knowing this information we are talking about. At one point, I was really really sick...and it was the morning that my dad came into my room. I couldn't move, amd my dad had just walked through the door...and opened up a curtain and the sun was shining in. I see all these colorful rays of sunshine. I really believed(as even an infant) that I was going to die.

    At that point, I became apart of all these colors of sunshine, it was like I was being infused with the color spectrum of the light that was in my room. It was very bright and colorful. It only lasted a few seconds, but looking back....I know that feeling, so I knew what it was. I don't remember much after that, because it was a whirlwind of nurses, doctors and tests...but I remember that part very well.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with my early childhood psychic abilities, such as the dream I wrote about when I was 4.

    Anyways, sorry for the typos....autocorrect won't leave me alone, and he needs to take some spelling classes, lol.

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