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My Dad

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by timnduson, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. I am new to this forum but I must say i've been reading posts and I am truly intriqued.
    My Dad passed away 6 years ago this month. Although I thought I was prepared, I know now I wasnt even close. Ive had dreams with since his passing that have included him and the last one I had was a week ago and remains quite vivid. Growing up he and I loved to fish. It was a weekly thing for us and we spoke of those times in the days before his passing. My dream last week involved me watching a documentry on tv about a large swamp area he and I always liked to fish. Well, they are showing a scenic view of the area and here comes a boat headed into the back areas of the swamp. As it went past, I realized it was my dad in his boat. The dream ended there with me crying.
    I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi! I'm glad you've begun to post here! The stastics seem to say that we get a lot of readers here, but not very many posters. I hope you'll continue to post questions and offer your input!

    The dream which you had last week seems, in my opinion, to be a genuine communication dream. The fact that is still vivid is a tell-tale sign. Regular dreams, which are made up of a variety of things and are mostly fictional, just fade away. But communication/visitation dreams remain vivid for months, and sometimes even years!

    I cannot be sure, however, as to what your dream means. When you first woke up, what did you think it meant? I could see it as saying that you two will be together again at some point and that everything will okay. That is generally the meaning of communication dreams, and seems to be consistent with this one, but sometimes these types of dreams have more specific messages that make sense only to the viewer.

    Whatever your dream means - ultimately you and your father will, not only see each other again, but will spend a delightful eternity with each other! All manner of things will be well, dear friend!
  3. Thanks Andrew,
    When I awoke i was crying...it was good to see him and i would like to believe that it was his way of saying he was ok. He was hospitilized with a heart issue that could not be repaired. I was the one who gave him the news. His word were.."well i guess it's time for me to go and meet your mom". I spent the next two weeks with him at the hospital and we talked about our favorite times together fishing and cried a lot. I had to make decisions later involving his treatment that i will always question. I ended up having to give the ok to take him off life support. By the time they let me into his room he was gone. Before the last procedure was done (which put him on life support) his last words were "I love you". I miss the man a great deal.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi again! Dear friend, you have nothing to feel guilty for at all! You ended your father's pain by taking him off life support. Think about it: which would your father have preferred: living indefinitely on life support, or being free, young, and healthy again? I'm fairly certain that any sane person would choose the latter?

    If you really want to do something to make your father happy, discard any self-blame that you may be carrying with you. The dead hate to see us in pain. You did nothing more than allow a healthy spirit to leave a dying body and enter a land of eternal bliss!
  5. Thanks

    I appreciate your response Andrew
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2012
  6. Same here

    Hi, I also had a dream after my mother died, she came to me in my dream and told me not to come back to the funeral home(she knew how upset I was) but she said I could come to the cemetary (she also knew how stubborn I was, I was 17 years old. Well I'm 65 now and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I'm a retired RN now of 30 years and I've seen a lot of people die, I know there is some type of life after death. Patients have told me what they saw while they were clinically dead, one guy said to me when I went with the Dr in his room making rounds, he said "you, you're the nurse who put those irons on my chest last night" which his heart had stopped and I was the nurse who defibrillated him and restarted his heart. Now that I'm retired I can do some research. I started meditating but I started waking up while trying to get back in my body and it kinda scares me, my ears are ringing and I can't move, scary
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    No problem! :)
  8. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi! Your dream is definitely a communication dream as well - especially since you still remember it. What your patient experienced was a near-death experience. It is very common for the dying to come back to life (it has happened to over 15 million americans) like this and they can often tell doctors and nurses exactly what happened them they were dead. It's incredible.

    What you experienced was astral travel/out-of-body travel. This is completely safe and there are no risks to it at all! The fact that you did it without trying to seems to indicate that you indeed have a natural ability to astral travel. The buzzing is sign of astral travel - it happens either when you are about to leave the body or when you are coming back. You see, we astral travel in our sleep every night just about, but we don't remember it usually. You are remembering returning from your astral journies.

    The feeling that you get afterwards, where you cannot move, is called sleep paralysis. It can be a side effect of astral travel, but it is ultimately harmless. It's uncomfortable, and scary, nothing can harm you as you believe so yourself. The effects should wear off pretty quickly. Do you sense a malevolent prescence during this? Most people do, but no one ever seems to be in danger at all. There are also instances of hallucination during sleep paralysis. Again though, there are no lasting effects.

    This will sound very random but, do you sleep on your back? Sleeping on your back, according to a study I read, seems to increase your likelyhood of experiencing sleep paralysis. I don't know why - but, if you are, maybe you try sleeping another way?

    I hope this helps!

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