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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by UnseekingSeeker, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. UnseekingSeeker

    UnseekingSeeker New Member

    Silent explosion

    Sahasrara & Ajna in tandem
    Ignite the head ovoid
    Anahata spacial ever purring
    All within Sushumna overjoyed

    Moment to moment we cognise
    Imperceptible shifts within
    We alone know the throb we feel
    Ecstatic renewal of bliss ignition
  2. UnseekingSeeker

    UnseekingSeeker New Member

    The meek shall inherit the earth

    Essence of self existent presence, pristine and illumined is unimpacted by the veils of delusion borne darkness surrounding identity for the onus is on the ego resident within mind body to align itself with divine love in surrendered stillness to experience and imbibe the elixir of ineffable rapturous bliss unendingly radiating from the source.

    Stockholm syndrome
    We are our own tormentor
    The door is open

    Poetry form: Haibun
  3. UnseekingSeeker

    UnseekingSeeker New Member

    Kiss and make up

    Our outward transmission
    Misinterpreted by the receptor
    We apply a healing balm
    Rather than a lie detector

    If there be a flicker of hesitation
    In our impulse to embrace
    Know that ego is at play
    Sending us on a wild goose chase

    How does right vs wrong really matter
    If in loving hearts there be a chasm
    All that counts is joy & laughter
    Love radiating from our body prism
  4. UnseekingSeeker

    UnseekingSeeker New Member

    The joy continuum

    The songs we sing
    With a smile winsome
    A journey without movement
    Into Gods kingdom

    Each moment reborn
    Magically falls the tumbler
    No doing need be done
    Save eyes open in wonder

    The journey thus far
    Beyond our feeble imagination
    Each peak a new trough
    Thus unending is our meditation

    No frivolous thoughts left to scatter
    Whilst immersed in bubbling laughter
  5. UnseekingSeeker

    UnseekingSeeker New Member

    The merging

    Subtle inner shift
    Hue imperceptible
    Sees maya veil lift
    The tilt vibrational

    Enabled sentience
    This earth interface
    In it our conscience
    Draws in His grace

    Prayers are heard
    Every wish granted
    Reality is our word
    Save ego planted

    Nothing to be done
    Except exit trance
    Knowing all as one
    In joyousness dance

    Awareness self aware
    Of its self existence
    In nonchalance bears
    Burdens in innocence

    Simple watchfulness
    Awareness unbroken
    Blissful joyousness
    Of nectar partaken
  6. UnseekingSeeker

    UnseekingSeeker New Member

    Dream world

    Each dream is real in enactment therein
    For the time continuum within it we reside
    Dreams within dreams a myriad of illusions
    Awaking only when thought forms subside

    The dream then merely thought projection
    Has no real & enduring existence of its own
    Being but a play of ideas by us self conjured
    Hidden fears & desires manifest for us alone

    Likewise then what we call as waking state
    Inference of senses and lower mind combine
    The underlying reality not quite as it seems
    Truth eternal in the void of stillness we divine

    Looking in deeper as of endowed discerning
    How may we self assess our dream response
    The images or destiny happening as ordained
    Are we in a continuum aligned with conscience

    What within the dream or waking does agitate
    Creating discordant ripples in our blissfulness
    Is attention poised in astonished wonderment
    Essence of presence flowing in tranquil stillness
  7. UnseekingSeeker

    UnseekingSeeker New Member


    God or Sat being the only true substance
    Choicelessly chooses to manifest existence

    Dividing Himself into two by His creativity
    Creating thus a pulse manifested as polarity

    The pulse the word the outpouring being Ohm
    Wherefrom arose the Universe we call our home

    In the void of stillness He remains neutral
    Attraction & repulsion orbiting the Sun central

    Thus is set up the triad or trinity of energies
    Satva & Rajas & Tamas in a play for eternity

    That that He may behold Himself in surprise
    He slips into stupor to gradually awake & rise

    This play then enacted in the field of maya
    Where space-time-matter become an enigma

    Veil of illusion creating in life feeling of identity
    Appearing to be limited though in truth infinity

    Delusion of each lifetron rooted in stagnation
    Freedom instant centred in source of causation

    Maya manifestation being but division illusionary
    Reflection of vibrations in a dream world imaginary

    Eternal truth Sat found in stillness of meditation
    Evident in the void of each pulse polarity rotation

    Stretching the void by stilling flickering attention
    We are one with the absolute in blissful elation
  8. Cupid

    Cupid New Member

    Superbe! As we say in French
  9. UnseekingSeeker

    UnseekingSeeker New Member

    Ah! You have ‘seen’, while I merely speculate!
  10. UnseekingSeeker

    UnseekingSeeker New Member


    Allurement & attachment
    Transcended by detachment
    In silent contemplation
    By re-cognition

    Senses externalised
    Each cognition sized
    Believing we are the identity
    We seek higher enableability

    Pampering animal craving
    Thirsting & quarrelling & lusting
    Recognising transience of the external
    We turn inwards into quietude internal

    Thus animal body and lower mind rested
    It is the turn of feeble intellect to be tested
    Found limited & inadequate in discernment
    Surrendered to conscience in contentment

    We pause to recognise the steep gradient
    Of each micro ascension of detachment
    For each fear & desire rooted in stagnation
    Is overcome by grace alone by meditation

    So the thinker thinking & doer doing
    Replaced by essence of presence resonating
    Tuning into vibration as of affinity
    With the singular goal of God connectivity

    As of the scriptures at this coordinate
    We are in sync with the heart in stillness sedate
    Whereupon we are immersed in bliss ineffable
    Truly a transcendental wonder of Gods miracle

    Here we are and here we stay for the moment
    Rapturous in the current elixirous to which sentient
    Yet it seems that bliss too we must let go
    Assimilating it fully and then indulgence forgo

    What wonders lie beyond when all fetters are gone
    No one is here with last remnants of ego are shorn
    Let us await the reunion
    Freedom by fusion

    With the source

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