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Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by mac, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    The following is from an entity calling himself ‘Spirit Guide Sparrow’ and relates to one or more subjects that have previously been discussed on ALF. Neither ALF nor I endorse his ideas however.
    Further guidance may be found at: http://www.spiritguidesparrow.com/index.html

    Are Murderers Punished?

    That which you call a murderer is a mental projection of human morality.

    Those in the spirit world, at least in the rainbow gardens of which I walk, do not live by the moral code of one miniscule species, on a tiny planet in the vast multi-verse. The shared moral overview and principle of acceptance in these realms of light are forged from billions and billions of species who have come together in love and harmony, who have created a place that all are welcome, regardless of any action performed in physical state.

    For they know, and you will come to know, that no matter how evil a human being may become in nature, their true nature, which is their beautiful spirit, awaits them in pure perfect loving acceptance.

    It is simply that the soul identity which is attached to that spirit has, at some point within its human experience, forgotten its true nature and lost its goodness.

    This does not make the spirit of this human evil, for it is not the spirit which is perpetrating evil acts. It is the biological aspect which has commandeered control of its soul destiny and abused the gift of life. Despite fallible belief, no being is ever born evil.

    It is actually the social and environmental, both external and internal which corrupts hearts and minds, and produces unbalanced behaviorisms. It is the quality of life a person has been born into which determines the traits they foster in later life. This is not to do with wealth or material possessions, but of love, nurturing companionship and personal centred education.

    A civilisation which hacks away at tribes of trees to build farm factories, promotes murder and violence on television and cinema screens, and produces racist and sexist music for children cannot place all blame in merely one misguided individual, and then call them a murderer.

    So too for those who are then manipulated in their hour of weakness by false prophets and misguided leaders, who then perform savage acts in the name of a God they know nothing about. Each misguided action is always preceded by a tormented twisted story of a once pure heart which fell from grace in their weakest hour.

    So it comes to pass these individuals return to the spirit world from whence they came. What good would punishment do to the aspect which seeks alignment with goodness and truth? For punishment begets hate, and hate begets rage.

    What does rage achieve? Who are you to inflict your own moral code upon the free will of another? Would you likewise seek to punish the billions of other life forms which do other species, on other planets wrong, in terms of your own human moral concepts?

    For the individual who has crossed over to fully understand and accept the consequences of their actions, love and education is the only route which can initiate deep change.

    It is only the power of love and education which can illuminate something which was once wrong and unjust. This then becomes a personal journey of purification: experiencing regret, sorrow and compassion.

    Then, within their expanded heart, they determine their own recompense to those they have harmed in physical life by giving of themselves in service. This service of kindness demonstrates sincere desire for forgiveness and is then left for the corresponding individual to grant it at their own time of choosing.

    It is also the case that, because of the negative vibration of consciousness such a being carries back to the spirit world, this very same consciousness filters them out from accessing realms of knowledge and communion which others freely enjoy. It will only be possible to access these other folds of community and potential when they have resolved the mindset they have come across with.

    This is to say then, that until they have acknowledged the consequences of their energy and actions, their energy being produced in their auric state will bar them from passing through higher realms of the spirit world. In fact everything visible to most will appear invisible to them until they raise their vibration to the required state by accepting responsibility.

    They can freely punish themselves all they wish, but only when they accept love and truth will they find a way forward. So it is then that your own consciousness you carry with you, in its own dynamic functionality, works only at its best when you accept love and truth into your soul.

    Although a murderer will go to the same place as a saint, one will perceive and behold very little in terms of paradise, and one will perceive and behold a vast amount, all in accordance with vibrational state.

    Wanting or seeking vengeance upon others will just as likely bar you from greater knowledge and freedom than will the actions of those who caused your anger to begin with.
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