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moment of death

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by mac, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    The following is from an entity calling himself ‘Spirit Guide Sparrow’ and relates to one or more subjects that have previously been discussed on ALF. Neither ALF nor I endorse his ideas however.

    Further guidance may be found at: http://www.spiritguidesparrow.com/index.html

    What Happens At The Death Moment?

    If at first we look upon the process of death for other animals, we see that their transition is swift and natural. They let go very quickly and easily (they do not hold onto the ego).

    Often you will find their consciousness vacates the physical instrument some time prior before the biological functions have become inactive. This is especially so if there is any physical suffering which takes place. It should comfort you to know that in such circumstances most animals are already attuned to be able to leave their bodies at will, almost on command. What is seen thereafter is purely the biological functions firing away, causing it to jerk, twitch and so on.

    Other animals have a very low pain threshold and so leave far more quickly than most human beings. This ability, in a sense, comes from the fact that many animals eat each other out of necessity and have adapted their consciousness to free themselves of any unnecessary suffering. When it comes to human beings, their nature of passing is often experienced in a much broader way.

    Because of the many circumstances humans have created in their environment they seem to have invented far more many ways to end their physical life. From car crashes, addictions, gun shot wounds, contaminations, suicide, domestic fires, electric shock and all kinds of hazardous scenarios. The nature in which a human being passes will be entirely relative to the means in which it is triggered, and the state at which that being is currently at within their consciousness.

    So if they are a spiritual person who has prepared themselves years in advance for the time of their death, then they are going to have a very swift exit and transition. Those who have no belief in a soul, spirit or any sort of afterlife, and who live a life purely within a materialistic perspective, they will find their passing and transition very confusing and disorientating. The latter are more inclined to grasp firm hold of their physical body during and even after their body has ceased to function.

    When a human being realises they are going to die their whole state of consciousness and vibrational frequency changes. On a physical level the body reserves all its energy and functionality to major organs of its biology to enable homeostasis.

    Once breathing becomes compromised and the lungs begin to fail, the liver, kidneys and gut are shut down. This is often why you may see incontinence, loss of appetite and so on. The body will go through a process of shutting down none essential organs until eventually the heart stops and the brain is left firing its remaining biochemical functions.

    The cells are the last to cease function as they work somewhat independent of the brain. The brain merely connects them together and forms pathways of communication. All the cellular frequency information, that is, the biorhythmic memory imprints are ejected into a specific cycle per second frequency which animates what you call the soul.

    The frequency you resonate at and within while reading this is likely between two-hundred to nine-hundred cps. At your time of death this will increase to such an extent that you will ‘slip’ out of your physical awareness into another frequency of awareness you call the soul state, or an OBE.

    Other people will not be able to see you within this state simply because your cps rate is beyond their receptivity of human perception and senses. As your cps rate has expanded to occupy a broader spectrum of light and sound frequency, you become aware of other aspects or dimensions of reality.

    Such a reality will be relative to your state of consciousness at that time, and thus the nature of what you will experience as your ‘passing’, whether you remain behind to observe your human body or perhaps simply transport yourself to new surroundings within higher frequencies.

    So it is within your understanding, you can see heaven is not some far away place, but occupies the same physical space, just within a different energy/light cycle per second frequency.

    The brain is merely a biological machine, as too is your heart. As I stated, the individual cells are the last to shut down, not the brain or the heart. Your soul is not contained in the confines of your brain, or any other major organ of the body, it permeates every living cell of your body, down to the very DNA. You must also remember that you are not just one life form, but a great many simultaneously.

    Many millions of bacteria and other life forms exist within and as part of what you know as a human being. A collection of biochemical organisms electrochemically wired together to form a walking, talking miracle instrument.

    The heart may stop or the brain may appear to cease all function, but with the right technological advancement can be restarted like rebooting a computer. They have not truly died for their essence, their cellular memory and awareness of ‘I AM’ still resides within each living cell.

    These cells are inherently connected to, uploading to, and downloading from your etheric cord which is attached to your pure spirit. This applies to every living being. A person truly dies, in a sense, when the etheric cord is detached from the solar plexus and your consciousness cuts all ties with the physical body.

    The exact time this takes place is different for everyone, as the means in which people die, as I said, are so broad. Some, who experience a very violent affliction upon their physical state tend to sever their connection with their cellular counterpart almost instantly.

    In these cases the person will suddenly become aware of their etheric form which is ejected, in a sense. If it is the body has been damaged to such an extent it can no longer sustain conscious state, then the soul does not stay very long.

    Yet for those who are enduring some sort of illness or slowly deteriorating state, their link with their physical state may still be strong because of the beliefs and values they have for it. In this case their consciousness will tend to experience phases of conscious state and unconscious state. Their etheric cord will still be attached to their physical being, but they may experience shifts of awareness and dream like states.

    Also for those who are within such things as comas, their etheric cord still remains present, but their consciousness will often occupy a different frequency altogether, only momentarily returning back into physical awareness. So in a sense, the dial on your conscious state is turned from one setting to another.

    The etheric cord will detach when the conscious state has let go of the frequency focus of physical state and completely aligns itself with the frequency of the metaphysical world, or their pure spirit. When this occurs the body will give out very quickly and there will be no mistake that they have passed.

    So how do you know when someone has truly died?

    Well if the body continues to function then there is still a presence of consciousness. It will just be that this consciousness is, in a sense, between two worlds.

    One may then be led to contemplate whether keeping someone alive through apparatus is for their best interest, or whether you are prolonging their unfortunate state. The wishes of the individual would be the indication. If they are unable to indicate, then it must be a decision based on the quality of life foreseen and the wishes of loved ones.
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  2. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    That was true for Irene who wanted to cross over days and maybe weeks before she finally did, with the help of the hospital staff.

    Yep, that happened with my very Christian brother who was quite surpised at what he found in the Afterlife!

    All of that happened to Irene just before the ICU staff allowed her to die. Her kidneys had shut down and her heart could not tolerate the dialysis procedure so she was going to cross over no matter what!.

    Irene was in that OBE state shortly before her body was allowed to "die". I and a few others "noticed" her presence outside of the ICU just before her body was assisted to die.

    As your cps rate has expanded to occupy a broader spectrum of light and sound frequency, you become aware of other aspects or dimensions of reality.

    I clearly observed our brother in law, Jimmy, "floating" above his dead body but did not actually see Irene floating above her body when it died. I am not a medium so I have no idea why or how I "saw" Jimmy and not Irene after they "died".

    I am not a medium but that has been my direct experience of "heaven". It is right here but in a different dimension or plane.

    This answers a question for me. Shortly after Irene crossed over, I sat with a local Medium and Irene was asking about her body. I told Irene that her body was to be cremated very shortly and she seemed happy about that! I never understood why she cared at all about her disease riddled body after she arrived in the Afterlife so this kind of makes sense to me now. The closest I can come to understanding "many life forms" is in the area of sub-personalities or selves within us such as: the Critic, the Pusher, the Boss, the Inner Child, etc.

    One may then be led to contemplate whether keeping someone alive through apparatus is for their best interest, or whether you are prolonging their unfortunate state. The wishes of the individual would be the indication. If they are unable to indicate, then it must be a decision based on the quality of life foreseen and the wishes of loved ones.[/QUOTE]
    Irene and I decided long ago to just cross over if and when we became too sick to go on living on this plane and so our Advance Directives forbid the use of machines to keep us alive. We are not afraid of dying but don't want to die in horrible, long lasting pain! Had I known what the ICU staff was doing that night, I would have taken Irene's Advance Directive over there and demanded they refrain from "intubating" her just to keep her alive a little longer! Ultimately, the staff had to obey her written wishes and allow her to LEAVE.
    Much of what Sparrow has said is over my head but there are a few corresponding elements here that relate to what I have personally seen.
    Our cancerous brother in law, Jimmy, was very happy to be out of his wasted body but I believe my very Christian brother was both surprised that god did not rescue him and that he ended up in a weird and strange place that didn't seem like Heaven at all!!! He seems to be adjusted to it by now. Jimmy is off and flying all over the place!!!
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  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Sparrow's words here should apply to everyone although they may have a slightly different significance and appeal for different individuals.

    The teachings I have chosen for the threads I posted are broadly in line with other teachers' and guides' words. About those I am confident but in other areas I have less confidence and have not included them. They can be read on his website.
  4. Rising

    Rising Member

    Thank you Mac for posting all these interesting reads, I am enjoying them!
  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    always my pleasure :) Love the photo of the little one with her/his bottle! :)

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