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Mirror possession and the message I have yet to deliver

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by pot00000000, Sep 20, 2018.


Is it possible to invoke past spirits without knowing it?

  1. Yes (run bish)

  2. No (I’m actually Illuminati)

  3. Maybe(but I might be the ghost so you won’t know)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. EminenceFront

    EminenceFront Member

    When you die, who you are is who you are going to temporarily transition to be. He died unhappy, pissed at his parents and he took all of that negativity with him. Then he chose to remain closely in contact with his physical reality, enough that he was able to make the communication as he did.

    This is not an uncommon occurrence and it is very much like ghosts or apparitions - beings that are still of a low enough vibration to appear, intermittently, in physical reality and return to a slightly higher vibratory realm aka they disappear.

    I understand the fear, you are of no obligation to pass along any message from spirit. Do as you wish.

    He may or may not have a vibrational connection to his parents and is unable to do so. You apparently lol do. Drugs aside, it doesn't sound like an hallucination at all.

    In a sense, yes, he is lowering his vibration to accommodate his appearance in your physical reality. In a way, it is the opposite of AP which is an up-vibratory state.
  2. EminenceFront

    EminenceFront Member

    An easier way I have found is to dissect the block text in the Reply, as I did above. Don't have to worry about Verdana and funky cut n pastes.

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