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Mirror possession and the message I have yet to deliver

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by pot00000000, Sep 20, 2018.


Is it possible to invoke past spirits without knowing it?

  1. Yes (run bish)

  2. No (I’m actually Illuminati)

  3. Maybe(but I might be the ghost so you won’t know)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. pot00000000

    pot00000000 New Member

    so it’s been a while since this all happened but I have to tell you something something I saw in that mirror... and this is the part where I usually stop myself, because no one believes this part and sometimes I look back on it And I still don’t believe it myself but one thing I know is that it happened and it was real. Being a skeptic on the afterlife even being a thing I had never really questioned what death actually was, it has been about 3 years since I was, I don’t know if you would say possessed but more my reflection was possessed, but like the good kind of possession where it’s not some demonic king of hell haunting but a message from a friend received on some very (if your reading this bud) bad service, I thought they had good service in the afterlife but hey, anyways this friend someone i know to have passed before their time. It was the kind of experience where it was a dream the kind that all felt like a synchronised dream whilst totally being awake and consciousI could ask only directed questions that the spirit wanted me to say but they were also questions I wanted to say if that makes sense but I could ask him everything i wanted I didn’t have the chance in the 2 minutes of possession of talk to ask him about the universe or if he was an angel or if I was dreaming with no conscious decision preparation or thought I remember only just being able to ask if he was ok it was as if I had no choice but to ask these questions, but we will get to that later firstly I think it’s important to point out two concerning factors that I believe should be looked at first, and that is that of the skeptics eye, now firstly a little bit about my mental health about 5 years ago I was admitted into rehab for 5 months which was in necessary but I am not a very confident person so I allowed others to make decisions for me as I used to believe objective opinions are to be trusted however befor being admitted I had never hallucinated or seen anything strange not once I was placed in there cause I was to stressed and as a result of unresolved problems in my social life they diagnosed me with anxiety and skitsophrenia so that is important to remember when I am tellling you this because sometimes I think maybe I could have been having an episode but I had never not on all the drugs I have taken ever experienced something so real and I guess maybe this is part of that confirmation process that I didn’t allow myself to have afterwards but I feel like keeping my mental health in mind is important to remember in this also the fact that that night I was smoking weed now this could posssibly have hallucinatigenic relations but tbh who has seen shit like that Before no one that I know, anyways now we have that covered back to the story.
    It was pretty late it would have been close to midnight, I was watching tv which is normal for me in my house there is a fire which sits opposite a large mirror, the tv is next to the fire so I am watching the tellivision whilst standing next to the fire getting warm, I was smoking weed which was on the kitchen bench in full view of this mirror enjoying myself when suddenly my body started to freeze goosebumps appears all over me and my body started shaking I looked over to the mirror well tried to but My vision went all black for a few seconds I couldn’t see or hear anything I don’t even remember breathing and I was just standing there slowly I could feel being scared if that’s even a thing and started to freak out unable to move or see but slowly after a few seconds my eyesight came back not straight away cause it was all blurry like an unfocused lens the tv had turned itself off because it was dead silent the tv I do not remember how it turned off, all I could hear was the fire and all I could see was a blurry wall And blurry mirror and a blurry reflection looking back at me but something looked different slowly my eyes started to refocus little bits at a time but as they did my reflection also changed and suddenly it wasn’t me, suddenly there was a completely different person looking back at me I am a brunette half islander half Anglo with brown eyes but the person looking back at me was a my friend from primary school a very Australian looking guy with blond curly hair, almost like a Afro I haven’t contacted him or heard from him since leaving primary but I had heard he had passed away about a year ago due to cancer I can’t remember exactly what I said but I was scared stiff because it wasn’t my voice that came out it was his I recognised his voice the instant I said it, we had been friends at school I had always looked up to him cause he had pigeon feet but still went to state for running, we wherent really friends but we hung out sometimes at school, I remember saying his name who I will leave out of this thread because discrection anyways I remember asking him if it was him in my own voice and then my reflection spoke back to me it said hello told me it was him and not to be scared well he didnt day it it the reflection said it he told me he had a message for his family he told me that he Wass angry at his mum and dad for getting a divorce after he died said he wanted me to tell them that after which the world as my eyesight went black again and he disappeared, as I came back to I didn’t know what to do after that I was frightened beyond belief I couldn’t work out if what I’d just seen was real I still am not sure but one thing I know is that I asked him if he was ok and he said no and that’s what I mean about I had complete conscious thoughts going through my head like fear counfusion but no real control over my body I could remember What I had seen but I had definitely seen him he and he was not happy I remember the hair around my face had changed to and blond hair curls. (He used to have straight blond hair) which I think important thing to note here as is that he did not always have curly hair he got curly hair after his first bout of i haven’t told a lot of people I told my mom but I can see she thinks I’m crazy, and because I think I’m crazy I never delivered the message, I am getting worried to because sometimes I look in the mirror and I feel this intense sadness and anger behind it my mom and dad moved it though however and now it’s in the hallway opposite the toilet door so just as scary if not scarier, anyways i don’t know what to do I don’t think it’s my place to really tell his parents that I might have seen your dead son in the mirror and he might not have said that he was angry at you both for breaking up, I mean this isn’t medium I am not some messenger of the dead, what should I do, his mother was my primary school teacher, I mean if he needed me to tell her why couldn’t he have told her himself? Does it sound like I was hallucinating??
    Is that a person who has died astral Projecting into my reflection? I’ve read a few things about mediums contacting spirits issuing black mirrors but there is nothing black about his mirror it’s just your ordinary mirror if I find out any history about it I will let you know it’s a large wooden pine about 1 and a half meters wide same height anyways gonna go ask mom about the mirror if anyone has any good advice about protecting my family and myself from further possessions that would be good, also a possible onsight into what I actually experienced, why the message and why me. the reason I decided it was time to post something to get some advice about mirrors and their supernatural superstitions and beliefs in contacting the afterlife, are these spirits connected. I read some where that a if a soul leaves the body in the presence of a mirror that reflected the body the soul could be confused and instead of returning to the body or the afterlife it enters the reflection believing it to be the person and if so is my friend trapped in there is he he safe, any helpful tips. these days I am a much more respectful of death much more open I am now much more of a believer of witchcraft I have often wondered if there are any ancient beliefs behind reflections any inside would be grastly appreciated thank you
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Your posting is difficult to read but you appear to have had a disturbing experience now you're trying to understand.

    I did manage to read through it though and noted the part where you told us you've had mental/emotional health issues and you'd been using drugs. Those issues may - or may not - be relevant to your experience. Thanks for sharing as they might have been things I would have asked about.

    In very simple terms I can't tell you what happened BUT I can offer a few thoughts. Firstly you may have psychic sensitivity that may have attracted your friend to you. But that's not mediumship and it does not necessarily mean you are a medium. Many individuals are psychically sensitive.

    Your friend seems very unsettled as you, too, appear to be. Maybe that and because you already knew the guy and empathised with him he was able to reach out to you. When you now look into that miror you are taken back to the intense experience you had and you feel again the sadness of your former friend.

    The mirror itself is just an inanimate object without magical or mystical properties but if you read material 'out there' in cyber space or in traditional books you'll likely find all manner of mumbo-jumbo accounts of all manner of magic and so-called witchcraft.

    I have to tell you now that although such topics are perhaps right for certain individuals who believe or want to believe that stuff we don't 'do' magic or witchcraft on ALF. There are folk here, though, who have had their own vivid, sometimes disturbing, experiences but mostly what we discuss is much more down-to-earth stuff.

    I don't know exactly what you're looking for but if it's (quote) "...to get some advice about mirrors and their supernatural superstitions and beliefs in contacting the afterlife, are these spirits connected." then this isn't the place to find it.

    As my final point I will confidently tell you that your friend isn't trapped in the mirror. He may be confused about where he actually is but that's not a situation to get involved in without appropriate understanding and experience.
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  3. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    The drugs might have contributed.

    If not, he's probably attracted to you.

    I think you're looking for a different kind of spook.
  4. EminenceFront

    EminenceFront New Member

    mac, if you copy and paste to your word processor (the software you use to write things on) and reformat the post, it really helps. :cool:

    I understand your concerns and I can attest that not every communication is one that is fondly remembered. :rolleyes:
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    thanks - I did all that this morning before reading it and replying.
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  6. EminenceFront

    EminenceFront New Member

    When you die, who you are is who you are going to temporarily transition to be. He died unhappy, pissed at his parents and he took all of that negativity with him. Then he chose to remain closely in contact with his physical reality, enough that he was able to make the communication as he did.

    This is not an uncommon occurrence and it is very much like ghosts or apparitions - beings that are still of a low enough vibration to appear, intermittently, in physical reality and return to a slightly higher vibratory realm aka they disappear.

    I understand the fear, you are of no obligation to pass along any message from spirit. Do as you wish.

    He may or may not have a vibrational connection to his parents and is unable to do so. You apparently lol do. Drugs aside, it doesn't sound like an hallucination at all.

    In a sense, yes, he is lowering his vibration to accommodate his appearance in your physical reality. In a way, it is the opposite of AP which is an up-vibratory state.
  7. EminenceFront

    EminenceFront New Member

    An easier way I have found is to dissect the block text in the Reply, as I did above. Don't have to worry about Verdana and funky cut n pastes.

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