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mediums or psychics?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by mac, Mar 1, 2018.



    Mac...clarify for me...are you saying that a medium is a medium ONLY if they're reading for a sitter?
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    No, no I'm not saying that at all...

    It's simply how I differentiate between help of a psychic nature - empathy, counselling etc. - and mediumship. I've heard other Spiritualists like me say something similar. Others will see things differently and it's not a case of me being right and they being wrong; we just see matters differently but the differences can be what causes misunderstandings when clients visit practitioners.

    Here's an interesting one, I think. Someone once pointed out that spirit-healing is also mediumship. I hadn't considered that before. Healing is a special communication from a discarnate source providing healing energy, that energy flowing through the medium/'healer' to their sitter/client.
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    This is interesting Mac...I had a healing done by a medium AFTER he gave me a reading a few months ago.
    While he is doing the healing, (I asked him about this afterward) he had my spirit guides around him...there was an indian(he actually was making gestures and moving around me like a medicine man would do) along with a doctor & my mother & another I don't remember...

    He told me he was able to address 3 physical problems and said I had 2 "Karmic" issues I need to work out myself:)! It was reall a great experience. He did a great reading too...different to others (not as polished) that I've been to...

    Point being that I would consider the healing part mediumship as well...
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  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's always interesting to hear others' accounts of mediumship - and about healing too.... I experienced some myself a long time ago.
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

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  6. Auseret

    Auseret New Member

    I must say from the beginning that there is no such title as a psychic Medium, Mediums are Mediums ,Psychics are Psychics, there are many titles which confuse the public as when they seek a Medium. I try to do my little bit to help out! I don't know everything but always learning and discovering As far as I am concerned it is a sacred calling. There is an old Spiritualist maxim 'Mediums are born not made ' it is not being exclusive ,I have been called that before. There seems to be an idea that Mediums are able to command a certain person ,no they cannot,Spirit people come of their own volition, the Spirit world is boss. The Spirit world has intelligence, laws and Rules, it has discipline, I wish those interviewing Mediums would stop calling Spirit as Dead ,they are fsrcmore alive than we are. I was born with Mediumistic sensitivities , I was hearing, seeing and Sensing from birth it was difficult seeing spirit faces in the night mostly. I have developed this Gift so I hopefully I can assuage people,s sorrow. ,It is a not quick fix, because people still have to grieve.
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    They aren't 'titles' so much as descriptors, words used to help understand what practitioners do but the 'titles' I mentioned are those in current use in, at least, the USA. In the UK it's usually different.

    There is wide variation in what is meant and misunderstanding can result. It's for that reason this conversation was opened, a place to discuss what people mean, or expect, when they talk about mediums and mediumship.

    There can be a big difference between what's meant here in the USA and what's meant back home in the UK but also in Australia. see also http://afterlifeforums.com/threads/and-now-for-something-very-similar.2520/
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  8. Auseret

    Auseret New Member

    Mediumship is the same process all over the world. It is a matter of a spirit communicate speaking to a Mediums and relaying the personal information of the said Spirit, or it should be , itvappesrd since the 1990,s when 'Psychic tv programmes were broadcast , we suddenly a spate of teachers claiming they teach Mediumship on six week courses, this strange considering that most of the public in Britain and US had never heard of Mediumship Now in Spiritualist churches the most abysmal standards of Mediumship are being seen?, it is Psychicism nothing else. It upsrtvme that in the Country in which Spiritualism was instituted there are very few genuine Mediums out there ,I have seen the ones who claim to be Mediums on you tube showing off their claims ,most are picking up from the Aura ( psychic) they seem to that constitutes Spirit communication, it is not, Auric information is in always in the past ,accident Deaths, appointments etc
    I om9w it is accurate but it is not Spirit communication.
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member


    That's one form of mediumship - so-called evidential mediumship.

    Mediumship standards certainly vary considerably from place to place.

    I agree that's often the case.

    It's a subject we've discussed here, and I've written about elsewhere, many times.

    I'm not upset that in the birthplace of Modern Spiritualism there is so little of the mediumship I know in my own country but I do find it somewhat surprising. It should be remembered, also, that trans-dimensional communication may happen in many ways and not just through a traditional medium.

    See also http://afterlifeforums.com/threads/and-now-for-something-very-similar.2520/
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  10. Auseret

    Auseret New Member

    Mediumship is either Mental Mediumship and physical Mediumship, the latter is rare, Trance, Trsnsfiguration, Materialisation ,Helen Duncan was an example of that rare Mediumship. A Medium is on a higher connection than a psychic, they have from Birth an acute awareness and can see,hear and sense Spirit, though Mediums are aware of Spirit they cannot bring through specific persons for clients , the reason is Spirit world is the boss. Many peoplseemmto,think that Spirit either are 'hanging ' in celestial cupboards waiting for someone to summon them ( that is the Ancient Greek understanding of the After life, other thought are they on clouds playing harps) Christian concept or they are sleeping. On the Contrary , those in the Spirit world are busy using their intelligence ,expertise to help those who pass to acclimatise to the difference in vibration and resonance, others help with teaching the newly settled. Healing in a different sense is utilised because many Consciousnesses arevexhsusted or unbalanceled they need Rest . This means that no Medium can claim to get a certain ,Spirit. ,The Soul Consciousness passes with their personality , Character and idiosyncrasies intact, Mediums have no idea whose is coming through in a Service, the Spirit helpers organise either sittings or church services Mediums receive communication not reading the Auric fielding which is what readings consist of Auric information is in the past, it is the memories of their relatives,how they saw personally wise, accident , sees the in family, it is impressed on the Aura ,that is why some not all psychics are able to convince a client they are receiving from Spirit world when ,they are not patently doing so , some psychics think they are! Spirit Energy is fast and high level of power, it uplift and once it disappates it leaves the Medium sort of bereft . I am a Spirit Medium, I developed my Gift for over nine years in a developing Circle and as a Novice Medium, I decide to do some research of my own to find out why I had this awareness it seems most don t know this unusual, they assume everyone around them sees ,hear and senses ,I must say My Mother was a Medium, the first book was ' Stalking the wild Pendulum about altered states of Consciousness and quite a few after that including Michael Talbot and Fred Alan wolf. I discovered through a question on Google about 'Science and Mediumship. I found the work of zzDr Felipe Olivier on the pineal gland , he has worked for over ten years studying the pineal and he has become convinced that Medium pineal Glands have a higher level of apatite crystals ( this is what some call calcification) which act likevtranceivrrs to the higher Dimensions. ,He worked at Sao Paulo University in Brazil. He used to have you tube vids with English subtitles now they are in Portuguese. I must say I have never heard of other kinds of Spirit communication

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