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mediums or psychics?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by mac, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Re the last highlighted sentence above, if you take a look around here on ALF you'll find that members have discussed other forms of trans-dimensional communication. ;) And the subject of this thread isn't a review of the types of mediumship but rather intended to consider the difference(s) between the way that psychics and mediums operate.

    You say you're a 'spirit medium' by which I assume you use one of the three forms of mediumship I mentioned - philosophical (probably not) evidential (guess this is your field) and healing mediumship. Whether mediumship is physical or mental matters far less than the message of survival it demonstrates. The manner in which our discarnate friends interact with this world through mediums is much less important than the outcome of whatever mediumship is deployed to bring about communication.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018
  2. Auseret

    Auseret New Member

    Why do you need a long thread to talk about the difference between psychics and Mediums ? It takes only a few seconds to tell thevdifferencevit is quite pronounced ,Mediums give evidence to the client by the Spirit person giving pertinent information as to their life history , what has been occurring in the client life in the future ,their character , their personalities a psychic picks up from the Auric psstbinformation I am a Medium who works and communicates with Spirit mentioned above ,this is notbsigns and symbols. Medium,d process does not work in compartments, it is natural flowing force, if philosophy comes it comes, ,yes I am also a healer , there is just a differenthey of working. We as Mediums are not stuck in roles if you have the constitution to work as a physical you may but it takes many years please why put single quotation marks the words Spirit Medium as if I am telling an untruth, if I am wrong but I don't think so . I did not say that I was because I knew that this somehow would cause some reaction. Just because you have some notion on how Mediums work I was explaining something not showing off but it seems it was considered to be!
  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    We don't NEED a long thread.... We are having a discussion and it's spread over a thread that's not very long at all. Perhaps you're not familiar with discussion forums?

    The length of time it takes is not important but the quality of the presentatiom helps in getting the clearest explantion of the differences. That was the starting point for the discussion.

    Now I'm going to say that's debatable. Such information is more the province of the psychic (or psychic medium) - there's an explanation of these descriptors elsewhwere.

    I don't know what's happening with your predictive text (I'm guessing?) but "psstbinformation" ia nonsense.

    So is your mediumship clairvoyance, clairaudience, trance or all of them - or exactly what?

    And I never said that a medium does. The nature of mediumship is a topic for another thread and that's why it's not been included in this thread.

    That's not what I was talking about when I mentioned philosophical mediumship.

    As I said before, the type of medium isn't important to this discussion. You're focussing on the type rather than the outcome of their endeavours.

    I didn't ever suggest mediums are stuck in any particular role and it's not a discussion about how they work..... Physical mediumship is much less common than other forms of mediumship. If you want clarification on a particular point please be clear by quoting it.

    Again I have to emphasise that this discussion was NEVER intended to discuss the way that mediums work, the way they use their spiritual attributes. Please read the whole of the introductory posting and it will be clear what I was intending to open a discussion about. Thus far you seem to have pretty much missed it.

    Additionally perhaps you should visit this related thread http://afterlifeforums.com/threads/and-now-for-something-very-similar.2520/ and then offer your thoughts about what's been said there?
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2018
  4. Auseret

    Auseret New Member

    Why have you put a heading on a discussion Psychic or Medium? and not want to discuss the process of what Psychic and Mediums do? It seems you dontnwant to talk about the difference! Why is that? Is the whole of your original statement to do with descriptors of practitioners or to do with their stupidity of not telling clients how they work. There are no such descriptors as a Psychic Mediums( psychics are Psychics) Are you a Spiritualist? If you are ,then you obviously should know that demonstrators stat how they work and what is to expected of the recipient or client at sitting intimating that this is unlikely is naive. All prospective Spiritualist Mediums are given advice in how to treat recipients. I am beginning to see that this thread is just you pontificating about what Mediums or psychics should do in your estimation as to their working in either Sphere The Spirit world is the Boss as I intimated before,they organised who is ready to come through not you, Mediums have no control over who comes through, they are given information by the Disincarnate person which again would be important to the recipient The implication of your statements in the original assumed that Mediums are able to know the information being relayed . I don't appreciate your veiled remarks to my bring a Medium, I am still developing as all Mediums should and I worked damn hard to achieve what I have achieved to be talked down to, may be you don't realise that is how it comes across! Are you Mac from the psychic News forum if you are , your rhetoric has not changed much!
  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I don't have anything further to add to what I've already said.
  6. Auseret

    Auseret New Member

    No! I am sure You Arrogance becomes, the can I take it I am right that,s intuition for you!
  7. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    As I already said I have nothing more to add. Please discuss your views with our other members who have an interest in this topic.
  8. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Auseret, you are new to this space so we will assume that you don't intend to offend, but your attitude in this thread has made me uncomfortable. Mac wonderfully moderates afterlifeforums.com, he is the soul of patience and kindness, and in reading this thread it appears to me that you are trying to pick a fight with him? If you want to get on well here, I ask that you (and everyone) simply assume that Mac is always the very embodiment of love, and his presence here is a gift to us. Assume that, don't pick fights, and you are very welcome here! But otherwise, perhaps this website isn't the right place for you.
  9. Auseret

    Auseret New Member

    To whom it may concern: All I have done is discuss the subject of medium or psychics, it seems one is not really allowed to debate or discuss, but got faced with veiled insults as to my stating that I was a ' Spirit' Medium " quote so is your Mediumship Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience,trance or all of them or whatever " unquote this honestly does appear to be the height of Patience and kindness! I assumed, wrongly that if you are discussing medium and psychic it might be interesting to find out how the two practitioners used their different levels of awareness was utilised but obviously I was wrong in so many ways. It is strange that in trying to discuss the difference you need to be aware of the mechanics of this Gift, I wrote of my experience over the years of being a Medium, get veiled put downs. It seems that information of how the Spirit world go down well here, it is verbal 'fencing' I registered on this site to hopefully to help others but it seem that those who have some experience are not welcome, it is sad when a forum based on the afterlife cannot allow those who do the work for Spirit to openly discuss their calling. ' Experience is the College of knowledge ( this saying was given to a friend of mine now in Spirit She was given this from Spirit) This could be a place of knowledge if you allow those who have experienced Spirit to explain, but obviously not! So ZGod Bless and Farewell!
  10. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    There are many aspects of interest concerning life eternal. Mediumship is just one of them albeit a very important one and one in which I have considerable interest. Roberta has provided a place we may use freely to discuss mediumship and any other aspect of the so-called afterlife, something we've been doing here for quite a few years.

    It's a shame you didn't take a better look around this website where there are many topics under discussion and plenty of space where you could have started a thread where you could write about any aspect of mediumship you wished.

    We wish you well as you serve the spirit in the way that works best for you and of course you can return here at any time in the future. :)
  11. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Auseret, none of what you said was objectionable. The fact that when someone argued on the merits you attacked him personally was the problem. Dear friends whose minds are more open than hers was, please look to Mac and to Bluebird for examples of how we can discuss anything here but politics and religion, and we can be as spirited as we like, but we must be respectful of others! Go ahead and challenge Mac and me, dear friends. Do it with kindness, good humor, and an open mind, and all will be well!
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  12. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Hear, hear to the sentiments in the last-but-one sentence and thank you for your support, Roberta.

    I try always to be able to support and defend the points I make and have no concerns about anyone challenging them. I don't mind when folk tell me they disagree but I'm left hoping the member in question has stronger practical abilities also than her ability to write about them.

    I also hope she's not one of the individuals who have a little understanding of a number of subjects along with an enhanced level of psychic sensitivity and consequently believes herself to be a medium. And that's what the idea of the thread was - to try to sort one from the other.

    I try to be patient but I do find it rather vexing when I'm categorically being told something isn't the case when I've just given examples of how it is actually happening. She either didn't read what preceded her postings or didn't follow what had been said. Add to that her inability to focus on a single aspect to say where she saw things differently and any attempt at discussion/debate/disagreement soon foundered.

    As I have a particular interest in the thread subject and communication generally I concluded there was no point in my responding to her any further.

    It's regrettable she seemed to have no interest in the other afterlife subjects here on ALF but I hope she finds other websites where she can share what interests she does have. I would have happily shown her alternative sites had I the chance. :)
  13. Auseret

    Auseret New Member

    Saying I have said nothing objectionable,but a line further is a statement 'Dear friends whose minds are more open than hers was ' ( it is if I am standing behind you listening while you spout on about me Mac then comes in with 'l also hope she is not one of the individuals who have a little understanding of a number of subjects along with an enhanced level of Psychic sensitivity and consequently believes herself to be a Medium I would regard myself to be very deceitful to call myself a Medium when I I was not, consequently you and Mac don,t know me or any of my sensitivies as a Medium. I have already said in another post on this thread that I was born with Mediumistic sensitivities, not so much psychic because the connection to Spirit was too Strong. I am u honestly disappointed that two people of high spirituality should be gossiping on both posts, probably thought I would not see it ,thereon I was notified there was new one of the threads so I decided to pop into this thread and found what I did !! Post on another thread ( which I perused)
  14. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Good grief, Auseret, give it up! If you will not stop badgering Mac and me, I will ban you. I mean that. Either play nice, or go play somewhere else!
  15. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    You DID say you were outta here as you weren't happy with what you were finding. :confused:

    But now you've returned with the same hectoring approach rather than one of supporting what you had earlier said and discussing the clearly-expressed, I believe, points in the opening post and subsequent responses to your own postings. :rolleyes:

    So what's it to be? Do you want a discussion about the points that started this thread or will you simply continue to grumble? If it's the former then would you please focus on one point at a time to make the discussion more productive? If it's the latter then I wish you well but I won't be writing anything more in response.
  16. Harmonica

    Harmonica New Member

    Just energy sensitive perhaps.
  17. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    Are we sure who Ausernet is? :rolleyes:
  18. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I've wondered much the same! Seems to have left - for now. I remember that pattern of behavior from someone else..... ;)
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  19. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    But what descriptor would you use for someone who is "energy sensitive"?
  20. Michelle Schill

    Michelle Schill New Member

    I believe it is all semantics and if you are receiving genuine help in the manner that you need at that time, title is unimportant. For clarification I would ask the person for an exact description of what they do before paying for service. I believe that all mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums because the word "psychic" covers a vast array of abilities. I was born with the ability to communicate with Spirit. Doing personal readings was never my thing, although I have done a few. My mediumistic abilities are used for more for teaching purposes. Just as we do, Spirits have a mind of there own (are we not Spirits incarnated?) and you cannot depend on the one you are hoping to show up at a reading. This is not the fault of the medium. Also, polite etiquette you would give to an incarnate should also be shown to Spirit.

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